We all know that Thursday's presentation is going to be related to the Wii U, with the most likely scenario being a launch date reveal and pricing details. To add a little more spice to this speculation, GoNintendo has reported that several readers have gotten in touch to report on various goings-on at American retailer GameStop.

Here goes:

  • Wii U preorders open this Thursday
  • $50 minimum to preorder
  • 3 different bundles
  • Bundles start at $250 and go up to $350
  • Wii U due out the week before Thanksgiving
  • Quantities will be very limited

That's not all, however - GoNintendo also report that an in-store conference will take place to digest the presentation announcement. It would appear that even the mighty GameStop isn't totally certain of what Thursday will bring, although it could simply be holding its cards close to its chest so that loose-lipped employees don't go blabbing - like the person who leaked this internal memo, for example:


[via gonintendo.com]