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Reaction: Wii U Preview Events

Posted by Nintendo Life Staff

Not a bad effort, Nintendo

On Thursday the Nintendo Life team watched the various broadcasts and events held by Nintendo to unveil Wii U launch details. After soaking in all that was said and the news that's come out since, a couple of our editors decided to provide some brief thoughts of their own on what Nintendo did right, as well as areas that still need clarification. Assistant editor Mike Mason and features editor Tom Whitehead give their views.

This was the Wii U blow out that many people, myself included, expected at E3. The line-up is looking good, with a fair amount aimed at each target audience within the launch window, and features such as Nintendo TVii should give Nintendo a decent run at the living room if it works as advertised. And yet we still don't actually know everything: we haven't seen the operating system in full; we don't know how the online works. Why does the OS (operating system) use up an entire gigabyte of RAM by itself – is it all video chat and Miiverse? There are still Nintendo Directs to look forward to before launch day, undoubtedly.

The price has divided some, but I think it's landed at about the expected level. This is a totally new console that uses reasonably recent technology and includes a feature-packed – and expensive looking – controller in the GamePad. The decision to launch with different packages is sensible, though I am disappointed that I won't be able to get a white Wii U with 32GB of storage; a black GamePad will probably be a fingerprint magnet! Working with Ubisoft for a ZombiU package in particular is very smart and represents just how much Nintendo is willing to work with third party publishers this time around.

One of the most important announcements to come out of the news carnival was that of Bayonetta 2 coming as an exclusive Wii U title. A game such as this might not be a system seller that's going to sell millions of consoles by itself, but by snatching it up Nintendo has gone a fair way to cementing its intent to appeal to everybody with the system. The first Bayonetta was a critically well-loved 'hardcore' action game – the sequel is exactly the kind of game that Nintendo really needed to start convincing people that it can serve the entire market and is a great indication for Wii U's future.

I focused on the EU press conference for very selfish reasons, I wanted to know when I could get a Wii U. My gut instinct when it finished was that I was quite pleased with what I saw, and definitely had a buzz of anticipation for 30th November — as well as a hint of jealousy towards our North American friends. The only criticisms I have of Mr Shibata's presentation are that it wasn't particularly fun to watch — apart from an intro sequence with Satoru Iwata — and that it struggled to communicate that Wii U is more than a Wii on steroids with a different controller. There was no equivalent to TVii, and not enough emphasis, in my opinion, of just how different gameplay can be with the GamePad; more footage of people playing games was required, rather than trailers.

As I've said though, overall I was excited at the end. I agree with Mike that Bayonetta 2 is a big announcement, though for all we know it could be a long time before it's released. It sets the tone that Nintendo is ready to invest and publish games directly targeted at the Xbox 360 and PS3 crowd, as well as Wii gamers that have missed out on so many similar titles in recent years, of course. The other announcement that really pushed my buttons was Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate: it was fantastic to see that cross-play with 3DS will be possible, and that's an important development. I adored Monster Hunter Tri on Wii, so March 2013 simply can't come soon enough.

Like Mike, I think Nintendo needs to tell us so much more, especially in Europe. While everything shown was probably ideal for hyping up enthusiastic gamers, the presentation didn't do enough to grab normal consumers. I think the prices and bundle options are perfectly suitable for the system, but that's irrelevant to many against the competition of cut-price Xbox 360 and PS3 models, as well as the range of inexpensive tablet devices to attract fans of mobile games with limited cash. Some will be drawn into a Christmas purchase by the games on offer, and New Super Mario Bros. U and Nintendo Land are excellent for attracting a wide range of buyers early on; but the system must do more to grab attention. We know it does more, but Nintendo must get the message out: tell us about Miiverse, the operating system, built-in or purchasable apps and so on. It has to be made clear that it's not just a HD gaming system with a cool second screen controller, but something that can make the living room more fun in other ways; Nintendo must scream it from the rooftops.

But of course, there's time for that. As a starting point it was solid and got the job done. Oh, and as a tip, if you plan on buying plenty of HD download titles from the eShop get yourself a USB hard drive, because even 32GB could fill up pretty quickly.

Those are a couple of views from the Nintendo Life team, but what about you? We'd love to read your thoughts on the Nintendo Wii U preview events in the comments below.

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BenAV said:

I thought the European Nintendo Direct was amazing.
Way better than I was anticipating.



Ryno said:

I agree with you two. A good start for the Wii U hype train. Looking forward to finding out more about this thing I preordered which I never do until now!



KatoStudios said:

I am very pleased with Wii U. I had the honor of getting to try Zombiu at the Ubisoft booth at E3. holding the gamepad is easy, it so so smooth. I found it to be THE most comfortable game controlller I have ever used. The button layout works, sure you might have to think twice at first about the buttons being below the analog sticks, but in the end it works so much better, as the games have been adjusted to fit the button layout perfectly. The gamepad has a great screen. Some people said it had low resolution, but it didn't. It has a very clear screen, and playing a game on it alone looks great, and there is 0 lag. In fact the gamepad receives data a few milliseconds faster than a tv on hdmi will, so do the math, or don't. I watched as one of my friends got to play Mass Effect 3 at an event more recently (in the summer). They tried it with the gamepad, and then completely on the gamepad without the TV. It is truly a great system. We were also walked through all the features that were announced at the time, and even that sold a majority of people on the system. It is far beyond ps3 and xbox 360 capabilities. The launch titles will NOT demonstrate its power, but just show what franchises are available. However, Activision CEO says the Black Ops 2 looks much better on the WIi U, and is noticably? better. Publishers are saying to expect the graphics to be shown ( a bit, still not full power) after the first 3 or so months have passed.



IsawYoshi said:

@BenAV Agreed! I saw both the american and the European conferences, and both was really great. A shame that tvii wasn't shown off to us in europe. But you can't get everything, and even so, the system is looking nice, and knowing that we will get those nintendo exclusives + eventually a good third party support means that I am on-board for launch! Nintendo land is looking surprisingly good to!



Chozo85 said:

A good article that sums of my own feelings about Thursdays press conferences. Personally, I'm still on the fence about whether to buy a Wii U at launch. I'm sure I will get one eventually but not necessarily at launch. On the plus side, I think the price is reasonable and I appreciate having the option of buying the standard or deluxe version. I'm yet to be convinced that the game pad is anything more than a gimmick, I think Nintendo needs to more to explain how this is going to alter our gaming experience. The launch line up is so so. New Super Mario Bros U and Nintendo Land aren't games that I would rush out to buy the system for. More worryingly, there isn't to much in the launch window that really interests me. I may wait till the big hitters like Smash Bros and Mario Kart arrive before I make the purchase.



Benso001 said:

Sweet preview. I'm looking forward to bazooka 2 for now I'm sticking to my old games to keep me entertained



wickhamfish said:

What I thought was very exciting was the fact that the Co-Op for 'Call of Duty Black Ops 2' uses the gamepad...
■No more split screen *. . . YES!!!
.. Look i'm not a fan of the franchise, but the idea itself is very cool. Imagine playing an epic RPG with your best mate in your room together... Imagine having 2 players on Sykrim and going at it together with your Brother... I'm sure Bethesda could knock up a patch.. But this type of gameplay can be done now.
The future is very rosy



Slapshot said:

I usually don't go along with the "outraged fans" on the Internet much, but Bayonetta 2 being a Wii U exclusive is a stab in the back to its fans. Had it not been a sequel, it'd be no problem at all, but when the millions of Bayonetta fans out there have to go out and purchase a Wii U (and the game!) to play the sequel to their much beloved cult hit, that's a stab in the back.

Taking the time to actually read many of these fans post, that's how they feel. Many of them are actually saving up for the next generation of Microsoft/Sony consoles, where there's likely to be another big (power) leap forward for home consoles and they feel that this is a deal that Nintendo's put together to get many people to buy their console, when they have no desire to do so — creating a vast amount of outrage toward both Nintendo and SEGA.

I'm not a Bayonetta fan, but it's a really **** move on SEGA's part. It's a sequel to a hit game that never released on a Nintendo console!



triforcepower73 said:

I've been looking at all the past console launches and this is the best launch I've ever seen. A lot of the consoles had less than 15 launch titles and all of them were very mediocre. But all these launch games are very solid.



tinman said:

Nothing new to raise my attention level for Wii U to anything above 'meh'. Bayonetta? Seriously, the sequel no other company wanted to make. Who cares?! Monster Hunter? The port of a port of an old Wii game, possibly with additional content. If I had cared for this in the first place, I'd have played this on Wii! To be honest: I switched the thing off when they started blabbering about Nintendo TVii and went for a walk. I went out expecting to miss out on nothing and came back actually having missed out on nothing. Good old lazy Nintendo - at least these days. Just a bunch of talking heads.



wickhamfish said:

@Slapshot....... Concerning Bayonetta 2

Bayonetta was a generally-acclaimed game, but it sold fairly unimpressively – reaching an estimated 1 million sales on the PS3 and Xbox360 combined. In May this year, it was all-but confirmed that an increasingly axe-happy Sega had cancelled the sequel, presumably because the original had not met sales expectations.

With the publisher no longer prepared to finance Bayonetta 2 and the game’s days looking completely numbered, up popped Nintendo, who have been prepared to stump up the cash to ensure that the game actually does see a release – but understandably on the condition that is an exclusive for their console.
Nintendo are conscious of criticism that the Wii was ‘for casuals’, and want to secure some hardcore exclusives for their new system.

Good for them.

Faced with the unhappy alternative of binning Bayonetta 2 altogether and facing potential financial catastrophe, Platinum Games took the only real option open to them and accepted Nintendo’s offer.
Can anybody seriously blame them for doing so?
The point is, if you are angry at Bayonetta 2 being only available on the WiiU when you weren’t intending to buy one, you shouldn’t blame the developer, or Nintendo for that matter –
because without this deal there wouldn’t even be a Bayonetta 2



KatoStudios said:

@wickhamfish Ya, and Activision CEO said that "black ops 2 looks and runs best on Wii U, with a variety of added bonus features that the gamepad brings to call of duty". He also explain how the graphics are noticably better on Wii U, even when they don't try using the Wii U's power. The power will be demonstrated through titles released at least 3 months after the Wii U is in stores.



wickhamfish said:

ha ha! Yes!! KatoStudios
The Wii U has bags of potential... I really can't wait.
I'm thinking of a Zelda Windwaker Co-op here... more enemies, harder settings, more loot etc.. but with 2 characters on the go..* each with their own screen*!
Sure.. wishful thinking But it can be done.. easily.



Slapshot said:

@wickhamfish For myself, I don't care at all, which is why I pointed out that I'm not a fan of Bayonetta. Also, just because it sold 1 million copies doesn't mean that's all the fans it has — people do loan games to friends, not everyone can afford to buy every new game they want.

I know how the industry works and I know the details behind what happened the game and it's publishers. Go read the PR statements for Bayonetta 2 and see how bad they contradict themselves.



wickhamfish said:

Dude.. Platinum Games were in financial trouble... they needed the funds or Bayonetta 2 would have been cancelled!!
Simple as that!..



theblackdragon said:

@Slapshot: dude, so what? Nintendo's making the effort to bring the goods and be a major player this time around, and exclusives are things that major players secure. They took advantage of something and now people are pissed? Maybe they should've bought more copies of Bayonetta new from retailer instead of trading them, buying them used, or using shady methods to play it so that the devs wouldn't have been in the position to allow Nintendo to fund its sequel in the first place.



Slapshot said:

It's alienating fan and it's not something that I agree with. If the original game didn't sell enough on multiple platforms — full of "hardcore" gamers — how is putting it on a single platform, that hasn't even proven itself in the market going to make it sell any better? I'm sorry, it's a counter-intuitive argument.



theblackdragon said:

So by your logic, a game that didn't sell well enough on multiple platforms, its sequel needs to be put out on multiple platforms yet again in order to sell well...? How is that more intuitive than what I just said?

Naturally being on an untested and unproven console, it's a gamble, but note that Nintendo's footing the bill. As a launch title it's almost guaranteed to make a killing anyway (what with the natural dearth of games a few months in after launch and people desperate to play something), so I think it's a great move on the devs' part for going with it and on Nintendo's part for keeping it exclusive.



wickhamfish said:

Look.. you're missing the point... Completely!!!!
How is it alienating anyone?
The Devs didn't have the money to bring the game out...
'Sega weren't providing'.... Are we on the same planet here???
Nintendo gave them the money so they could actually release the game....
How clearly do you want me to put this!!
They bought the rights .... So.. Why put it on PS3 & X360???
'Crying Fanboys' judge to quickly!
They should be thankful towards Nintendo so we can still play this game.
I'm quivering with excitememt... you should be too



Magnet_Man018 said:

I'm very pleased with the wii u now that I've seen all the conferences, but I have to say that my favorite one was the US conference with Reggie. He himself makes it fun! lol Either way, I enjoyed the Japanese and European ones, but just not as much. Cannot wait for the Wii U! Preordered it yesterday. xD



daznsaz said:

looking forward to bayonetta 2 and just about all the other games announced.waiting for nov 30th now.



MAB said:

@TBD The trick to getting a topic back on track is to throw something completely random into a possible derailment and hope for the best (like this post)

I enjoyed Nintendos showing of the WiiU why has the topic turned into a scrag fight over 1 game



King_Boo said:

I'm excited, just need some money. Also wish we would have gotten some information about the eshop and the network. I'm still wondering if any of the Nintendo games shown so far have an online component.



MAB said:

@TBD Awww! now I see why sorry I'm recovering from a hangover from last night so I skipped mostly everything for being a bit wall-of-texty for my ailing brain and just went with the title my bad.



shingi_70 said:

Great write up. The Nintendo events have gotten me excited for the Wii U and even pondering getting one around launch.



Slapshot said:

@theblackdragon You know I have a crazy sense of logic. My head doesn't work like the norm! Haha.

Truthfully, I hope the best for Bayonetta 2, as I like Platinum Games. For me, it's a game I have no interest in playing whatsoever. A few leaks/rumours appear that it's a timed exclusive any ways, but if it isn't, I do think it alienates the fans — simple as that. After reading the PR release yesterday, that's how I feel about it.

@wickhamfish Breathe dude... it's OK. I'm not missing the point, it's called a difference of opinion.

@MadAussieBloke Good try though!



shingi_70 said:


I those rumors are FUD. The game is being published by Nintendo, Just like Mass Effect not being on any other consoles i'm not expecting much here.



alLabouTandroiD said:

I expected more tbh. Yes, the lineup of games looks quite great and some of them even look fantastic. But that's mostly due to their graphics than their gameplay or use of the Game Pad. That doesn't make them worth more than 50€ to 60€ for me.
I hoped for more details on the online and - like Tom and Mike - on how the Wii U will change the living room with non-gaming stuff. Yes, the games are the most important part but it has so much more potential that it would be a let-down if what we've seen so far are the only things the Wii U will ever do. The Checkers game looked cool for that purpose, where's more of that?
So in the end i haven't seen anything that convinced that i'd pay more than 279€ for a Wii U with Nintendo Land. The prices might be fair for what you're getting but right now my low excitement level doesn't warrant paying anything more than that.



Dizzard said:

I had heard of Bayonetta but I hadn't played it since it was only on PS3 and Xbox360. Saw a video of it on's very interesting to put it mildy. That woman is every kind of crazy rolled into one.



earthwormjimx3 said:

I personally think the NA conference was a very good one. It revealed everything enough we need to know about the system :3

For the prices, i believe they won't be too high in my country (Chile, because i'm a Chilean ¬¬), and they would probably reach something like CLP $259.990 for the Deluxe Set x3

Anyways, the games' catalogue is pretty big, including the eShop's, so i think there's plenty of content for everyone



sinalefa said:

I saw the US presentation on and off at work and then I went home and watched it entirely.

Things I liked includes the price point, the fact that the best bundle is in black and only $50 higher than the basic one, the fact that Capcom finally reared its head, and that Nintendo is helping Platinum Games with the publishing of two games. I bought Madworld at launch and I liked it a lot. I have to admit that I haven't gotten Bayonetta (I have a PS3 and I heard the port was less than stellar, but I guess it should be patched now and it is like $20 new. And it has always interested me. Finally, that two screen coop in COD looks awesome. The game itself does not, but that idea is now out there so I think many other FPS will follow their footsteps. Never thought I would congratulate Activision for doing something innovative with their stellar shooter.

Things I did not like is Capcom announcing yet another version of Monster Hunter 3, but at least it is on a different system and in HD. I also want to know the price of each game and the idea that a second gamepad cannot be bought for "back up" purposes in case an accident occurs.

But definitely the good things outweigh the bad ones for me.



Slapshot said:

@Sony_70 If I'm understanding you correctly — FUD, meaning the "fear, undoubt and uncertainty" marketing ploy — I agree.



Cevan said:

Personally, I thought this was a great hype-up for the WiiU. Before this event, I was just like "Yeah, WiiU looks cool, might get one." But now after seeing all the footage from this event, "Ok I've got to buy a WiiU."



Grodus said:

The COD No split screen thing is awesome. Not that I like COD (as a matter of fact, I think it's TERRIBLE), but, it opens new possibilties, even for games that are other genres. Weird. I'm saying something from Activision is cool. Makes me feel crrzy. (Bad spelling intneted)



WhiteTrashGuy said:

I am really excited for Wii U, especially being able to play MASS EFFECT 3 on the Game Pad without the TV. I have 3 girls and don't like to play adult games in front of them. That alone makes Wii U a god send!



rjejr said:

I've only seen the Reggie direct but it was pretty much what I expected. I would have preferred the $299 include Nintendo Land and the $349 also include a Pro controller but Nintendo is a company that needs to make money so I can't fault them for trying. They probably left millions of $ out of their own pockets when the Wii was constantly sold out for it's first 2 years. And if sales do slow after the holidays they can always lower the price then or do other bundles. I bought three 3DS last year not b/c of the $169 price but b/c each came with a $50 GC and the pink one also came with Nintendogs and Cats.

One thing I really would have liked to see was a graphically impressive game. All the Activision stuff looked like Gamecube games, NSMB looks like every other NSMB and Nintendo Land looks like PS Home. I haven't seen anything impressive since that garden bird video at E3 2011. They spend years making an HD Wii and don't have anything stellar to show off? Why? Bayonetta 2 is a great catch, but imagine a lifelike Shenmue 3 or Starfox. For those of you not old enough to remember, go ask how blown away everybody was when the Gamecube first showed the Rogue Squadron II which launched with the system.

Lastly, they need some work on TVii b/c several US news outlet - most notably Reuters - were reporting the WiiU as having a built in DVR function, which was a honest mistake based on the overly long demo. It's still a major selling point but they need to explain to people what it is and is NOT.

So I'm excited, and I want one, but I'll wait for a "great value" and play half of this stuff on my PS3 while I wait.



Ren said:

Nintendo NEVER took a hit on the Wii, they made profit on every single sale where ps3 and xbox360 took a profit hit on the hardware for a while. The same is probably true here by a longshot. It probably costs like 70$ to produce those things because they opted to leave it absolutely bare bones and still charge like it's a PS3. I'm lukewarm about all this. I'll wait for some more impressive games to show before I drop that kind of change on the same HD games already available elsewhere.



Emaan said:

I think the Wii U is priced just right, and the preview event was great for me. They showed pretty much everything we needed to know. While I could have done without the Activision presentation and extra time on Nintendo TVii, overall it was great, information wise.



Syntax said:

As of now almost all the launch day games and details about the wii u don't warrant a day one purchase for me. I will get the wii U when mh3 U is released at the latest, but if the rumours of Classic GameCube titles are true, you'll find me in miiverse after Christmas.



WarioPower said:

I personally think they were amazing in their wii u presentation! The prices are reasonable, the games all look great, and Nintendo TVii looks great!



Moshugan said:

I have a hard time deciding which game to buy in addition to my deluxe/premium Wii U package; There are actually several good options!
Super Mario, ZombiU or Assassin's Creed?
(Because the Euro price is so high I have to settle for one extra game)



Kirk said:

I definitely thought the European one was better than the American one by a long way. The American one was so tacky, forced and at points patronizing.

There's still a lot of stuff I don't think Nintendo has got quite right with this system though.



aaronsullivan said:

Yeah, the COD thing surprised me and impressed me. Looking back, I'm not sure why! That type of gameplay has been shown over and over in Nintendo Land (with slightly different games) but it never occurred to me that the main game could be played that way by two people, not just as an option when the TV is being used, or with asynchronous mini games. Very promising!

At least in the US, price is right on. Looking at reactions, you don't see the extremes that usually happen when a price point is revealed: remember the last generation (PS3) or even just the 3DS.

Bayonetta 2 DID show me that Nintendo was pretty serious about bringing back core gamers. I'm not really familiar with the original past the PS3 demo which didn't interest me much, but there's some promise there.

Metroid Blast probably could have had a better presentation as the guys didn't pinpoint key moments to remember, but my overall impression is that I can NOT wait to play through that. It looked very fun and I even enjoyed the hyper colorful, glowy take on the Metroid environment/creatures.

I'm in the US, subscribe to Netflix and Amazon Prime and have a Tivo, so the Nintendo TVii is going to be perfect for our household and make things VERY convenient. It's a better solution than the fragmented situation on an iPad that uses different unconnected apps for everything and has no user profiles. It's slightly insane to me that Nintendo is going to offer what looks to be the best integrated solution to our TV viewing out of all the players. Never would have guessed that.

I was already on board, but NOW I'm truly excited about getting it right away and playing what is offered on day one.



shinpichu said:

I rather liked the events. I thought they showed off a lot of the features, and the games they showed covered most of their bases.

The only thing that would have been better was some Smash 4 footage or talk, but I understand that it's still fairly early in development and they want to avoid what happened with Brawl, where the game was delayed so much, so I wasn't really expecting anything significant from that.



MrWu said:

You know what, if you think about it, they didn't show that much more. Bayonetta 2 was the megaton. The renamed P-100 and confirmed MonHum for 3DS in the west. The other notable gains was MonHun U on Wii U with 3DS connectivity/save transfers and cofirmation of BLOPS2.

So what did they do right?
1) They showed fans a vision. NintendoTVii was very much an appetizer to say "we're serious" about this. I was browsing the big game forums and I could tell there was an undercurrent of concern from people who really aren't fans of Nintendo. The NTVii concept is already much more real that Microsoft's efforts and actually put them into a position to defend against other TV settop box solutions.

2) Bayonetta 2 and MonHun U gave people something to look forward to past 2012. They can't overdo this as they did with the N64 when their heavy hitters like Zelda was announced years in advance and we pretty much followed its dev process during each conference, but up until now they didn't give us anything to look forward to in 2013. I hope they drop a few more games between now and TGS and the launch in November.



Ernest_The_Crab said: one mentioned the Nano Assault game for the console. That's definitely on my list. Bayonetta 2 was definitely a surprise and so was Warriors Orochi 3.

Though I kind of wanted to see more from Namco like a Tales port ( I wouldn't expect them to have a new one up for Wii U already). seems like Square Enix didn't appear in the trailer? I would of thought they'd have some announcements of their own.

The number of companies missing from this trailer makes me think we're going to get some other newer announcements from the next presentation we get. Perhaps the next one will be more oriented towards online with an online game focus, it'd be nice anyways.



Jewelarchon said:

@Slapshot I think what you're missing is the fact that the Bayonetta fans don't realize, had Nintendo not stepped up, the game would not have been made. Sega was no longer going to (be able to) publish the game and Platinum asked Sega who COULD step up to help out. They suggested Nintendo (and I'm sure MS/Sony could have, if they were so inclined) and thus Nintendo now has the exclusive title. Not a slap in the face, just really the only way to get the game out in the first place.



Raghav said:

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StefyG said:

Haven't anyone of you noticed that Pikmin 3 wasn't shown at all!? I want to find out what those flying pink pikmin are and what is the new story and why was olimar removed? So many questions to be answered that Nintendo hasn't annouced, Reggie I thought my body was ready for this. At least I'll be playing Nintendo Land and Scribble Nauts Unlimited and NSMBU.



Vehemont said:

I only watched the American Conference (since I live in America) so I can only speak on it. I believe the system will sell great for the holiday season, and I need to pre-order mine (Premium Version). I only think they should of shown some Pikmin 3, and less of the TV thing, that was yawn inspiring...

I know some of you guys are growing tired of the NSMB series but I think NSMBU looks promising (which is the game I am going to get at launch) and I actually liked NSMB2.




dammit nintendolife, every time I click an article it tries to make me download a winzip file..



theblackdragon said:

@VALERHU: You shouldn't be prompted to download anything from an article link here at Nintendo Life. You may have malware on your computer already that's trying to trick you into downloading something; i'd suggest running a scan to see what comes up.



Trikeboy said:

I watched them side by side with audio on the Euro show since that is the region I'm buying. I thought the US conference was a bit long winded to be honest. They spent so much time focusing on Metroid Blast then so much time on TVii. The EU conference may have been shorter but it said basically the same as the US (minus the TVii feature). It talked about Metroid Blast but also went on to talk about the Zelda game in Nintendo Land too. Big reveals happened before the US event. I felt it was a more compact and quick fire conference which is what I wanted.



Transdude1996 said:

The Wii U experience that I went to last month tipped the scales for me, but I didn't really convince me to buy it on day one. These recently released videos have finally convinced me to get it. I am so hyped about it.



JTurner said:

@TheSolarKnight Square-Enix is already confirmed to be working on DQX for WiiU. In fact, they're going to include a "beta" version with the console for Japanese gamers. As for Namco, I'm sure we'll see a TALES on the WiiU, what with their collaboration so far.



WarioPower said:

I wouldn't be suprised if Sony and Microsoft are putting rumors out there that the Wii u isn't as good for graphical abilities, and that It wont support that good of games.



New_3DaSh_XL said:

I've NEVER had a popup or EVER had to download anything on NL.

Bayonetta 2 will be great for Nintendo, and so will CoDBO2, even if I'll never play either.




wii_u_pre_order_guide.gz Cancelled
Retry downloadRemove from list

Retry downloadRemove from list

Retry downloadRemove from list



theblackdragon said:

@VALERHU Those links all work just fine for me — in fact, when i put the '.gz' behind them in the URL, i get a 'Not Found' error. I'll forward your concerns on to Ant, but in the meantime, I strongly suggest you run some sort of malware scan on your end to be absolutely sure you don't have a virus or malware of some sort. malwarebytes is what i use myself when i need to scan my computer, and it's what i generally recommend to others.

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