We already know that Australian dev Nnooo is planning to produce games for the Wii U, but the company has recently given a few more details relating to its unannounced projects.

Speaking to Aussie-Gamer, Nnooo's Nic Watt had this to say:

We’ve already got one game concept that we’re not announcing yet. We’re going to start, hopefully in the next month or two, prototyping. I want it to be quite a quick turn-around game. I want it to be a co-operative experience that you play together rather than a single player game where you play alone.

When asked if that meant using “asymmetric gameplay”, Nnooo's Business Director Bruce Thomson replied:

If we’re getting Wii U Dev Kits at the start of the console’s lifecycle, you’ve got to use that – otherwise it’s a wasted opportunity.

Watt also revealed that the company is planning to make full use of Miiverse - once they know a bit more about how it works.

There’s a lot of ideas and until we can dive in and figure out what you can and cannot do with Miiverse, there’s some ideas that we’ve tied into that social experience like posting updates on how you’re progressing in our game, and particular features of our game will suit particular features of Miiverse, but I can’t really say any more!

[via aussie-gamer.com]