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Take a Look at Capcom's New Monster Hunter Merchandise

Posted by Katy Ellis

Wallets at the ready

Capcom is catching on to popular Japanese fashion by bringing out its own Monster Hunter Sukajan. Sukajan-style jackets have been a tourist favourite for many years, blending American varsity jackets and Japanese embroidery, and can be commonly found being flogged to bewildered tourists in the busy streets of Tokyo.

This particular Monster Hunter-themed example will cost you more than a Basic Wii U Bundle, with a price of 33,600 yen (around $430 or £265).

Other online goodies include a Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate T-shirt in blue and white for 2,993 yen ($38 or £24), as well as a mug in a similar traditional Japanese style, decorated with 48 monsters for 1,260 yen ($16 or £10).

Also up for sale are some adorable Monster Hunter phone charms, designed to look like jars of Mega Potion, Demondrug and Power Juice for 840 yen ($11 or £7) each. You can also grab a Monster Hunter 2013 calendar for 1,260 yen ($16 or £10), if that's your thing.

All items can be purchased from Capcom of Japan's online store.


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KneehighPark said:

I love Capcom's overpriced merchandise. Anyone remember that Resident Evil 6 bundle with the leather jacket?



Bass_X0 said:

Never cared for Monster Hunter. Okay, I never played it but I have no interest in doing so.



bezerker99 said:

Monster Hunter is one of the best franchises ever....but I have zero interest in wearing any of their RAAAAAWRRRR apparel.



FonistofCruxis said:

I don't like Monster hunter but I've got to admit, that jacket does look pretty cool. Its massively overpriced though.

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