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New Super Mario Bros. 2 Smashes The One Million Barrier In Japan

Posted by Damien McFerran

New 3DS title has sold faster than Mario 3D Land

New Super Mario Bros. 2 has sold a staggering 1,068,878 units in Japan since it was released on July 28th - five weeks ago.

The figure has been reported in the latest Enterbrain chart, which covers August 27th through September 2nd. The previous Mario title on the 3DS - Super Mario 3D Land - took eight weeks to reach the same total.

It's not known if digital download sales are included in this amount - if they aren't, then that figure could actually be much higher.


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Salnax said:

I doubt its likely to be much higher. I heard only 5% of sales were digital.



chewytapeworm said:

One million sales... Not one million coins though? Can't believe how far away from that I actually am!



ThumperUK said:

@GeminiSaint, unfortunately the same was true for Mario games on Wii. Many gamers just want a simpler 2D platform game (and familiarity) - we may not like it but Nintendo is a company and therefore will produce games that sell !



Spoony_Tech said:

That's good and all but to be fair over in Japan there is like double or even triple the amount of 3ds's since 3d land came out. That's like saying the highest grossing film came out last week as opposed to 20 years ago when movies were cheaper!



Rococoman said:

@GeminiSaint To be fair, the install base of 3DS was much smaller when 3D Land hit, as the 3DS was still struggling big time. That being said, I think the Galaxy games sold around 5 million each, with each NSMB game breaking 25 mil.

Nintendo has already played a lot of its major cards (3D and 2D Mario, Mario Kart) on the 3DS, which I feel came much later on other consoles. They have mentioned using DLC as a way to maintain interest in their 'evergreen' titles, and it has already been confirmed for Kart and NSMB2. I am hoping, maybe against hope, that 3D Land gets some too.



SwimyGreen said:

Goes to hide in a corner to cry about how The 2D titles ALWAYS sell more than the 3D titles even if they aren't even new

Seriously though, of ALL the 3D games, 3D Land is really like a 2D game. NSMB2 is easily the worst(at least the most stale). So why the heck does it win in sales? It baffles me why - like how Call of Duty, Justin Beiber, and Angry birds sell.



LittleIrves said:

@Salnax Still, 5% of a million is... 50,000? At 40 bucks a pop that's another $2,000,000. Nothing to sneeze at. If I did my maths right.



AntiGuy said:

Meh... just give me a Mario game with 2D sprites and good music, nintendo...



Token_Girl said:

To be fair, there are also a lot more 3DSs out in the wild now then there were when 3D Land came out.



LittleKing said:

@LittleIrves But the whole point is the article says the number could be "much higher," which is a bit of a stretch. If we say the current total is only 95% of the sales and we add that extra 5% of the total (1.05263158 of the 95% we'd know now), 1,068,878 becomes ~1,125,135 copies. Not exactly "much higher." Not that I think it matters, just pointing out that they weren't talking about the extra cash Nintendo would make off the extra copies.

EDIT: Fixed math, since you obviously can't just add 5% of the 95% we'd know.



Gridatttack said:

Meh. I played 3D land and I didn't liked it. Levels were too short and boring.
Still, 2D mario action is pretty much better, since mario started on sidescrolling
But true, I want another 3D mario like shunshine, or to say open world exploring, not bite size areas like in galaxy



sinalefa said:

I decided I wanted a 3DS back when 3D Land did not even have a name, yet I haven't moved a finger to get this one. I think I will only play it once and be done with it, without being wowed even once, as I did with NSMBW, and that had a 4 player multiplayer!

For me these Marios lack something that the Galaxy games gave me in spades. Not sure if I should call it "soul" or "creativity"



Gamer83 said:

Way, way, way too much crying over a good game selling well. And comparing it to CoD is just utterly ridiculous.



yobucky said:

Good that it sold well, even if it's only good, not revolutionary. I don't get what all the whining is about, you can't expect every single mario game to revolutionize, especially not a 2D one, what else could they have done really that still fits in the mario universe. The level designs are still very tight, and the extra features (co-op and coin rush) are gonna keep me playing this for a long time. Mario on a bad day is still better than 90% of games out there, so this "mediocre" mario title still whips most other games. I guess the problem is in the fact people compare mario games to other mario games and it creates this imbalance when in fact they should compare it to other similar games and the only ones serving up such good platform experiences are the small time indie developers, whose games lack the same pixel polished perfection.

But anyhow, more money for nintendo means more money to develop that kick butt 3d mario title we all know is going to blow us away on the Wii U.



Henmii said:

"New 3DS title has sold faster than Mario 3D Land"

It was to be expected, since sidescrolling Mario's are more popular then 3D ones!

Personally I like the 3D ones more!

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