Men and women have different tastes as a rule - hence the fact that you'll struggle to get the average red-blooded male to sit through an entire season of Sex and the City, while your typical lady is unlikely to find the notion of a weekend-long NASCAR marathon all that appealing.

Taking this into account, it should come as no surprise to learn that when it comes to video games, the two sexes have different preferences - although perhaps not as drastically dissimilar as you might imagine.

Japanese outlet My Navi recently conducted a survey to discover the most beloved Nintendo franchises, and divided the results between male and female. This is how it went down:


1. Super Mario
2. Legend of Zelda
3. Pokémon
4. Kirby
5. Donkey Kong
6. Smash Bros.
7. Mother (Earthbound)
8. Fire Emblem
9. Metroid
10. F-ZERO


1. Super Mario
2. Pokémon
3. Kirby
4. Donkey Kong
5. Animal Forest (Animal Crossing)
6. Legend of Zelda
7. Rhythm Heaven
8. Smash Bros.
9. Pikmin
10. Fire Emblem

There's a surprising degree of crossover there, with Mario and Pokémon both ranking highly regardless of gender. It's also a surprise to see Kirby so high up the list with male players; can you imagine Western men admitting that one of their favourite video game icons was a pink puff-ball?

Joking aside, do you agree with the results? Let us know in the comments section.