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The Binding of Isaac Creator Still Thinks the Game Could Come to 3DS

Posted by Damien McFerran

It has a 50% chance, according to Edmund McMillen

Remember The Binding of Isaac? It was a PC-based downloadable title which looked a lot like The Legend of Zelda and took inspiration from the Biblical story of the same name.

It also caused a little bit of controversy for its use of religion, so much so that a proposed 3DS edition was scuppered by Nintendo itself.

However, creator Edmund McMillen has revealed that there could be a chance for an updated version of the game to appear on Nintendo's popular handheld - although at the moment, he thinks its only 50/50.

Speaking more about the remake, he had this to say:

The remake will be more than just an expansion, it will be a new game with all new graphics, music, etc. It will also feature an expansion-sized pack of all new content, bosses, characters enemies, items etc. And yes, in about a year if/when it comes out, the Flash version of the game will appear obsolete for sure. But a year is a long time and I'll do what I can to make sure the guys who remake it make it substantial enough for you to play through all over again.

Fingers firmly crossed, then - despite the fuss surrounding its subject matter, The Binding of Isaac has received positive reviews from many quarters.


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RupeeClock said:

Good to hear it has a chance, but 50/50 based on what, exactly?

Also, controversay, hah.



Undead_terror said:

never got into the game that much but whats so religious about it?, I know the woman (aka mom) wants to kill her son because god says so and satan is in it, big whoop it should be the messed up monsters that offend most.



theblackdragon said:

IDK, he also seemed kinda confident that Microsoft was dying to get their hands on tBoI, but let's face it — if they wanted it so badly they'd have long since signed paperwork for it. He seems awfully confident about the whole thing, and it kinda rubs me as if he's bluffing somewhat.

I kinda hope Nintendo sticks to their guns, though, at least until we get SMB on a Nintendo system. Finish what you start, man, and then move on to other projects. Until then he'll have no sympathy from me.



Justaguest said:

I have my fingers crossed too. This is kind of game that I´d love to see on 3ds.



KaiserGX said:

I was kinda e><pecting something different when I herd of this game before and the hype it was getting. I was severely disappointed... so I will not be missing much.



WesCash said:

I have nearly 100 hours on the PC version and love it!
However, I don't think a release on the eshop would get the attention and success it deserves.
It is not a game suited for young gamers. The difficulty and skill ceiling are very high, and I suppose it does contain some "controversial" subject matter.
I highly recommend picking it up on PC for those who are interested.



grimbldoo said:

This game is pretty disgusting, so I don't really see Nintendo saying yes. Sure there are bloody Zombie games, but they are not nearly as vulgar as the Binding of Issac.



Shock_Tart said:

its a good game and all and i would like it on a handheld but i think the creator is beating a dead horse trying to bring it to nintendo, they said no once before. and i dont think he exactly gets why, updating the graphics and adding new maps, bosses, etc. isnt going to change their mind. he would have to dumb it down so they can slap a T or E rating on it. honestly if he did that it would ruin the game.



TheDreamingHawk said:

Please. Stop. Now.

Personally, even though I am not really religous, I kinda take some minor offense to parts of the original game, and I'm glad NOA denied it. Still, I kinda want to play the remake if they edit out the graphics to make the art style look less icky.



TeeJay said:

I never got to play the game, but it looks fantastic! And fun. I'd love to see this on the 3DS.



K1LLEGAL said:

Lol people are offended by Binding of Isaac?? Even if you are it doesn't mean it shouldn't be released.



Firejonie said:

I'm not easily offended, only if someone said the nastiest ( nasty as in mean, not gross nasty) thing ever. Then I'd be offended, which doesn't happen to me most of the time. If anything, I was more disturbed while playing the game than offended.



Adhrast said:

Am I the only one not offended or disturbed at all? I'm starting to think I might be more damaged than I thought.



PokeTune said:

Please let this happen Nintendo,you said you wanted 3rd party support so let`s see it!



Popyman said:

I just want this on a handheld. It is the kind of game that would just make me happy to be able to pull out wherever I am.

I still don't understand why SMB has a 0% chance. Maybe the engine makes it impossible to port?



Geonjaha said:

That's great - more content has been added, but how does he expect that to solve the problem Nintendo had with the game before? Nintendo will still say no - and it's the sensible decision.



JohnDoe123 said:

Just bought The Basement Collection from Edmund, looking forward to playing that. I'm not too interested in The Binding of Isaac, but it would be good to see it on 3DS.
What I'm more interested in is Super Meat Boy: The Game, which is the iOS SMB game. It's apparantly all new levels and stuff, with different controls suited for touch screens. I'd be very glad to see that on 3DS, as I'm not expecting to see it on PC.



Linkstrikesback said:

I have to wonder why you think the artist for Super meat boy should stop making other games because the other person on the team (Tommy Referenes is the one who did all the programming) doesn't want to program a 4th version of super meat boy (including the canned wii version)?

We /might/ see a 3DS version of Super Meat Boy: The game. But it's not announced, so I wouldn't hold out too much hope.

And of course Microsoft want it. The game is a (multi?) Million seller on steam. Edmund makes some of the most successful indie games, and it's huge publicity for any platform holder who gets a hold of it.



iBazly said:

Haha I know this is a silly thing to fuss about, but I don't know if you can say something like "Remember <insert game title here>? It was..." about a game that's only a year old. It makes it sound like it's a retro title or something. If you don't remember this game you suffer from some form of memory loss.



Pichuka97 said:

This has to come to Nintendo 3DS because we need some huge indie games and I think Nintendo should not dismiss the game for it's themes on religion. I mean if AC3 is coming to Wii U and the series is based on mostly Roman Catholic and Christan faith then why can't this game be released on the 3DS?



theblackdragon said:

@Linkstrikesback: i don't see how it's so hard to understand, and i'm not saying for him to stop all development for every single platform. this is just in terms of Nintendo consoles. idk if you remember all the hype around SMB or not, but I was one of those who had been really, really looking forward to that game on WiiWare only to have it yanked out from under us after having been led along by our noses for so long. I know the whys regarding it not having made it to WiiWare after all, but now that there's a platform that can accommodate it, i'd personally like to see that previous hype fulfilled before they move on.

I'm fully aware that's probably just me, though. I don't expect anyone to agree, but that's how I feel about the situation, and I'm more than capable of making my own purchasing choices, thanks.

as for the latter, there's something about the way he comes across to me over the internet that smacks of him puffing out his own chest over everything. I firmly believe that if Microsoft wanted him that badly he'd already be under contract, it's not like they don't have the money for it.



Barbiegurl777 said:

I wouldn't buy this 3DS game if it was the last 3DS game in the whole world. It completely mock's the bible.

I want to see religious games come to the 3DS but not 3DS games that mock the bible.

If there going to do a religious game with biblical reference's then make it actually true to the bible.

Happy Gaming! (^_^)



k8sMum said:

if one finds any game offensive, they need not purchase it, be it hunting exotic creatures in africa or what they consider mocking of religion.

simple, innit?



Linkstrikesback said:

I think it's more likely he doesn't personally want to work for Microsoft. The first contract they had with him for SMB really annoyed him and Tommy (It's probably part of the reason we won't see any other version of the original Super Meat Boy either, at the very least, the contract barred them from ever making a PS3 version : It probably actively blocks them making any further versions on any non-microsoft console that wasn't in the original agreement. Assumedly they had WIi and PC clauses.).

From the sounds of this, he intends to lease out the license of Isaac for someone else to make the ported version.

As for the wiiware version. Yes, originally, I was going to get the wiiware version too. However, I actively applaud them cutting off the Wiiware version when it became clear that they could not make it without either
A) Making the wiiware version significantly worse
B) Not making the other versions as good to release the same thing on other platforms.
C) Getting a retail release.

They completely disregarded the first two ideas, and announced they were trying the third, but got turned down by every publisher they approached (Assumedly including nintendo).

I honestly cannot hold it against them, because I feel that they did everything they reasonably could have to get the game on to the Wii.

Anyone saying the game mocks the bible either hasn't played the game, or has barely scratched the surface.

There are an awful lot of "pro-bible" sentiments in it, if we're going to go down that path.
For instance, the Bible instantly kills two of the more difficult bosses. God also actively sends his angels to provide several of the more powerful items to help Issac (in the WOTL expansion).

There are an awful lot of things you could consider offensive in the game, but the way the game treats religion is absolutely not one of them



Megajack said:

This looks very fun. ^-^ I hope it comes but if it doesnt I'm not going to be sad either.



TrueWiiMaster said:

This game is just disgusting. Honestly, it's one game I hope never sees the light of day on any system. I can understand some people wanting it, and even being fine with its vulgarity and arrogance, but I personally hope to never see its title on any eshop I frequent.



Adhrast said:

Why the flying h---k should we have Bible-based games that take it literally while we can't have a game like this?
What the hell, everyone, a lot of people like this game, and a lot of people may find what you play disgusting, as well as a lot of people might find THIS game disgusting. Why should we have only what YOU like? I personally hate CoD style FPSs, and because of that I should be happy that none is released on the 3DS? No, I'm sorry for the ones who love them.
This is just a matter of choices: why should Nintendo choose for us? We like this game, we buy it, we don't, then we'll leave it there.
I still can't see what the big deal is.



Furealz said:

If Nintendo bashes Mature games on a regular basis, it would hurt potential buyers. Nintendo is for EVERYONE! I think an 70% chance, why? Say hello to Sexy Poker!



TrueWiiMaster said:

Does the game not start off by insinuating that Abraham, one of the greatest figures of the Old Testament, is crazy (correct me if I'm wrong)? And that's not anti-Bible?

There's a huge difference between a genre and one particular game. This game would be offensive to tens of millions of people worldwide (possibly hundreds of millions).

If Nintendo blocks Binding of Isaac, they wouldn't be bashing M games, just one extremely offensive M game. And isn't Sexy Poker rated T?



Adhrast said:

@TrueWiiMaster: I'm kind of offended by millions of people believing in what I think is nothing but fairytales, should I try to prevent people from believing? If anyone is offended by this game, they shouldn't play it. As much as I don't go to church (of any kind).
I couldn't care less about what people believe, as long as it makes them happy and doesn't involve preventing other people from living their lives freely.
No bad feelings, anyway, just stating my opinion, ok?



k8sMum said:

@TrueWiiMaster There's a huge difference between a genre and one particular game. This game would be offensive to tens of millions of people worldwide (possibly hundreds of millions).

again: those people needn't purchase nor support the makers in any way, shape or form.

you have the right to be offended. however, that right ends exactly at the point where it infringes on the rights of others, as long as they are legal.



Linkstrikesback said:


The game starts off by showing "God" talking to Isaacs mother (Who I suppose takes Abrahams role in the game). IT never insinuates she is crazy (though, I would call listening to any voice in my head from someone I could not see telling me to sacrifice my child being a little wacko, but thats not something I drew from the game)

Slight spoilers from here on, read at your own peril.

Whether it was actually god is left to the player to decide, particularly one ending where you end up defeating the devil as the final boss implies it could actually have been the devil trying to trick her into killing her own child Regardless, god intervenes before she can do it in the first ending to the game.



OorWullie said:

I'm sure the little money that a title like this would make for Nintendo is not be worth the potential damage to its brand it would cause having it on its system.The media would lap that up.I am not religious,far far from it but from a business perspective Nintendo would be crazy to release this.



Adhrast said:

And I still don't understand why Nintendo accepted GTA: Chinatown Wars (and previous installments on GBA and GBC). Or why others can have CoD, GTA, and every kind of violent games while a game which feature cartoon violence and religious references is made object of this kind of debate.
We even had a thread about that recently, seems like no one even read it and think about it a little.



TrueWiiMaster said:

Feel free to feel offended, even if by something that in no way really relates to you, such as people believing in what you call "fairytales". It's your right. There is certainly a difference, however, between thinking someone's beliefs are stupid and a game that warps characters and plot from someone's sacred beliefs. This game takes something held sacred by millions of people and distorts it/makes it disgusting.

And the reason this game spurs this kind of debate is because it features such controversial religious themes more than because of the violence. There have been more violent games with less controversy (though I understand there are other things in Binding of Isaac besides religion and violence that would make it controversial). Also, this game features more than "religious references". It's whole self is built around a distorted/warped re-telling of an important Bible story.

"you have the right to be offended. however, that right ends exactly at the point where it infringes on the rights of others, as long as they are legal."

I have a right to voice my concern over smut being released on my digital store of choice as well. Like I said, I'd rather not see this game on the eshop. That's my right, as much as it is your right to want it.

That is indeed extremely offensive. To even suggest that it was not God but Satan who called for the sacrifice of Isaac is incredibly inappropriate, as it takes a very significant part of the Bible and tells the story in the most blasphemous way possible, replacing God with Satan.



TrueWiiMaster said:

Something else to consider is the rating. From what I've heard, there would be an excellent chance of this game receiving an "AO" (Adults only) rating, which would disqualify it from digital release on every platform. As of now, it has no rating, because Steam doesn't require them, but to be released anywhere else it would have to go through the ESRB (I'm not sure if the same applies to PEGI in Europe).



theblackdragon said:

@TrueWiiMaster: I do remember that coming up the last time tBoI was brought up. Let's see it earn that M rating first and then have everyone get all in a tizzy when no one but Steam carries it, lol. :3



Adhrast said:

@TrueWiiMaster: I still can't understand in what way this game poses any harm to your beliefs. Do you like what you see on tv? Do you enjoy making love before marriage? Do you like drinking a beer with friends?
There are a lot of things that the Bible bans, and most of them is in our everyday life. It's like vegans who wear leather jackets and shoes, I think.
Western society is based on freedom of expression, often obtained through fight and blood. Often spilt in the name of the Bible you defend, in the name of other religions, and of a lot of ideals as well.
If you don't like a movie that's on tv or at the cinema, you simply don't go and see it. If there's a game you don't like on the shelves, you don't buy it. And if there's a game you don't like on any online platform, you don't buy it either, it's as simple as that.
I'm not saying you're an idiot or that what you're saying is stupid, I'm saying that the existence of a game alone, on any platform, doesn't mean that everyone is forced to buy it and/or play it. I don't like the "Imagine" series on DS, does it mean each and every copy should be burned? No, because there's a lot of people enjoying it. And don't say that's an entirely different matter due to it not involving religion, because, as a matter of fact, it's the exact same thing. It's all about personal sensibility, what offends you might amuse someone else, and viceversa.

"Feel free to feel offended, even if by something that in no way really relates to you, such as people believing in what you call "fairytales". It's your right."
See above. What other people believe doesn't concern me, as much as what other people play and would like to have on their consoles shouldn't concern you.



Linkstrikesback said:

So you somehow think that god being a horrific monster who would order you to kill your own child is BETTER than it being the devil who would do that? And then god intervening and being able to stop the devil is blasphemous?

As for your argument that it would get an AO rating? Not a chance. Germany, which is one of the strictest countries on age ratings, actually gave The Binding of Isaac an age rating. It got a 16+. That is the equivalent of M for North America.

Religious topics DO NOT get games AO ratings according to the ESRB site for America. If you have a precedent for religious content making a game get an AO rating, I'd love to hear it. Otherwise, there is just no reason to think it would happen.

In fact, I took a look at the ERSB website. Only 35 games on there have the AO rating, and almost all of them have it for Strong Nudity. That is, out of the 28186 games on the site that have been rated, only 0.001% of the games have gotten the AO rating. Isaac simply would not get one. Teen or more Likely Mature, sure. But AO? Not a chance.



SuperMinusWorld said:

I applaud McMullen for still attempting to get the game onto the 3DS; it's rare these days with such fickle devs. I would definitely buy Isaac if it came to the system.



Luigi_Vercotti said:

Totally addicted to this game, like I haven't been to any game in a long time (maybe since Super Meat Boy and the Wii Cave Story). Instabuy on the 3DS for me. Love it.
Please make it happen.



TrueWiiMaster said:

I also don't care what other people play. There are games I like and dislike, but I generally wouldn't be against their release. However, I am vehemently against this game. I don't care if anyone plays it, but I don't want to even see it on the eshop. It's not a matter of taste, as I might actually like the game if not for the theme and characters. This isn't just a game I don't think I would enjoy like the Imagine series. It's a game whose very self disgusts me.

I think that when the Bible says it was a command from God Himself, it is blasphemous to imply it was actually the devil. The Bible is infallible to any Christian. To suggest it's wrong while twisting one of its most beloved stories in a game is indeed blasphemous. As for God being "a horrific monster who would order you to kill your own child", note that though it was ordered, it was also cancelled. God did not make Abraham kill Isaac. It was a test of faith.

"Only 35 games on there have the AO rating, and almost all of them have it for Strong Nudity"
Again, correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't Binding of Isaac have monsters based on certain body parts that would fit that description? From what I heard, that would be the biggest reason for the AO rating, not the religious content, or even the violence.



Gridatttack said:

Actually, I was offended by the game, but boy, I got to admit that the game is awesome. Still, I played it but ignoring the story at all (and glaring at the devs )
If they could change the plot and the theme, which shouldn't be complicated, I will surely buy. Its a cool game, but the developers went far with the theme



Adhrast said:

@TrueWiiMaster: thanks for making me feel like all the time I spent answering you was worthless.
Anyway, let's hope for the best, this is a game I'd play 24/7 I've got something like 90+ hours played on Steam



Popyman said:

@theblackdragon: Edmund HATES Microsoft. Team Meat had a terrible experience, they treated them like crap and SMB could have very well bombed because of Microsoft's actions. If he sounds arrogant when talking about them--it's cause he deserves to be. He worked his butt off for the XBLA Summer promotion and Microsoft completely dropped the ball but, despite that, he was able to succeed.



Linkstrikesback said:


Nah, there aren't any monsters based on vague body parts. They're either eyes, unidentifiable lumps of meat coloured stuff, just a regular body, or a Dr. Fetus type thing. And when I say SExual content got those games AO ratings, I mean it. Go look, they're almost all those really whacked out insane Japan Novel type games where the goal is essentially rape every girl you come across. BoI certainly wouldn't get an AO for sexual content or violence (It doesn't come anywhere near the first, and the second has to be prolonged /violent sex scenes...).

I should also add taht the whole "Devil" possessing "Abraham" is my interpretation of it. The entire plot barring one opening cut scene and some of the obvious endings is up to the players interpretation. Nowhere does the game say anything like "Isaacs mother is absolutely being possessed". However, I decided that since you can effectively choose to end up in the Sheol, where the first thing you do upon meeting the devil is attack him, (all of this is also implied in some ways to be Isaacs imagination), but it acts as one of the games possible final bosses. Isaac actually has no reason to attack him directly if it wasn't either A) sent there by god to stop the devil, or B) Thinks stopping the devil himself will stop his mother attacking him.



sykotek said:

I have the perfect solution to this! Just release the game with all the sprites changed to family friendly sprites.

Instead of Isaac, change it to a smiley faced cherub.
Instead of shooting out tears, have him toss out heart tipped arrows.
Instead of fighting demons, have unicorns and rainbow colored ponies and happy clouds and trees and stuff.
Instead of enemies exploding, have them swoon or fall asleep.
Instead of vomiting blood as an attack, have him vomit rainbows.
Instead of gory environments, have them be happy kiddy environments.

...and then include a sprite editor or QR code scanner with the ability to scan for the original uncensored version, host those codes on Team Meat's website behind disclaimers and EULAs and stuff and releasing Nintendo from responsibility for that content. That stuff gets downloaded to an SD card as a custom mod.

Those that just want to play the uber friendly sugar sweet, non offensive version of the game can get that on eShop and those that know better and want to unlock the original uncensored graphics have no one but themselves to blame for downloading them to their own SD card.

All problems solved!



sykotek said:

@Linkstrikesback: Definitely, I would too! I think it'd be a win-win for all! Just wanted to point out that you wouldn't be limited to just playing either TBoI: Uncensored or TBoI: Sugary Sweets Edition either, imagine being able to make your own custom sprites for the game... I mean, at its core, it's just an Adventure game with Rogue-like elements. I think it'd stop the complaining and bring in a new audience.



k8sMum said:


i haven't said whether i want the game or not.

you are not only voicing your opinion re: the game but are offended at its mere existence. you term it smut, so it must be so. you feel you should be the decider as to what is offensive and your rules should apply to all.

i don't have any such delusion about myself. if i don't care for a game or whatever because i find it offensive, i don't support the makers by not purchasing it.

i doubt it will get on e-shop. however, i don't care for others deciding what is offensive to me by their standards. as i said: if it is legal, your right at offense ends at my place of not being offended. you may certainly still voice your offense, but your 'right' shouldn't give you any special censorship powers over what may be in existence or not.



TrueWiiMaster said:

I really couldn't care less about people playing this game. What I'm saying is I don't want to see it, ever. It's already available for purchase, and I'm not part of some movement to pull it off Steam or anything like that. I just don't want to see it on the eshop when I go to download a new game, demo, movie, or update.

I only know what I've heard about this game. If it doesn't have the questionable enemies, then it will probably only garner an M rating. Even so, I doubt Nintendo will ever allow it on their service because 1) it's still a pretty extreme M game; on an M game scale 1-10 it would be what? An 8 or so? And 2) Nintendo has always steered clear of any game featuring real religion (at least as far as I know).

I do not for one second believe everyone shares my beliefs or opinions. I've argued with enough people to know that. Smut is a relative term. When I called the game smut it was relative to me. To someone else it might be art. It is not just my opinion that this game is offensive, however. To be offensive means that something offends. This game offends many people, and is therefore offensive.

As for being the "decider", I'm just voicing my views as everyone else. To me this game is disgusting, and I have no problem stating that. I feel no more the decider than anyone who thinks this game is great. Are they not deciding it's great, just as I decide it's not?

When did I decide what was offensive to the world? I said this game would be offensive to millions of people, including me. Is that wrong? And when did I ever get "special censorship powers"? I have no more influence over anything relating to this game than anyone who wants it released on the eshop. I have as much a right to say I don't want it there as anyone has to say they do.



3DSNoobieNerd said:

The Binding of Isaac: And this is how that baby Jesus was born...
Nintendo reaction: OMG!!! Thats to horrible for children!!!!!!!! D:



kyuubikid213 said:

If Binding of Isaac came to the 3DS, I would snatch it up in a heartbeat. My best friend in the world absolutely loves this game and if I finally got it, we could share experiences. Not to mention, we could play at the same time and race to get to certain bosses.



player310 said:

I'm not really interested in Christians going crazy over the game's content, i'm interested in how Jews would see it, it is their personal people's holy book and they seem more tolerable about faith... just saying...



k8sMum said:


a serious question to you: have you actually played the game at all? i have not, but have read pretty extensively about it, seen screen shots etc. i've checked out a number of different sites for info on it.

have you formed your opinion based on what religious sites have said? some of the info you have seems to be wrong, so i am wondering how/where your opinion was formed.

please note: i am not trolling or attempting to argue or insult you. i am truly curious as to how/where you formed such a passionate opinion about this game.



Colors said:

I'm not really paying attention to anything else, just that you say this should get an AO or at least a fairly extreme M rating. Honestly, I don't see the logic behind this. Ignoring the cartoonish style, sure there's gore and blood and body parts that you shoot and kill and all that stuff. And I agree that it should get an M-rating. I'm just curious as to why you think this deserves more of an M-rating than other M-rated games. There are plenty of M-rated games that have much more gore and blood than BoI.

Also, I'm interested in this idea for a "kiddy" version. Hell, even if it was separate from BoI I'd probably buy it to try it out.



JohnPhilipSousa said:

I think this game is just wrong. It twists a story from the Bible and turns into... this. A mess of blood, violence, and blasphemy. I will not buy any of this developers games because of this. I just can't support the makers of such a game.



Edlicious said:

For the love of god nintendo, please let this game slide.
I dont get why people bash on this game so much? There is this thing called adult content? If your to "Sensitive" and overly offended then you need to learn how to take a joke? Bottom line is even if you dont like the story (which is genius in my opinion) the gameplay itself is great, not all nintendo games have to be sunshine and rainbows.



TrueWiiMaster said:

No, I have not played the game nor do I intend to. My information comes from posts by various users, both for and against the game, on various websites, and from a handful of articles that I read when it was thought to be coming to Nintendo's digital store in the past. I didn't gather anything on the game from religious websites. I didn't even know they were talking about it. If I said something about the game that's wrong/mistaken, please correct me.

As for why I'm so against the game, the game itself is at fault. To make an adaptation of a sacred story would be one thing, but this game takes characters and plot (very obviously) from the story and makes the whole thing completely twisted and gruesome and grotesque. If the game had had a similar plot, but with completely different, non-Biblical characters, I probably wouldn't be so against it. If it severed its unnecessary connections to what many consider the greatest book in the world, I wouldn't have anything to really be against.

Here's a serious question for you now. Why is it, do you think, that the developers chose to use the story they did?

The reason I mentioned the AO rating is because the last time this game was floating around some people said it deserved one, supposedly for the apparently absent obscene body part monsters. Without them, I'd expect an M. The reason I think it's an especially M game is... well... It's a little hard to explain. I mean, looking at reviews or descriptions for it it's hard not to see words like grotesque, gross, disturbing, or disgusting. When such words are almost necessary to describe a game, it's probably not for the faint of heart, which is why I'd say it's higher on an M game scale.



Adhrast said:

@TrueWiiMaster: "Here's a serious question for you now. Why is it, do you think, that the developers chose to use the story they did?"

@TrueWiiMaster: I encourage you: play the game. As a defiance, hell, download it. But TRY it. Please, try to talk about something you know and have tried.



grimbldoo said:

@Adhrast #71
TrueWiiMaster has been very civil this whole time, he did not once force his religion, nor has he down talked any religions. Since you have played the game, you should know that what he is saying it true.

Though the obvious religious references are enough to drive Nintendo away, the game's vulgarity is more than enough to do that alone. For a company known for it's family friendliness, I don't think that they would support a game that has items like, "Mom's Pad." Let alone "the Pact" or "Book of Belial."



Capt_N said:

As a Christian(a follower of Jesus Christ), I have to say:
1. I'm entitled to my faith, my beliefs, & opinions, just as others are entitled to theirs'.
2. @Geonjaha#23) brought up an interesting point of this article. Unless whatever (in-game) content, or (other) reason(s) Nintendo (originally) stopped this from coming to their system(s) is/are changed, I doubt this game will see release on any Nintendo system..
3 @TrueWiiMaster: Sexy poker was "M" rated. No, I never purchased the game, but I remember it was rated "M".
4. I have researched the game(Isaac), & I find it weird, disgusting, & blasphemous. However, if anybody else wants to purchase, & enjoy this game, they are free to do so, & I wanna point out, not by me, but by their own ability to make decisions. I say it that way to make clear I am not implying, or trying to imply that I am the ultimate authority on what others should, or should not enjoy.

Edit: I also want to point out, that if I do not like a game, for it's content, &/or it's gameplay(game mechanics), I simply do not buy the game. Edit 2: I forgot to say that I would not necessarily care (about what games are available/not on ay given system) if the content I find questionable is not something I am paying for. Example being, if I subscribed to premium movie channels, & nothing was on them, but pornography, or for someone else it may be extreme violence, then I would feel I have a right to complain to my service provider, as I am paying for them to deliver me a service, that is filled w/ something, or multiple things I am against, for whatever reasons.

In the case of video games, I don't have to pay for what I may consider to be the questionable-content-filled game(s), b/c I can choose not to purchase said game(s).



Adhrast said:

@Capt_N You, dear sir, are the kind of religious people I enjoy talking to. Religious AND reasonable, almost always leading to a constructive and serene conversation. I respect other people's beliefs, i.e. I don't go around screaming "What you believe is a lie" because in the end who the heck knows?
My point is, everyone should be free to enjoy whatever they like (within the boundaries of the law, obviously), so if Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist or whatever content appeared on the eShop I'd simply say "Well, nothing for me here", and that's what other people should do as well, no matter the kind of content.
Am I that wrong?
Never said you Christian or other religious people are not entitled to your faith, beliefs and opinions, btw, you are as much as everyone else



TrueWiiMaster said:

@Adhrast You think they're satanists? I wouldn't go that far...

The only thing I could get from trying the game is a grasp of the gameplay, which appears to be very similar to the original Zelda's anyway. What I dislike about BoI is not the way you play but the game's actual content. You don't need to play a game to know the story, characters, and items. If I've been talking about something I know nothing about, please tell me where I've been wrong.

Also, you've got me curious. Earlier you said you didn't like the Imagine series. How many of those did you play exactly?



Adhrast said:

@TrueWiiMaster My father has six siblings, each one married and with at least a child, that means I have something like ten cousins, both boys and girls. 5 of them own a Nintendo DS, be it Phat, Lite, DSi or whatever. My little cousin, the girl that happens to be my favourite one, made me try at least 4 of them, including "Doctor", "Teacher", "Movie Star" and something like "Ballet Dancer", maybe?
I'm obviously not the target audience for that kind of game, so while I pretended I incredibly enjoyed them, they're what they are. Extremely shallow games, with no element that can appeal to someone other than little girls.

The point is, what is the meaning of religion? Trying to explain what's above and around us. It's something extremely personal, something intimate. I have my beliefs as well, mind you, but I don't go around showing them off and/or saying a game shouldn't be on an online platform
Hindis believe cows are sacred. Would you be happy if they banned hamburgers in the US because of that? I definitely would not. Eat what you want and believe in what you want, just let me do the same, provided I don't go against the law



TrueWiiMaster said:

Honestly I wasn't expecting that answer... I've been there too, having played a few Nick Jr. games with my nephews. I'm glad they're old enough to play Mario and Kirby (with some help).

This isn't really the place to be discussing the depth of religion, but I will say one thing. Religion has become a safe word used to describe any belief that includes the use of faith, outside of those believed by atheistic scientists. Nowadays religion is defined just as you said, a way to explain the unexplained. But that definition only works if starting from the conclusion that religion's false. If you start from the position that a religion is true, it completely changes the meaning. Imagine, if you will, that God wasn't created by us, but was our Creator. That the Bible wasn't made up, but true. Those two things carry a LOT of weight if believed.

Are you really comparing a major food to a game? Really? Besides, I never said I wanted to pull the game off Steam or ban it altogether. I don't care who plays it. I just don't want it in front of me. Think of it another way. Let's say a store puts up an extremely offensive picture in their window, and because of it a bunch of people stop going to the store, in part to not support supporters of the offensive material and in part to not support the material itself. They can go elsewhere for their needs, and they will. Now look at the eshop. Do you see any other store options? If the game was released as a hard copy exclusive to a certain store (I can't really see it as a full-fledged retail release), I would just stop going to that store. If it's released on the eshop, however, I would have no choice but to shop there, and so support the store that sells the game, or go without. Do you not see the dilemma here?



theblackdragon said:

Guys, please don't start flinging insults against each other or people from a given country. You can discuss things, but insults are where the line is drawn.



madgear said:

On the religious front, I never understand why people get offended by anything. It's never a personal attack and I'm pretty sure your omnipotent all-powerful creator could handle a slight mocking from a couple of video game developers.

@theblackdragon Team Meat have to work as a business and they did all they could to try and get Super Meat Boy on the Wii. Nintendo are the culprits here and they have to move on and develop more games. You don't have to want or like this one, but it's ridiculous to say they should just focus on Meat Boy until you get your Nintendo fix.



Adhrast said:

I didn't mean to insult anyone, and I was talking about extremist movements which for example, in Italy prevented a lot of tv series, movies (e.g. Eyes Wide Shut), anime and cartoons from being aired.
If someone was offended by what I said, I beg your pardon. I have clearly nothing against the US, as I visited them often and found a great, welcoming and incredibly open country. Far from me also to say religious people are stupid, and if that was what you saw in my words, that's not what I meant. I was talking about extremists and making an example that might seem extreme (food) but actually based on the same principle.
This said, nothing against TrueWiiMaster and his beliefs, as I do have my beliefs myself. He and everyone else is free to buy, not buy and dislike what he wants, obviously. As I previously stated, I'd like to be free to have this game and enjoy the same right as well, given that I don't do anything against the law.
I personally hugely enjoyed this game's gameplay and didn't find it blasfemous or offending, . But I can understand that some people do.
To sum up, I wish this game came to the eShop, being an entertaining game with A LOT of content. And I consider the discussion about religion closed, if that's fine for the others involved.
Again, TrueWiiMaster, I hope I explained my point and you didn't take offense for that



mrmachinery said:

Let's say there was only one shop that sold hamburgers and you were on your way to buy one and someone who believed cows were sacred has to buy food from there also but one day decides that he thinks it is extremely offensive for an establishment to sell them, because of this they are removed from the menu so you can't have one. To add to this scenario and supply more of a similarity with Isaac on the eshop lets say that it is a takeaway restaurant and he never even sees someone eat the hamburger, it just being on the menu offends him wouldn't you feel like it was unfair that his views remove opportunities from you and because I'm not trying to single you out as the only person who is offended by the game lets say there are a lot of people in the area that share his belief and views on the sacredness of cows.

Also you can't say that the game is offensive as offense is taken not given and when a lot of people take offense from something it makes it controversial not offensive.



Linkstrikesback said:


I just read this (unfortunate, but expected) bit of information, Edmund has confirmed on his formspring that Team Meat can't release Super Meat boy on any other consoles.
To quote him when asked about getting SMB on a VIta, "super meat boy cant ever be ported, thats why we are making a new game boy for those devices SMB:TG".



grimbldoo said:

@mrmachinery #82
No, that doesn't quite work. TrueWiiMaster doesn't want the game to come to the eShop, the shop in your example already had hamburgers. But if the hamburgers where never in the shop, then the patrons wouldn't have anything to miss and that is also true for the eShop.



Usagi-san said:

"Also you can't say that the game is offensive as offense is taken not given and when a lot of people take offense from something it makes it controversial not offensive."

Not sure where you got that idea from because my dictionary literally has entries for both "give offense" and "take offense". I think the word offensive is well within its correct usage here too.



TrueWiiMaster said:

Besides the true point made by grimbldoo, there are a couple of flaws with your restaurant analogy. From what you said it sounds like your scenario is as follows: There is only one restaurant that sells hamburgers. One day someone takes offense to the sale of burgers and has them pulled from the menu. If I'm interpreting what you said correctly, that means there are other restaurants that don't sell burgers, but despite that the offended person still demanded that burgers be taken off the menu at the one place they were sold. This is almost the opposite of the situation with the eshop, as there will never be any other legal digital option on the 3DS. If you were saying that there was only one restaurant and it sold burgers, that's being pretty unrealistic, isn't it? Besides, even if there were only one restaurant, you could always go home and make food yourself. There would always be at least that option. There are no such options for getting eshop games.

What's more, hamburgers aren't based on anyone's religion. If they offend someone it's more a coincidence than anything else. Binding of Isaac borrows heavily from the Bible, twisting and deforming the characters and story. There's no way that wouldn't be offensive.

And the definition of "offensive" is, according the Webster's dictionary, "causing displeasure or resentment". This game is, in fact, offensive. Maybe not to everyone, but to many.



madgear said:

If I may just ask, and this is purely for the sake of curiosity, what exactly offends you about people disrespecting the bible?

I'm not anti-religion but a lot of stuff I hear and see about it makes me wonder why people even follow their faith despite the fact they may believe in it. I don't agree with the idea that a good person can be sent to hell for living a decent life but, regless of that, simply because he or she did not spend their entire life kissing god's butt. Surely an atheist living a decent life without the prospect of reward, simply because it's the right thing to do, is the better person than someone who does such things just to get into heaven.

My point is, if that's the religion you follow and that is what god is like, then doesn't that make him a dictator? Even if he has created you, you are a sentient being and do you think it's fair for him to dictate your life in such a way? You can't fall in love with certain people, you can't do this on a certain day or disagree with this teaching no matter how ridiculous it is. So in the case of this game, if god himself appeared to me in person and said I can't play this game I'd ask him why. Why not? Why does he, the all powerful creator of the universe, care if I play a game that rips the **** out of him?

Now I'm happy for people to follow their religions, it doesn't bother me in the slightest. However I'm always interested to know the why behind it. The general reason I notice is simply out of fear - fear of a ruthless god and fear of the unknown.



sykotek said:

I wouldn't get all worked up about it. Since religion is mostly based around where you are brought up geographically, there's really no telling if you're backing the right deities until you've officially run out of time.

With that said though...

Food for thought.



TrueWiiMaster said:

I would think it would offend anyone if someone took something precious and butchered it. It's hard for me to draw a relevant comparison for you because I'm not sure there's any one thing in particular that holds so much value to non-religious people in general. Let's see... Let's say you had a favorite writer who had died years ago, whose greatest work was about to get a movie adaptation. When you see the movie it's not only a mockery of the book, but its main point is actually opposite the book's. Wouldn't that be irritating?

As for God being a dictator, I think you have the wrong idea. After all, he lets us do as we see fit here on earth. We have free will. No one is safe from Hell, because only perfection can enter Heaven, and all have sinned, even if they led decent lives. What God did was give us a way to erase that sin and enter Heaven as perfect, sinless people. In other words it's not "do this or I'll send you to Hell" so much as "do this or you can't get into Heaven".



Linkstrikesback said:

"We have free will. No one is safe from Hell, because only perfection can enter Heaven, and all have sinned, even if they led decent lives. What God did was give us a way to erase that sin and enter Heaven as perfect, sinless people."

As long as you live in a christian part of the world. That's my beef with religion. You were born in the wrong place? You're not getting in to heaven then. Enjoy your lifetime of torment in hell!



Aviator said:

You were born this way!


Your analogy is amazingly accurate. Two fictional stories. (bible and your story example ) two different interpretations (boi and the film)



Malic said:

@Adhrast the fact that you find cod offensive is no where near the same thing. People take their religious beliefs pretty seriously if you dont think so just look at the history of the world and the fact that many people died for these beliefs its offensive on a whole other level



TrueWiiMaster said:

I've wondered about that myself, but you have to remember that according to the Bible all people came from 2, and those 2 actually walked with God. It was people that distanced themselves from God, not the other way around. He could have left it at that, but He sent His Son to save humanity from its self-inflicted fate. It's up to Christians to spread the Word to people "born in the wrong place". That's really all I can tell you. There may be a better answer, but I don't know it.

I was wondering who would make that connection. Though it wasn't intended, it was pretty obvious. I just couldn't think of a better analogy at the time. Of course, I never mentioned anything about fiction. For all you know the story written by the deceased author was the story of his life, which makes the twisted movie adaptation all the more offensive to any fans of the original. In the same way, the Bible isn't a work of fiction, but a true telling of God's involvement in the world.



theblackdragon said:

@madgear: take a glance at #28 (the second paragraph), and keep in mind that feelings are pretty ridiculous things once you get down to 'em.

@linkstrikesback: ah, thanks for that. it's good to have confirmation, even when the news is bad.



grimbldoo said:

@TrueWiiMaster #90
That is a good analogy. The Inheritance Cycle is one of my favorite series and I was actually offended by the movie adaptation simply because it went so far off of the story line. It was a good movie, I just think it shouldn't be titled Eragon.



Capt_N said:

@madgear: I'll answer your question(s), but I'll also be to the point. But, before I answer, I just wanna state (upfront), as I probably will later in this post, that I respect your right to agree/disagree w/ me.

As a Christian, I believe God is the ultimate, all-knowing authority in charge of all creation. He gave us free will, b/c He wants us to choose following Him, & to love Him, as opposed to Him forcing us to follow, & love Him, like robots. He also created each individual w/ a specific purpose, & plan for their life, wanting only the very best for all of us. Since He created us, He knows precisely what the very best is for each of us.

The principle message of my (Christian) faith in Christ, is that: When Adam, & Eve disobeyed God, mankind from that point on became filled with a sinful nature bent against God. Our sin nature also barriers us from God, so we can't even talk to Him in prayer. God can't stand sin, & He still wants us to follow, & love Him. His divine judgement will be enacted upon sin.

To prevent us from being unable to be w/ Him in His kingdom in Heaven forever, & placed in Hell, as well as to remove the sin barrier between us, & Him, God made the decision to take the judgement of the entire (past/present/future) world's sins out on His Son, Jesus Christ, instead of on us. He loves us that much. That's why Christ died on the cross. By the way, the sacrifices in the Old Testament of the Bible were not only a way to repent of sins, but also a foreshadowing of God's plan to send Christ to the cross for our sins. "The Lamb of God".

After Christ died on the cross, people who want a relationship w/ Jesus Christ, & His Father, God, here on earth(remove the sin barrier/be able to pray to Him, & Him hear us.), as well as go to Heaven when they die, only have to sincerely ask God to forgive them of their sins, & surrender their life to Him.

Since this post is already over-sized, e-mail me any questions you may have, if you have any.

Again, I respect your right to agree/disagree w/ me.

@Linkstrikesback: Actually, no. According to my faith, anyone anywhere in the universe can get "saved"/"become born again", simply by a prayer to God, in sincere heart, & faith. But, I want to point out, just b/c I believe it doesn't mean you have to agree w/ me. I respect your right to agree/disagree w/ me.

Again, I just wanna point out that I am not pushing my faith in Jesus Christ on anyone. As a Christian, Jesus never demanded I force my faith in Him on anyone else. He merely wanted me to share my faith in Him, & that I am supposed to still treat people like people, regardless of their acceptance, or denial of my faith. & it's b/c I care about people, like any decent person. I know that last part about caring for people sounds corny, but it's ok.

@Adhrast: Dude, you have a right to your opinions, & beliefs. You did not insult me. Don't apologize for your own beliefs.

Although I don't like this game, I hope this dev team continues making stuff for Nintendo. The more devs the merrier, except in the case of the Atari. Uh,... You guys know what I mean.



Hokori said:

I honestly how it does come (I won't buy it) because it might shut some people up for saying NINTENDOS TOO KIDDY (although MadWorld didn't soo...)



SaKo said:

@Barbiegurl777 You don't like great games and like not-so-great games... why?! And just because it involves the bible, doesn't mean that it's mocking and insulting it...



DaemonSword said:

@TrueWiiMaster Totally agree with your point on the hypocrisy of this game, the creators, and the media. For the media, it is always open season on mocking christianity, but the entertainment industry has no spine and NO BALLS to make a film, song, or video game mocking Allah or muslims. I dare Edward McMillen to make "Super Jihad Bros and the 77 virgin princesses" or something like that. I can cut and past all the points posted here in defense for the game, but will it ever happen? Nope. F'in cowards. lol.

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