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Mythical Pokémon Genesect to be Distributed to Black & White 2 Early Birds

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Worth it for the Techno Blast move

Pokémaniacs all around the world now have only a month to wait until Pokémon Black & White 2 hits stores in North America and Europe, as well as some AR zapping fun with Pokémon Dream Radar on the same date. Nintendo is upping the ante further to encourage early adopters of the DS sequel, through a Wi-Fi 'mon distribution event.

The creature on offer is a new Mythical Pokémon called Genesect, with a cool move called Techno Blast: we wouldn't mess with it, anyway. If you're in the U.S. and connect your copy of the new game online between launch on 7th October and 12th November, the metallic bug will be all yours. At the moment this is only confirmed for the United States, but we'd be surprised if other regions don't have the opportunity to join in. You can check out the full details from Nintendo in the press release below.

The release of the Pokémon Black Version 2 and Pokémon White Version 2 games for the Nintendo DS family of systems is quickly approaching, and Nintendo is giving fans yet another reason to be excited about their Oct. 7 launch. Consumers who purchase either of the new games early will have the opportunity to connect to Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection (broadband Internet access required) before Nov. 12 to receive the Mythical Pokémon Genesect for the first time ever through a free, limited-time distribution. In Pokémon Black Version 2 and Pokémon White Version 2 - which are also playable in 2D on Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 3DS XL systems - players will return to the Unova region and embark on a new adventure set two years after the events of the Pokémon Black Version and Pokémon White Version games.

Genesect, the newly discovered Mythical Pokémon, has been restored from a 300-million-year-old fossil. Modified by Team Plasma, this Pokémon has a signature move called Techno Blast. Genesect is the only known Pokémon with this move. Genesect is a Bug- and Steel-type Pokémon with the ability to adjust its power levels based on the foe it's battling. This powerful Pokémon will be available Oct. 7 through Nov. 12 in the United States.

"Not only can players dive into a brand new adventure on Oct. 7 with Pokémon Black Version 2 and Pokémon White Version 2, they also can receive an incredible new Pokémon right off the bat," said Scott Moffitt, Nintendo of America's executive vice president of Sales & Marketing. "This limited-time distribution will get players off to a great start with what is sure to be one of 2012's biggest games."

The Unova region of Pokémon Black Version 2 and Pokémon White Version 2 has undergone significant changes, and new additions can be found in both Black City and White Forest. Black Tower is now a part of the Black City found in Pokémon Black Version 2, while White Treehollow is found in the White Forest of Pokémon White Version 2. In Black Tower and White Treehollow, players can battle with high-level Pokémon to earn Exp. Points and items. The layouts of the Black Tower and White Treehollow are randomly generated, creating a unique experience that will challenge players to solve their maze-like construction and defeat the Trainers who stand in their way again and again.

Will you be downloading this 'mon for your team?

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Hokori said:

@Xilef I agree, but still a free pokemons a free Pokemon and you kinda need it to compleate the dex, but at least 3D Pro will have all 3 (5) of these Pokemon as unlockables



RupeeClock said:

Techno Blast can be normal, fire, electric, ice or water type, but with 85 Power, 5 PP and the necessity of a gimmick held item, it is inferior to Flamethrower, Thunderbolt and Ice Beam.
It is Genesect's best water type move, but it still requires it to hold a douse drive.



Chariblaze said:

Yeah, this was quite the surprise. I mean, it was surprising enough when it was announced for Japan, but then this happened... It's such a short gap. Many are saying Game Freak is rushing Gen V, and I'm inclined to agree--Gen V has been weird being on the same system as Gen IV, so it'd make sense to try to get out 3DS games in the form of Gen VI as soon as possible. Some are speculating it may be a sort of a parallel to Gen II as Gen V was to Gen 1; only 100 new Pokemon or so, and maybe some evolutions of Gen V Pokemon.

As for a Europe announcement, even if one isn't announced for whatever reason, this event should work fine for European games. At least, the European Wi-Fi event for shiny events last gen worked for NA games.



Geonjaha said:

I'm amazed that anyone follows their fandom of pokemon to levels like this. Still amazed by how much attention can be given to a single pokemon. What's that you say? It's legendary. Yea - the term means nothing ever since they made about 30 of them.



Xilef said:

It's been announced for EU now. 12 October - 12 November.

@Chariblaze Sounds like something that could happen.

@Geonjaha Feel sorry? We are enjoying this! Besides, while legendaries aren't as special as they used to be this is still a Pokemon that haven't beens available before. As Pokemon fans, that's enough to get us excited.



GameCube said:

Nobody uses Techno Blast on Genesect. It has much better alternatives in its movepool. It may be its signature move, but it is outclassed by the likes of Flamethrower et al. in every way.



Bass_X0 said:

This is just on-cart DLC.

If Capcom tried to do the same thing with one of their games, people would call foul.



Megumi said:

No fair! T.T
Lemme guess you just get it as a gift, no epic battle first? >.>



Xilef said:

@Erica_Hartmann Old days and old days... You still have to fight for your legendaries, and in D/P/Pt you had to fight event legendaries (in addition to getting some for free) to get them.



Megumi said:

I meant, like why couldn't they set up an in-game event for this thing where you battle it and all that. They could've done the same with the Darkrai in B/W.
I know you still fight legendaries, but these event ones I kinda wished they unlocked some battle event. >.>



Xilef said:

@Erica_Hartmann I think the reason they just give away them for free these days is because they might want to add somekind of event move. That woulnd't be possible if you fought them in game.



Megumi said:

Ah well, there better be a way to fight this bug in B/W 2, and give him some sort of techno and futuristic battle theme, lol.



Gridatttack said:

I got already a "legit" shiny genesect via the wifi glitch a couple of time ago, but still, I like the non shiny one. Will get this when I can, but really, technoblast PP shouldn't be 5. IMO, its not that great move...



Geonjaha said:

@Xilef - The fact that one new Pokemon is enough to get you excited is why the series isnt going anywhere and is starting to get stale.



Marakuto said:

Mirage master gives out legit legendaries that he gives to people on Facebook (Hes Ranberth one of the top Pokemon news reporters on Youtube).



Xilef said:

@Geonjaha I get excited for this because i'm such a huge Pokemon fan, not because i'm easely entertained. You have to be a Pokemon fan to understand why this is something to look forward to. It's not like i'm going to give the game 100/10, GOTY! because i can get an event Pokemon.



CosmoXY said:

@Geonjaha - You're starting to get stale. If you don't like pokémon, don't post. Are you just here to troll?

I am pleased to receive this legendary pokémon as a wifi gift and I'll download it Oct. 7 on my copy of White 2.



sillygostly said:

@Bass_X0 : It's technically not on-cart DLC because the Wi-Fi download includes a very minute amount of additional data (such as the Pokemon's unique stats, ID, Wonder Card etc).



Aqueous said:

Sounds great. Onlly one more B/W legend for them to give out after this one



sinalefa said:

Damn, I was not planning to preorder the games, but this is a powerful incentive. Kudos for getting it like this instead of having to go to a physical store like they did with Keldeo.
My only question is, does Genesect gets downloaded to B/W2 or to the old B/W cart? I would rather have him on my old cart, since most of my Pokémon are there already and I don't have a second system to transfer them.



NESguy94 said:

This isn't that great of an incentive to buy the game early, Genesect has awful stats. The only think he has going for him is his type.



TwilightV said:

Can you trade it to the original games? Pretty sure there's supposed to be an event for Genesect in them.



Dreadjaws said:

I like the fact that this has to be downloaded through the console instead of having to go to a store or event. Now, when it says "if you're in the US" does it mean you have to be physically there or your console has to be US regionalized? Because if it's the former, then it's still useless to me. I have an american console with a US account, but I live in South America.



bluecat said:

Don't most people pre-order/buy at launch Pokemon anyhow? Well those who like Pokemon that is. ;p

I just see this as an added bonus to something I was already gonna do anyhow.



HaastMK7 said:

all the Pokemon are to "Future Like" that is why I am not getting PKMN white/black 2



DarkNinja9 said:

got my keldeo a week or so back in a way im liking these events that are so close to each other makes it more fun wish we could get shiny events though like they have done in japan D:

as to that guy who was wondering why we get all excited for a pkm... its free DLC so why wouldnt anyone be glad for it?thats like saying you wouldnt be glad if someone random at the store gave you $100 for saying hi to them o_O



DarkNinja9 said:

@Dreadjaws since you said your console if from the US it will connect(also if your game is the english version too) and you will be able to get the event pkm plus most events go live for most countries least the keldeo event did and the ones before



Hamtaro said:

YES! Thank goodness it isnt a gamestop event! I love Genesect its so awesome!



rjejr said:

Thanks for the post. My kid mentioned something about this last night but I thought his Keledeo - which I drove him to GS to get last Monday - was evolving. Now if he mentions it again I won't say something stupid. I'm also glad I don't have to make another trip to Gamestop, he'll probably but it at Target.



MarvelMon22 said:

i probably wont get it, because it's a bug and steel type, which makes it have tons of weaknesses. :I

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