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Replacement Wii U GamePads Will Be Available If You Bust Yours At Launch

Posted by Damien McFerran

Accident-prone players, rejoice

Nintendo caused quite a few raised eyebrows when it revealed that stand-alone Wii U GamePads would not be made available in the West at launch.

This news led some people to wonder what exactly would happen if your GamePad is broken, or develops a fault.

Thankfully, Nintendo has taken some steps to remove this confusion, and has stated that replacement GamePads will be available - although you may have to pay a fee (which could be as much as $170) to get one.

The company stopped short of revealing details on how you will go about obtaining your new controller, but we imagine that any faulty units will be replaced free of charge under the standard hardware warranty. Cash is only likely to enter the equation if you destroy your GamePad by accidentally feeding it to your dog, or something equally silly.

In Japan, stand-alone GamePads are expected to retail for ¥13,400, despite the fact that no launch games are expected to support the use of two of them simultaneously.


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chronicler said:

That's great news for us uncoordinated people, though I try to keep my electronics in the best quality.



StarDust4Ever said:

$170 bucks just for the controller? If that's true, then even for the $350 deluxe model, Nintendo must be selling these systems at a loss!

We really need hard acrylic screen protectors to protect the delicate touch screens from being bludgeoned while not in use. And while the plastic film screen protectors often protect against light cosmetic scratches, they are virtually useless for protection against blunt-force trauma. Furthermore, game controllers often tend to get tossed together in a storage bin when put away. That's usually what I do for my classic systems usually when I'm not playing them. While this is usually fine for hard plastics, it's definitely a no-no for tactile touch screens. Damage was only a non-issue for the DS touch screens due to the clam-shell design. Just look at how many people break their iPhones on a daily basis!



MeloMan said:

Is that the price of one for replacement outside of warranty or including the manufacturer warranty? Also, I'm taking ¥13,400 to be about 100USD, so DAMN is that an expensive gamepad. NO ONE in my apt is touching it without my expressed written consent or I will kill... that is all



sinalefa said:

The good thing is that Nintendo has a pretty good QA department, so you would have to be incredibly dumb to break it. Still would take good care of it.



UnseatingKDawg said:

$170 for a replacement? Yeesh. That's already more than half of the basic bundle's price. So that does make me wonder... Are we really paying for a console? Or are we really paying for a controller? Either way, I'm taking good care of the one I'm getting. Whenever that's going to happen...



rjejr said:

@StarDust I don't think you're meant to put it away with your other controllers, that's why the deluxe comes with not only a stand cradle to charge it in but also a cradle to just sit it in when you aren't using it. I'm still hoping for a Mario clock or digital photo frame app.
I'm not worried about breaking it, but I could see someone leaving it on a coffee table and spilling a beer on it. How liquid proof is that screen?
And how's the battery life? My 3 1/2 year old DS3 still works great but my Sony Clio PDA was dead in about a year. My laptop battery died in 12 1/2 months and cost $130 to replace it. That was 5 years ago and I still haven't, bought a $200 netbook instead.



lanabanana said:

I'm not paying $170 for a replacement... i might as well just put bubble wrap around it lol



SPEtheridge said:

The console will cost bugger all to make tbh its all last gen hardware well the best of last gen hard ware i think the controller is costing the most out of this hardware



DarkNinja9 said:

@Janett lmao wouldnt you be tempted to pop those bubbles while you play or after your not playing cuz i would >

but come on guys its not like it wont have that strap string thing (yes i forgot what its called) to put around your wrist while your playing



k8sMum said:

i keep seeing someone playing a golf game, getting excited at a good shot and stepping on it! lotsa tears after that one.



Zombie_Barioth said:

I don't think people will be as careless with this gamepad compared to the others. Even then all the nintendium in the world won't protect it from the freak accidents that are bound to happen.

I'm not worried since I'm really careful with my electronics, only my old phat DS and PSP have been had anything happen to them. My DS fell 5ft to a tiled hospital restroom floor and my PSP fell out of my sweatshirt pocket twice while tying my shoe. The DS's touchscreen no longer works and the PSP walked away with chipped finish.



Voodoo said:

Console innards are just like computer innards and in this day and age they're dirt cheap. As far as the Wii U console goes, I'm willing to bet that the solid state drive (SSD) that comes with it is the most expensive part in it.



Token_Girl said:

Nintendo's controllers have always been pretty tough. I don't imagine they'll change that now. The gorilla glass on the iPhone is pretty tough, so it's definitely possible. $170 seems high when repairs for wii and DS were $75 for the system, but it could just be a low-supply issue.

@k8smom I thought the same thing when I saw the golf game demo at E3. That one's definitely not young-child friendly.



daveandnight said:

To everyone above is $170 in japan which doesn't mean it will necessarily cost as much elsewhere specifically us. It also costs $337 for the basic wiiu model there... nintendo adapts prices to the local economy e.g in australia game prices are high because we have higher minimum wage then the us



gamexpert1990 said:

Yeah I do not like the potential price of the gamepad, so I think I'll hold off on trying to get a Wii U until price reduction time...

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