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Feast Your Eyes on This New La-Mulana Trailer

Posted by Damien McFerran

The game that very nearly didn't make it to WiiWare

Nigoro has released a new trailer for its long-awaited 2D adventure title La-Mulana. As you can see, it's quite similar to the Japanese trailer we saw a while back.

Published by EnjoyUp Games - who stepped in at the last moment when the release of the game on WiiWare was looking all but lost - La-Mulana is unquestionably one of the most anticipated releases in the history of Nintendo's Wii-based download service.

The game will launch in America, Europe and Australia on 20th September for 1000 points.

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Squashie said:

Woop! The WiiWare is set to go out with a bang! I will be sure to download this on launch day!



Dr_Salvador said:

This could be the best WiiWare game imo! Definitely gonna buy this one!
(Looks like a cool combination of Rick Dangerous and Castlevania )



Wildfire said:

La Mulana is a day one purchase by me!
Finally someone stepped up to bring this gem over to Europe, Australia and US!! I was starting to think that we would never be able to play it!
Thanks Enjoyup games!!



Omega said:

It's not like Rick Dangerous. In RD it's all about small one-screen logic puzzles, memorization and skill.

But in La-Mulana almost every single of the myriads of rooms offers a clue to solve a puzzle somewhere. Sometimes in the same room, sometimes in the next and sometimes far away. And you have no idea which of the vague clues is for which room. Assuming you can even understand the clue.

To compare it to another game, I would say the nearest equivalant is "Castlevania II: Simon's Quest" because if you haven't read the strategy guide, you will be absolutely clueless on what to do.



Lan said:

I really wish devs would stick to this kind of 2D sprites. I hate the high definition sprites everyone's using these days. I wanna see some pixels, dammit.



DrDingus said:

I wish I made this game. Seriously, if I could make a game that looked that awesome I would explode.



ouroborous said:

ugh, this looks cool but it neeeeeeeds to be for 3DSWare. Though if the past is any precedent, there is NO crossover between wiiware and 3dsware at all, its always one or the other and that's it.

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