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This Rayman Legends Footage Seriously Rocks

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Platforming to heaven

Rayman Legends is a Wii U title worth keeping an eye on, as it's starting off as a system exclusive and, most importantly, is a follow-up to the highly regarded Rayman Origins. The original earned plenty of praise for gorgeous visuals — including the standard-definition Wii version — and lengthy, impressive level designs. In basic terms, it was a top-notch effort from Ubisoft that brought the mascot back to the standards he deserves.

When you add clever use of the Wii U GamePad into the mix, it's easy to see why we struggled to find enough superlatives in our Rayman Legends first impressions from E3 earlier this year. Footage we've seen has also shown just how attractive this game promises to be, and a new video from IGN shows off the Castle Rock level, which brings the awesome in terms of visuals, sound and level design.

Check out the video below and let us know whether you agree that this is almost too good, and whether this title is on your Wii U list.

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Tasuki said:

If its anywhere as good as Origins than I will be picking this one up for the Wii U.



Mollutje said:

Not sure if this would be fun to do yourself... Looks cool though. Black betty of all songs.. nice. I'm really looking forward to Legends, origins was a cool game too.



Hokori said:

Hmmm IDK about this one Rayman hasn't really clicked with me before



Spoony_Tech said:

Great looking game and gameplay. However I'm liking the music more then anything. This is going to be EPIC!!



sketchturner said:

Although I understand them wanting to show off the co-op tablet gameplay, I'm more eager to see the single player levels...



citizenerased said:

Wish you guys would post the new Trine 2 footage too, that game's seriously under everyone's radar but looks as fantastic as this. Doubt I can get the Wii U on launch day, but when I do, these titles shall be mine.

So happy 2D platforming's back in full swing!



StephenYap3 said:

This one looks fun, though not as much as NSMBU to me. And I hope Legends doesn't end up being too easy like Origins.



GazPlant said:

They better do a Rayman version of Bohemian Rhapsody for one of the levels...



Smitherenez said:

This looks a bit easy... Rayman is making a few jumps and defeats a few enemies, where are the obstacles?



DRL said:

Looks like I may be pre-ordering a Wii U tomorrow. All I need now is the announcement of what Retro Studios is working on, a new Star Fox / Zelda / F-Zero, or anything Donkey Kong Country and I'm all in.



DRL said:

@smitherenez I read that each world is going to contain a music-based level. Hopefully this is one from the first couple worlds. Plus, it could totally be harder than it looks. It's hard to translate difficulty in a trailer where the character never falters of misses a beat.



WhiteTrashGuy said:

Origins was excellent, but I waited for a January sale and got it for $20. Don't think I would pay more than $35 for this. Hurry up and give me a Wii U exclusive BG&E 2 already Mr. Ancel!



BenAV said:

I didn't think Origins was all that great.
It was okay, but it wasn't anything special.
I expect this will probably mostly be more of the same, so I shall pick it up when it's nice and cheap again.



Spoony_Tech said:

@BenAV The last one and this one would blow anything 2d Mario out the door! I prefer this style and DKC style to the stale old formula of 2d Mario!



rjejr said:

It looks like an early level in the game. We have 2 boss worlds left in Origins and it's getting a little more difficult, also a lot more crazy with the running on ceilings and walls. It started out like this though.



NintenBo said:

Preordering this on Thursday along with Pikmin 3, ZombiU, Scribblenauts: Unlimited and New Super Mario Bros. U. Also getting the 350$ bundle.



grimbldoo said:

The mistake Ubisoft made was letting us play the demo in the eShop. I got so frustrated with the controls that I put the game down. No thanks, I already went through hell with Kid Icarus and I don't fell like putting down money for this just to go through the same experience.



Henmii said:

Rock on! Lovely! Forget about the cheap cash-grab that is New super Mario bros Wii u! This is the real deal!



Cranky said:

This looks brilliant! This game is going to be 100% platforming heaven.



Megumi said:

They should just go ahead and make a Rayman Rhythm game or something, lol.



FluttershyGuy said:

Whoa Black Betty bam-a-lam indeed (or whatever they say here LOL). I like this trend of trailers action synced to awesome music. Borderlands 2 had a trailer to the tune of "The Lion Sleeps Tonight", and it was bat bleep insane/awesome!

Rayman is probably now my second most wanted Wii U game, but man does it look hard!

Now, I gotta go download Black Betty, which I should be smacked for not having on my iPod Touch.



Spoony_Tech said:

@vonseux You start the stage over. Its a bit trial and error till you get it right! Besides they are just bonus stages. Not necessary to best the game but if you like to do everything then that's what its for.



Megumi said:

I'm assuming they're like the chest levels in Origins, make one mistake and you're screwed, lol.



shake_zula said:

@FlutterShyGuy The difference here is that this song isn't just for the trailer, it will actually be in that level.

This does look ridiculously easy btw. It's been a while since I played Origins but getting out of the hub level was more difficult than this looks.



Araknie said:

Sorry, never loved Rayman, and that scene with the rings of fire reminds me of both Galaxy 2 tube going in Big World and the forest exploration with the barrel launch parts.



Henmii said:

"This does look ridiculously easy btw. It's been a while since I played Origins but getting out of the hub level was more difficult than this looks"

That's the only worry I have, namely that they have dumped down the difficulty because it's a Nintendo exclusive now! Hopefully I am wrong: Rayman origins had some really hard levels! Especially the last one was killer!!

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