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Toys R Us Taking Wii U Pre-Orders Again

Posted by Shaan Joshi

Wii U Basic Bundle and two games available for $419

While stores left, right and centre are running out of pre-orders for the Wii U, it's since turned out that Toys R Us is now accepting them again.

There's a caveat, of course - they're fresh out of Wii U Premium Models, and are bundling the Basic 8 GB model with copies of Scribblenauts: Unlimited and Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition, which will run you $419.97.



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That's an odd bundle! Anyway, the hardware prices and software prices are way too high at the moment. I'm actually considering (somewhat painfully) of cancelling my Wii U premium order as well as the software order for now. Gah!



Void said:

So... They think people that will get Scribblenauts Unlimited will want to get Batman: Arkham City(And vice versa?), becuase they're both very violent, family friendly, dark and gloomy, cute, and most importantly they inspire creativity!
Great logic guys.



Nintendoro said:

Nintendo made a mistake not adding 32GB to white model. I'm sure it would sell better.



Drewroxsox said:

If I were buying a WiiU a.t.m, and there was a choice between white and black 32 gb, I would go with black, because it makes it look sleek and sophisticated. (That's just me though)



Araknie said:

I don't like the white one in the image.

Oh i live in europe i have ZombiU, nevermind that.



Burning_Spear said:

They should have just made it two games of your choice. Thankful I have my deluxe model pre-ordered.



OorWullie said:

I'm pretty sure the white and black being limited to basic and deluxe is just to make it easier for Nintendo to keep up with demand without causing too much confusion.In time once they have ample stocks I'd expect both colours to be available for both bundles.



k8sMum said:


right on about making it games of your choice. hell, i remember when a bundle was a deal where you got a console and games for a better price. now bundles just are whatever they throw together with no price reduction.



LittleIrves said:

Got my Deluxe Set pre-ordered at Toys 'R Us. Are all of these sell-outs online only? Or if someone went to a retail store, they'd be turned away, too? Seems like each story would have its own allotment, and these would vary greatly from region to region. Either way, I'm happy to have my deposit slip. Right on my desk and will be for another 7 1/2 weeks. Not that far away!



Grodus said:

What kind of person wants Batman AND Scribblenauts!? Two totally different games, for totally different audiences!
EDIT: At least they don't name their bundles. I can see it now: "The world's weirdest bundle."

Great job getting 2 different games for the same audience, Toy's R Us. I'm proud of you.



karlembo said:

@Grodus I play both... Have Batman on ps and ds version of scribblenauts So this would be good but im going for Zombie U from TRU as there normaly cheapest in UK



Ludicoloishome said:

yea same with me i played arkham asylum on my 360 not too long ago and enjoyed it and i love me some scribblenauts i just wish they still had this bundle up as i still havn't gotten my pre-order in

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