Rollercoaster Tycoon 3D has been one of those 3DS releases that has been on-again and off-again enough times to be reminiscent of a tedious long-running sitcom relationship. In February it was revealed by Atari that it was on hold, while a March update from developer n-Space stated that it would arrive in late Spring. The developer and publisher seemed to be taking the rollercoaster idea from the game and into the development process, confusing gamers at the same time.

Well, hold onto your safety harnesses, because more release promises are inbound. Website has claimed that the title is set to be released on 16th October, while is giving a date of 26th October. Perhaps these are regional North American and European release dates, or perhaps they'll once again turn out to be wrong; it's all part of the thrills and spills of following this title.

If the game does arrive it may be fun to play, with a first-person view for rollercoaster rides, StreetPass sharing and the ability to invite Mii Plaza pals into your theme park. There's even a new teaser below promising a 2012 release, so maybe it will actually arrive as expected.