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Rumour: You Will Be Able To Preorder Wii U At GameStop This Thursday

Posted by Damien McFerran

Retailer is going big on Nintendo's new machine

We all know that Thursday's presentation is going to be related to the Wii U, with the most likely scenario being a launch date reveal and pricing details. To add a little more spice to this speculation, GoNintendo has reported that several readers have gotten in touch to report on various goings-on at American retailer GameStop.

Here goes:

  • Wii U preorders open this Thursday
  • $50 minimum to preorder
  • 3 different bundles
  • Bundles start at $250 and go up to $350
  • Wii U due out the week before Thanksgiving
  • Quantities will be very limited

That's not all, however - GoNintendo also report that an in-store conference will take place to digest the presentation announcement. It would appear that even the mighty GameStop isn't totally certain of what Thursday will bring, although it could simply be holding its cards close to its chest so that loose-lipped employees don't go blabbing - like the person who leaked this internal memo, for example:


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Malic said:

Im wondering the same thing, also will it be available in black?



6ch6ris6 said:

249$/€ is just the right price for a new console to sell well while not loosing too much money for each unit made



ICEFIRE1593 said:

I am hitting my local gamestop after class on thursday. I am preordering the $350 black one along with zombiu, AC3, Mass Effect 3 , NSMBU, Pikmin 3, and Nintendo land

I am all for the Wii U and can not wait till it comes out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

been waiting since E3 2011



Tasuki said:

Well if game Gamestop will have it to preorder than that means that Amazon will too and thats where I will go.



Malic said:

So it is available in black then? what come with the 350 bundle?



kyuubikid213 said:

If this thing is actually confirmed to be $249.99, I'll jump so high with excitement, I'll have to use the money that was originally going toward the Wii U to repair the ceiling to my house.



rebonack said:

@Tasuki Unlikely, as Amazon isn't carrying any Nintendo hardware right now. The Wii, 3DS, and 3DS XL are all only available through third party sellers.

I'll probably head out to GS on my lunch break to see if they're taking preorders.



Burning_Spear said:

I guess the post-conference communication to store managers is to discuss the pre-order bonus and how they'll avoid actually giving it to people who pre-order.



rjejr said:

"isn't totally certain of what Thursday will being,"

I think you mean - "what Thursday will bring". Guess we're all a bit on the edge of our seats.

Makes sense they'll be accepting pre-orders as everybody is expecting date and price info on Thursday. I am more than a wee bit concerned about this part though -
Quantities will be very limited

I mean, it's a console launch, so limited inventory is to be expected, but the "very" part doesn't bode well at all.



SMW said:

Thursdayton! Preorder it too?! Seems a bit ridiculous to me, but cool if true.




If this turns out to be true with the prices of Wii U , then I'm going after the $249 bundle.



Kyloctopus said:

Watch as the price gets leaked earlier than expected (if the price wasn't leaked already)



Lalivero said:

If this is true, then I am definitely going for the biggest bundle, apparently the $350.



NintyMan said:

Quantities will be very limited? Oh, no, please don't be like the Wii debacle.

Other than that, everything else sounds great. $250 is a good price for what the Wii U is worth. I hope those bundles have games in them like Nintendo Land, rather than just more accessories.



sinalefa said:

That actually sounds like a marketing strategy: tell everyone the quantities are very limited so everyone will be preordering ASAP for fear of not getting one at launch. The date and the 3 bundles and the prices sound an awful lot like the rumours we have already heard, so I won't believe a word until Nintendo says the real thing.



Hokori said:

Well if it'll have 3 different bundles I'll see what one I'll preorder
I'm hoping for NSMBU bundle, NintendoLand Bundle, Pikmin 3 bundle.
But I'm hoping they'll also allow digital bundles



kyuubikid213 said:

@abINC4L I really only want NintendoLand in all bundles because (like Wii Sports) it'll give me something to play until I get the cash to actually purchase another Wii U game.



FluttershyGuy said:

Going in bright & early Thursday morning to reserve, well, SOMETHING! Have to wait until I findout what news comes out of New York brighter & earlier Thursday. Whatever the case, I plan to make out like a FluttershyGuyBANDIT on Thursday; with a black Wii U, Pro Controller, and New Super Mario Bros. U reserved.



Royspaceghost said:

@3Dash You're not being ignorant, or at least we all are, there is a rumor that there are 3 bundles: 250, 300, 350 US Dollars, and there's a lot of speculation about it, some say the most expensive one carries the game console, 2 gamepads (1 and a wiimote+nunchuck according to some) , controller pro, and a game. I guess we'll have to wait and see.



Tasuki said:

@rebonack: Oh Amazon will carry it. When they first announced the Star Wars Xbox 360 I went on Amazon and putted in a preorder for that within hours of the announcement. It will be the same with the Wii U.



rebonack said:

@Tasuki Typically you're right — their preorders go up almost immediately after something is announced. But at some point in the last year Amazon stopped carrying Nintendo hardware — you couldn't preorder the 3DS XL from them (and you still can't order it directly from Amazon, same with the original 3DS, Wii, and current DS models) and I think there's a good chance the same will be true of the Wii U. I hope I'm wrong, as I'd much rather just preorder it from them, but being that they haven't carried Nintendo hardware for a little while now, it's a good possibility.



Tasuki said:

@rebonack: Wow that sux I hope you are wrong if not I will probably preorder it from then no way in hell will I deal with Gamestop.



Zombie_Barioth said:

I have no idea if or how I'm going to pre-order it. Both Gamestops are in th next town over and the only places around here are Walmart and Fredmeyer. I don't drive either so that makes it that much harder. I really hope Amazon starts carrying Nintendo stuff again.



OorWullie said:

@atariman If you read the article it tells you.Even then though its not official but hopefully all will be revealed on Thursday



SteveW said:

Forget gamestop! they won't do a midnight launch, when New Super Mario Bros 2 came out they told me that kids won't be up at midnight so they don't stay open for Nintendo stuff... idiots...



WhiteTrashGuy said:

The $250 will be just the system and possibly NINTENDOLAND. The $300 will be NINTENDOLAND, 2 WiiMotes/Nunchucks. The $350 will be like the one above, but with either the Pro Controller included and/or 4 Wii Remotes. It will be the full-family starter kit. I think that the bundles will be there to build off whether you own a Wii or not. Also, the $250 might not come with NintendoLand at all. Just Game Pad and system...



Hokori said:

@SteveW Wow really? That's dumb, kids arnt the only ones who buy Mario titles... I bought mine at launch, but it was on eShop



NintenBo said:

I think (hope) the bundles are these: $250: Console, Gamepad, Nintendo Land
$300: Console, Gamepad, Nintendo Land, Wiimote+, Nunchuck.
$350: Console, Gamepad, Nintendo Land, 2 Wiimot+, 2 Nunchucks, New Super Mario Bros. U. I hope rofl.



Shirma_Akayaku said:

@sinalefa Well I guess I learned something today. I didn't really think of telling people that their are limited quantities as a marketing strategy. But If what they said is true about it being limited, there's gonna be crazy, over-dramatic comments.



AcesHigh said:

I won the bet! LOL!

The roumor reported earlier was Nov11th by the “analysts” and I stuck with Nov 18th A dude at GameStop even “let me in on a secret” last week and said it was going to be Nov 14 (WTF?). FAIL! LOL!

I did think a second gamepad would be included with the deluxe. But did see Nintendo land included. 3/4 right. Meh! LOL!

Just an example of paying attention to history to predict the future!

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