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Rumour: European Wii U Release Date and Pricing Confirmed by French Retailer

Posted by Damien McFerran

7th December, €349 - games to retail for €69.90?

French retailer FNAC has apparently revealed the European release date for the Wii U, as well as a potential price.

French site Jeuxactu broke the news, along with a photo showing a promotional flyer in a Paris store.

Here's what the site had to say about the news (magically converted into a barely readable form of English using Google Translate):

Nintendo kept secret by a curiously quiet until now, the price and release date of the Wii U come to be formalized by the retail chain FNAC. Since a few hours, all signs appear throughout Paris that the Wii U will be available December 7, 2012 at a price of €349 / £275 / $440. Information confirmed by the photo below, but also through our discussion with one of the sellers store FNAC Montparnasse. This told us that consumers can already pre-order the machine shops but also on the shopping site of FNAC, which also lists the first games for the price of €69.90 / £55 / $88. A high price that many find, whether console or games, but it seems that it is the price to pay to get this new machine comes with its tablet GamePad and a scart cable.

It's always worth remembering that retail stores are known to guess dates and pricing ahead of hardware launches, but at the same time a chain as big as FNAC will presumably have been told by Nintendo when the machine is expected, as well as a trade price per unit.


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Lan said:

The Google Translate bit was funny. That's Pearl Harbor day in the US. I bet some rednecks wouldn't like a Japanese product being released on that day. How indicative is this of the US pricing, considering the exchange rates?



luminalace said:

It sounds plausible but so does most of the leaks. December 7th is the rumoured date doing the rounds in Australia too so may just be true!



erv said:

Scart cable... seriously?!

Seems logical to not go lower than 349 given the gamepad controller etc. I'll have my hdmi ready though.



Shiryu said:

I really hope this 70€ a game won't be the norm. That means the games will be now as expensive as the 360 and PS3 ones sold on the shelves here... I don't want to buy "Mass Effect 3" for 70€ when I can get the PS3 version for €20...



Kifa said:

A SCART cable? Well, if it's an RGB variant then it's far better than your regular Composite wiring, that's for sure, but it's still a strange choice. I'm not even sure if latest TV's still have that connector...? Anyway - seems legit enough.



Mk_II said:

Scart is widely used in France where they have different video format called SECAM.

BTW: i dont believe those prices for one moment. Nintendo will not hike the games by 25% in this time of economic crisis



El_Murcielago said:

It's Fnac, people. We know they're expensive as f*ck.

Let's give (someone) some time to (un)confirm this rumor.



Joco84 said:

I will wait until next year before even thinking about getting it at those prices!



Chris720 said:

€70? You have to be joking... I'm not paying that amount of money for a game... if the prices for games are going to be anything like that then I'll be waiting a couple years before I even think about going near the Wii U.

I'm hoping that this will be unconfirmed in a few days, come on Nintendo just release the prices and dates already so that we know how much explosives are going into our pockets.



seronja said:

350€ for a nintendo console? NEVER! i will wait when the price is 300€ because this is a sinister price, i mean i can afford it but it's just not worth it thanks to the lack of 3rd party support



Obvious78 said:

I have to admit that €70,- for a game is way too expensive. Lets hope these are still rumours. It is possible that the price depends ont he developers...?



McHaggis said:

@Obvious78: yes, it's likely 3rd party publishers (not developers) will set lower prices for their own games. It happens a lot on the 3DS and other consoles.



FlaccidSnake said:

Around £275 and 7th December sounds about right, but there's no way games will be as much as that. Probably not much less though as games for new consoles are always a bit more for the first year.



Kirk said:

The price of the console is still higher than I'd like, I'd rather it were somewhere between £200-£250 and ideally the lower end of that range (all the arguments about it having a touch-screen controller and a lower price devaluing it are totally irrelevant), and the games are quite simply far too expensive in today's gaming market where I can buy around 50 mobile/tablet games for the same price as a single Wii U game.

That's just not going to cut it for a lot of people.

I personally will not buy a single game at that price any more and if that means getting them by alternative means then so be it.

These companies have a choice; sell the games cheaper and potentially make a sale at least, even if the profit is slightly less, or get not a single penny at all from me. It's their choice...



Fry said:

I'm not really following this Wii U stuff, but what exactly is the Wii U controller ?
Apart from controlling a TV console, will it also work as a standalone portable console - ie will it replace the 3DS/3DS XL ?



Kirk said:


It's just a normal home console with a regular controller, albeit a pretty cool controller with an additional touch-screen.

Think of it like having a giant DS in your living room because it now has 2 screens (the TV screen and the controller screen), with all the types of gameplay that brings, but it's not portable and you're not meant to take it beyond your living room or home.

Here's a couple of videos you can watch to get a better idea of what Wii U and it's controller are all about:

This one's a bit longer but also intersting:



Fry said:


I figured that out, but the question is - since they say you can play games on the "controller" alone - will it replace the current portable consoles ?
I mean it's not a big deal wrapping the "controller" in a box and selling is it as the next-gen portable system, right ? The resolution of the current 3DS/3DS XL screens is pathetic even when compared to budget smart phones. Is the Wii U "controller" going to be the next portable console from Nintendo ?



Marakuto said:

Just give it a few months and those high priced 3rd party games would be much cheaper than launch.



JJtheTexan said:

Baloney. First, no way they release it after the U.S. "Black Friday" / holiday shopping season launch. Second, that MSRP would make this the next 3DO. It would be the end of Nintendo as a hardware maker (or home console maker at any rate).



Adhrast said:

I honestly was afraid of this kind of prices. 350 € for the console is kind of ok, since it's a next gen console with new features, more powerful than the previous one etc., but I seriously hoped it cost less than that... What bothers me is the price for games. I mean, 70 €? Come on!



Kirk said:


You can only play on the controller as long as you are in range of the main console. It's not a true portable and it requires the console to send the game data to the controller which simply displays the appropriate information on it's screen. If you move too far away from the console the controller becomes a lump of useless plastic.

So, no, there's no chance this controller will replace portable consoles (unless you only use your "portable" console in your house anyway, in which case I guess you could just play Wii U games on your controller instead of buying a dedicated "portable" console). That's something I might actually do myself, since I don't really need a dedicated portable console these days and instead just use my iPhone when I'm out and about for a quick gaming fix on the go.

In the future however it's possible your next "portable" might also be you main controller for your home "console" too, and you will be able to take your "controller" with you on the go when you leave the house and play games on it solely. It could happen. Not with the Wii U however.



6ch6ris6 said:

games will not cost over 69€

this is so fake or just a placeholder until the real prices get in



BenAV said:

I'll just wait for an Australian price and date to eventually be confirmed, but I've already paid for the system even if it ends up being at the more expensive end of the predicted range.
All Nintendo Australia have said to this stage is that it will be under $600, which makes it sound like EB's preorder price (which I've paid) of $598 might be fairly accurate... a bit cheaper would be nice but what can you do?
The estimated price for games is $108 too, so I could be poor for a very long time thanks to the Wii U.



Fry said:


thanks. I didn't know the "controller" required the main console for playing standalone games. I guess it does not have a slot for some kind of cartridge/memory card then
I was just wondering whether the 3DS I bought recently to occupy my kids while I'm driving was nearing it's end of life



Kirk said:


Yeah, there's no cartridge slot or anything like that on the controller. It really is pretty much just a "traditional" dual analogue wireless controller with an additional touch-screen display.

Your 3DS should be just fine and dandy for a while yet.



OorWullie said:

I don't believe this for 1 minute.After everything they said about learning their lessons form the 3DS launch,releasing the console at the top end of what most were willing to pay and then games such as NSMBU and NintendoLand at 70€ would be a very bad business move indeed.I'm no Michael Pachter but that doesn't sound too smart to me.I'm sticking with the $250-$350 different bundles rumour,more in hope than anything else.



Rect_Pola said:

So this is it. Months of not saying a damn thing so it can get awkwardly leaked out by stores. Epic win there Nintendo, whoever you pay to regulate your press was worth every penny.




IMO, anything over 250 pounds and it won't sell that well. I'm pretty sure of that. If it is 250 pounds plus Nintnedo Land I'll do it



dirtyplastic said:

Europe won't see wiiu till early 2013, and the price will be £280, thats from a pucker source. I know I will get negged for this, but wait till the 13th.



meppi said:

That * on the flyer says that the images as well as the release date mentioned are provisional and might change at any time. In other words, nothing is confirmed.
I'd be baffled if that price isn't a placeholder as well.



a_binfahad said:

The console price is reasonable, since the PS3 and XboX 360 were at higher price at release, but $88 for a SINGLE GAME? THIS IS MADNESS!!



OorWullie said:

@SkywardLink98 It never usually works like that in the US though.If this is true then its likely it would covert to $350 for the console and $70 for the games for you guys.I'm Scottish but live in Thailand and electrical items here are usually more expensive than Europe,even more so with a strong Baht so I fear what the price will be for me.



19Robb92 said:

Lol, you can't convert currency instantly like that. Tax differences, the countries general state of the economy, retail stores profit margins etc. all plays in to the pricing depending on the country.

Games in Sweden generally cost about 600SEK when new, that's about $90 for a game for you guys if you convert it to dollars. Doesn't work like that though.



rjejr said:

The Dec 7th date IN EUROPE sounds plausible, but I still see the US getting it the 18th. Weren't there already rumours of a delayed European launch date? And the most it will be is $350, they shoudln't even bother selling it for more than that, even if it comes with a Pro controller AND NintendoLand nobody is going to look at it over $350. I'ld buy a Xbox360 Star Wars Kinect bundle for $350 before paying more than that for a Wii U which does NOT have a blu-ray or DVD player or a HDD, As for games - $59.99 is a given, that's the PS3 and Xbox360 game price, no point even discussing that.



rodoubleb said:

Meh, it looks like someone printed that out on their inkjet, and placed it on the shelf as a joke.



ThumperUK said:

As has previously been explained, Nintendo cannot issue an RRP in Europe, leading to companies making up their own price (i.e. a markup from the trade price). If the retailer is saying £275 / €349 then I'd bet Amazon et al to be selling for under £250.

SImilarly games won't be as much as an example, how many people really paid the £39.99 demanded by Nintendo for NSMB2? I paid £30 on release day - I'd expect WiiU games to come in about £40-£45.



Kifa said:

@Mk_II France migrated to DVB-T a few years ago now. SECAM is still used in some countries, but none of them is a major market for WiiU. Still - I guess SCART is popular enough and better than Composite that they decided to bundle it instead. Or - we will just get a pass-through like with the Wii.

On topic: those game prices seem hefty on a second thought. Way too hefty. I hope that this is some kind of misunderstanding or wild speculation...



BestBuck15 said:

If this is true let me give you a look into the future, It'll sell initially sell thanks to the early adopters, 70euro for a game is very expensive and its not the first time Nintendo tried to get games above the 50 mark, whether its euro or pounds of dollars its still 50 where ever you live. I don't think they will be successfully in doing so this time either. Now 6 months after release which is June or July next year the console will get a massive price cut due to bad sales probably down to 200euro. I've just predicted the future because I've seen it all before with the N64 and 3DS.



Token_Girl said:

I hope this is just an overestimated placeholder price to start taking preorders. Also, didn't this kind of thing happen in Europe with the 3DS? They didn't announce an official price point like in the US, and it was up to retailers to set their own? I remember that launch day prices were a little rediculous, but then stores lowered their prices to compete with each other. Since the price for consoles is generally the same Euros/Dollars, I hope this isn't the price. I don't think I could justify the purchase for $350 at all.



SkywardLink98 said:

@wiiwii Even that much is overpriced. And it says RIGHT THERE in the article the price for america IS $440 for the console and $88 for games. So, if any of that is true so is the american price.



Samholy said:

if these prices are true, then i will never get that console. i had it in mind when i saw a 249$ price point, but that much ? no way in hell. not for a nintendo console. are they crazy ?
the wiiU wont even have 3-4 years before its totally outdated and start losing devs interest and motivation. and i dont feel like buying yet another reason to try the next mario or zelda. because lets be honest, thats what we have been doing for years since the N64. the Snes era is long gone.
i love nintendo's philosophy and all. but its just like a dream. its not what the market wants. and the devs want to keep pushing the limits, and nintendo doesnt offer that.

anyway, enough ranting and pissing, im off with that. ill stick to my 3ds and my AMAZING DStwo.



Spoony_Tech said:

LOL. No way this is happening. Not unless Nintendo is purposely trying to close their doors forever. NO ONE is going to pay those prices for a system with the same graphics as the competitors!



OorWullie said:

@SkywardLink98 Even more of a reason to dismiss it then.Never before to my knowledge has a console been released at a global retail price based on current exchange rates.As @19Robb92 said earlier,all different retail costs and taxes come in to the equation depending on the country you live.The €349 may well come to be true but you don't need to worry about paying the converted equivalent.Saying that,I agree that $349 is still too much.



Banker-Style said:

I hope for these prices.
Wii U console £200-£250
Games £30-£40

If it cost any more than that,I'll just have to be a very greedy banker.



WingedSnagret said:

Yikes, this better be a rumor. I'm not going to pay over $400 for the system and over $80 for just the games! Of course, even if it is true (which I seriously doubt), I imagine the price would be different here stateside.



Wheels2050 said:

@SkywardLink98: It doesn't say "RIGHT THERE" that that's what it will cost in the US, actually. Those numbers are just 349 Euros converted directly to GBP and USD. Just doing a direct currency conversion doesn't tell you what something will cost in another country, for reasons others have explained above.



AVahne said:

$300-350 sounds reasonable enough for the console for me. Any higher would be ridiculous. Also expensive games? I hope they end up sticking with $50. As for Europe, doesn't Nintendo let retailers set prices over there like with 3DS and 3DS XL?



Moshugan said:

Oh boy, I can't afford gaming at these prices.
I was hoping for a hundred lower.



Robo-goose said:

Lets not jump to conclusions about the Western prices, people. Even if these are the real figures, consoles and games all ways cost way more in Europe than in America. Not sure why, though.



UnseatingKDawg said:

Well, rumors will be rumors. Let's hope this stays this way. I mean, a console being expensive is expected, even if it's over-priced. But really? Almost 90 bucks a game? Especially since some of those were already released? I think someone got their information a tad off. But if it's true, I ain't buying this until they drop to 50 or less.



Wheels2050 said:

@UnseatingKDawg: Why do you assume that? If EBGames Australia leaked pricing that said Wii U games will be $100 AUD (which is roughly $100 USD) would you assume they had their info wrong?

Because they wouldn't. That's just how much games cost in Australia - it doesn't mean that they'll cost that much in the US.



alLabouTandroiD said:

I don't think drawing level with the PS360s would be a wise move. They'd have to show me a metric ton of killer features to make me interested in it for that price.
I also don't think i'll ever pay more than 59€ for a virtually perfect game. Which didn't happen more often then ten times in previous console lifecycles anyway.



Sam_Loser2 said:

Though it pains me, I'm willing to go for the higher price of the console. But that much for each game? You've got to be kidding me! There's no way I'd drop such money on a single game. I do hope that goes down.



HawkeyeWii said:

Yeah that is bull, that is completely false. there is no way in hell that nintendo would sell their games for $90 each. Not gonna happen FALSE!!



Wheels2050 said:

Well, it wouldn't seem unreasonable. Particularly before you go around proclaiming information to be false.



WhiteTrashGuy said:

Here in the U.S. we will see
$250 - Console
$300 - Console + NintendoLand
$350 - Console + NintendoLand

  • Pro Controller


WhiteTrashGuy said:

Nintendo has already said that they will take a hit on each console in the U.S. in order to get a high installed base.



Wheels2050 said:

@HawkeyeWii: But you're saying it's false, while it's been covered by multiple people here that those are not US prices (it's simply a direct currency conversion) and probably won't translate into the final US price.

Nintendo does, in fact, sell games outside the US for the equivalent of $80 US or more. Reading the comments would educate you.



NintendoMaster said:

Europeans are accustomed to paying more for their game hardware. I expect Wii U to be $300 when it launches on November 11th/18th in the US.



Grodus said:

IIt's wrong. Or my launch day Wii U is bye-bye. $440 for the console! $88 for the games! This is european anyway, but who's gonna pay that much!?

@WhiteTrashGuy Um, your $350 package idea sounds like a ripoff! Even counting the fact you probly meant the pro controller is included! There's gotta be 2 to make it worth the price, and you cant use 2! (assuming they're $40 each, sound like what it will be[there's a difference between resonable, and what it will be])



Hokori said:

Well I could see he price being right, because in EU I thought it was the equivalent to $70 US for 3DS games but as you know, it's not, it's $40



emiru69 said:

I'm not going to pay more than 250 bucks for the console. Not really excited for the Wii U or any of the games. Kind of sad to be honest, It's the first time since the NES that I'm not going to buy a Nintendo console on the first week.



EvansLegends said:

Another rumor. I bet it's gonna be a busy week for the media, with the upcoming announcements on the 13th.



DarkNinja9 said:

i think its just another rumor like how they made the fake 3ds Xl ad having a second analog stick



Pro-N-Gamer said:

FNAC has always been overpriced with everything.. Don't believe much of it.. Hate that store LOL



Henmii said:

349 Euro is very high, and 70 Euro for a game! That's utter failure!! It really can't be true!!



Sean_Aaron said:

I figured it would be more expensive than the Wii, so no sticker shock here, but I probably wouldn't be spending as much on games this time around anyway as the Wii was about trying out new things. Wii U I'll be more selective with what I'm buying.

Regarding the connector I'm hoping the Wii U will have a vanilla HDMI port as well as a propriety socket for other adapters like SCART, composite, S-Video, etc. either that or a clever single port that will just take HDMI or proprietary cable. Nintendo seems keen not to force the purchase of extra peripherals like special hard drives so hopefully that extends to interconnects. I'd hate to have to shell-out more for an HDMI hook-up when I have two perfectly good cables here already.



Moshugan said:

@Henmii This is pretty ironic, since the actual euro prices in Finland are, as of now: Basic 315€, Premium 375€ and Zombium 419€. Is that sick or what?<
Atl east the games are 55-60€, LOL!

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