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North America, Award Yourself This Kirby Medal

Posted by Mike Mason

Top of the podium

He might look baby faced, but Kirby is now 20 years old. To commemorate two decades of gobbling up food and enemies alike, North American Club Nintendo members can grab this adorable shiny medal.

The 1x1 inch treat costs 600 reward coins and comes in packaging that celebrates the 20th year of the pink blob's adventures in Dream Land. You'd better be quick, though — there are only 1,000 available.

Will you be plucking this treat up?


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Pokefanmum82 said:

i have enough coins but not sure when i will getting more so I'm not sure if I should order it or not lol
EDIT: I ended up getting it. Damn NIntendo lol



Shane904 said:

SHUT UP AND TAKE MY COINS. Just kidding. It's cool, but I'll save my coins for download games most likely.



iphys said:

I'd rather use my coins for games than this. It reminds me of those Mario pins that I didn't even think were worth 450 coins, so I definitely wouldn't pay 600 coins for this.



Wolf said:

I spent all my coins on the gold nunchuck, which I glad I got!! I'm loving it!! lol



Mayhem said:

After buying the gold nunchuk I don't have enough left... typical! eBay it will be probably...



Emaan said:

Ordered mine! Apparently now they're already out of them, I got lucky.



Squiggle55 said:

1 in. x 1 in. ? That is very tiny. I didn't realize the picture was lifesize. It's still pretty cool but I am thinking about passing. I'd rather have the artwork of the box it comes in as a poster. Tough decision though.



sykotek said:

I dunno... I'm thinking instead of putting it up, they should've just given these away to people who registered the upcoming Kirby set like how they did with the Zelda soundtrack a while back.



Grodus said:

JUst used my coins, now im like 550 short. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO Endless o's



WoottWinds said:

Gah!! I wish they would've sent out an email letting people know that they were doing this at a certain time if they were so dang limited. I hate stuff like this, makes me feel like I always need to be checking internet updates so I don't miss out on cool stuff. Bleeeeeh....



WingedSnagret said:

Eh, even before I got the Super Smash Bros. reward I was still 50 coins short. Still would have been nice to have though.



BudDudSlash said:

I just registered 600 coins worth of stuff to find out it's already out of stock. Oh well, I hit platinum for 2013 at least.



sinalefa said:

Glad that I did not want it. I agree with WoottWinds. They send emails whenever a new game is released (a month before in the case of Mario) and they can't let even Platinum members know about this or have more than a thousand available.



Tasuki said:

I am probably too late now so I will just keep an eye out for it on eBay.



Aerona said:

ARE YOU SERIOUS?! It was available when I started doing the last surveys I needed, and when I finished them they were out! URGH!



Hyperstar96 said:

If I hadn't downloaded NSMB2, I wouldn't have had enough coins. Funny how things work out



MegaAdam said:

Dang, how long was this available? Apparently it was gone just a couple hours after you posted this.



Nicko174 said:

I'm glad I saw it early. I had enough time to get to GameStop and ask to look for some codes, get back and register them, and order myself and my girlfriend a medal each. =D



xkaj0x said:

if they really only had 1000 made..ebay prices are gona be thru the roof!



Sonic1994CD said:

xkaj0x just look at Japans Club Nintendo they still have it and it's 250 coins I think but I know its cheaper then ares but that's not the point. I think someone should check out club nintendo's place no way 1000 copies could of been sold already.

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