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New La-Mulana Trailer Compares Old With New

Posted by Damien McFerran

Find out how the WiiWare version stacks up against the original

As if we all weren't excited enough about the forthcoming release of La-Mulana on WiiWare, Nigoro and EnjoyUp Games have released yet another trailer.

It's very much the same as the previous one, but this time it shows just how much better the WiiWare version looks when compared to the (deliberately) basic original.

The game launches in North America and Europe on the 20th September.

Feast thine eyes.

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TromaDogg said:

I thought this had been it is actually coming out here now?

Well, insta-download when it does anyway. I've liked the look of it for ages. (don't use my PC for gaming at all though)



bro2dragons said:

Looks very action-y. How much exploration is there? Is it legitimately Metroidvania or is it more Castlevania NES?



TTGlider said:

This is a nice idea for a trailer and they executed it effectively, especially when the old version was inset over the new. La Mulana is an instant buy-- I can't wait to add this to my small buy high calibre WiiWare collection!



Omega said:

@Dr_Salvador: First released on May 27, 2005.

@bro2dragons: It's more like Metroidvania. You are given an area to explore open-endedly, with paths that can open up as various power-ups and other items are obtained.

@DarkEdi: The name "La-Mulana" is derived from reversing the Japanese (effectively reversing the syllables) of the name of one of the developers, Naramura.



sketchturner said:

While the new version obviously looks more polished, I really like the look of both versions. It would be nice if the Wiiware version has an option to play with the old graphics. Just like Cave Story allowed you to listen to the original music.



Sabrewing said:

@DarkEdi : La-Mulana is a Romanization of the creator's name's syllables reversed — it would be read like "Ra-Murana" in Japanese, and if you flip that around — Na ra mu ra, for Takumi Naramura.

The game actually does this two more times for the player character and an NPC. Lemeza, Japanese name Ruemiza, is an inversion of Samieru, one of the developers; Xelpud is the other developer, duplex, just spelled backwards.



scrubbyscum999 said:

This looks fun, but why did they bother changing the graphics? Is something like in the Cave Story 3D when they wanted something new?



OptometristLime said:

This is like Cave Story all over again, a graphics toggle would have been nice.

I do prefer the original graphics, by a lot.



GeminiSaint said:

I dunno... The new graphics look amazing, and are a lot easier on the eyes than the MSX-esque graphics from the original freeware version. The bosses in particular deserve special mention. Their movements and design are simply stunning.



Sabrewing said:

They would probably have to change the various platforming and weapon physics around to put in an alt-graphics mode. In keeping with the MSX homage, the older version is "jerky", which could be at odds with how the game plays now. Only way they could do it is to actually include both versions of the game in the download, which is probably not Nigoro's desire.

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