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We Sing 80s Hits The Nintendo Entertainment System

Posted by Damien McFerran

In the fictional world of video game promotion, at least

We Sing 80s is the latest in a long line of Wii-based music titles, so it's a given that the promotional campaign for the game needs to be something special for it to get noticed.

Publisher Nordic Games has done just that by mocking up a video which shows what the game would have looked like if it had legitimately been launched in the '80s - and on the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Here's the press release, for those of you that are confused by all this time-travelling silliness:

Imagine if next month’s release of We Sing 80s wasn’t a glorious retrospective of the decade’s best tunes, but a contemporary release featuring current smash hits.

That’s the question posed by publisher Nordic Games, as it releases a video showing what We Sing 80s would have looked like had it been released on the most popular Nintendo console of the day.

The video shows a team of nostalgic fans that have been desperate to play singing games on their classic consoles crooning away to the most memorable 80s songs on the NES. Complete with 8-bit graphics and glorious 8-bit mono sound, including hits from Queen, Lionel Richie and the Human League, fans of the We Sing series can now see how it would look to truly roll back the years.

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bezerker99 said:

This game is only coming out in EU, IIRC.....I would buy it in the States if it were to be released here.



Banker-Style said:

The Wii's very own version of Xbox's Lips,and Playstation's SingStar.

It looks pretty decent,but I'd rather wait for the Wii U's very own Sing.



Boo_Buster said:

The commercial was pretty hilarious actually... for a commercial. My mother would be the queen of this game! I'm a child of the eighties, the late eighties... but I can't stand the music haha



Mode7 said:

i know it shouldn't, but it really bothers me that she doesn't press the cart down...



WaxxyOne said:

OK, three things if you're going to make a parody featuring a fake NES game:

1. Learn how to load a cartridge into the NES. It's not going to work very well if you don't press it down to lock it in place.
2. Don't just downscale full-speed video to 4 colors as if an NES cart would have storage for more than 5 seconds of such video (assuming they could free up space by, I don't know, not including the game).
3. Definitely don't just show footage of the Wii version's menu which uses coloring and controls that don't exist on the NES. (Though you would have gotten bonus points if you'd shown the Power Glove being used for the pointer. Alas, another opportunity missed.)

The NES-ified music was however pretty good. Unfortunately there wasn't much of it.

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