Nintendo caused quite a few raised eyebrows when it revealed that stand-alone Wii U GamePads would not be made available in the West at launch.

This news led some people to wonder what exactly would happen if your GamePad is broken, or develops a fault.

Thankfully, Nintendo has taken some steps to remove this confusion, and has stated that replacement GamePads will be available - although you may have to pay a fee (which could be as much as $170) to get one.

The company stopped short of revealing details on how you will go about obtaining your new controller, but we imagine that any faulty units will be replaced free of charge under the standard hardware warranty. Cash is only likely to enter the equation if you destroy your GamePad by accidentally feeding it to your dog, or something equally silly.

In Japan, stand-alone GamePads are expected to retail for ¥13,400, despite the fact that no launch games are expected to support the use of two of them simultaneously.