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Dragon Quest X Wii U Details Confirmed For Tokyo Game Show

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Dreaming of a worldwide release

Dragon Quest X on Wii arrived in Japan a month ago and has been selling in good numbers, albeit below the normal expectations for the series. This has no doubt been influenced by the waning influence of Wii, but Square Enix is now preparing to reveal Dragon Quest X on Wii U at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show, building some delicious hype at the same time.

As reported by Andriasang, Square Enix will host a special stage event during the show which will lift the lid on the Wii U version of the title. Apart from confirmation that it would be released on the new hardware, we've seen and heard nothing since; this event will be a chance to see the enhancements on Wii U and what kind of features will be included. The Tokyo Game Show takes place between 20th and 23rd September, so we can expect news and footage during that time.

Of course, there's no guarantee that this version will make it outside of Japan, but after the effort given to localise Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies on DS, we hope that this sequel will make it to the West on Nintendo's new system.

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BenAV said:

Please get released outside of Japan.
I don't care so much about the Wii version, so just the Wii U version will do.



SpaceKappa said:

I want it so bad it HURTS.

This is going to look SO GORGEOUS on Wii U. SO GORGEOUS. I am going to want to lick my television it's going to be so beautiful.

Every single report I've read from people playing this game is full of praise. I can't wait. It does away with so many things that keep me from fully enjoying MMOs and adds so much to make the experience more user-friendly. Plus it's Dragon Quest, so it's going to be an HD MMO full of beautiful art from my favorite artist, the living legend Akira Toriyama.

If it comes out here I'm buying two copies so they get more money.



ThomasBW84 said:

@SpaceKappa That'll be a yes to the question at the end of the article then?

You're absolutely right though, there have been a lot of positive noises. I've never played a DQ game, but the visual style and what I've heard certainly have me VERY tempted.



MrWalkieTalkie said:

Im sure if they released it in US. It would only be on Wii U, to help get more people to buy a Wii U.



Alienfish said:

I kind of feel sorry for people that bought it for Wii when there will be a better version in just a little while. Wii feels old and this wait is killing me.



SpaceKappa said:

@ThomasBW84 Dragon Quest has, until this installment, been a VERY traditional JRPG experience, which is part of why it's so beloved in Japan. It's the comfort food of video games. Yeah, it's very traditional, but that also means it's extremely solid and good at what it sets out to do.

From what I've been hearing, this is less "MMO with the Dragon Quest name on it" and more "Dragon Quest online." It's the same kind of menu-based combat and exploration, just set in a persistent online world with a multiplayer component. Now, rather than controlling a party of four during a random battle, it's you and three buddies doing the same things.

I could go on for days about what I've heard and why it makes me so excited but I don't think anyone deserves to be exposed to my ramblings on the subject.



fredtoy said:

I'm already planning to buy a Wii U. With a western release of DQ X it'll be a sure buy.



hYdeks said:

I liked VII for the PlayStation 2, and I'm REALLY hoping Dragon Quest X comes to NA, on the Wii U. Do this Nintendo, and I will definitely buy a Wii U.



Phle said:

I've never tried the Dragon Quest games, but they seems really interesting. I've been thinking of buying Dragon Quest lX for DS. If I get a Wii U, I would probably love to buy a copy of Dragon Quest X.



a_binfahad said:

My heart got broken when I heard the Wii version is a japan only release :""(. But there's still hope!



DavidRFugate said:

I thought IX was the best DQ I'd ever played! Racked up over 300 hrs plus on it...and this one's better? Ooh HD!



TheAdza said:

I defs want this game. But I do wish it was not an entry in the main series. I would have much preferred a DQVIII Journey of the Cursed King solo experience. That was my fave PS2 game.



LittleIrves said:

In the same boat as Thomas, having never played a DQ game but getting more and more intrigued by both this and possibly finally picking up DQIX for DS... If this picks up steam, between this on Wii U and Monster Hunter on 3DS, Nintendo has a lock on their homeland. They just need to find that same kind of exclusive power for the West and they'll be swimming in vaults of gold.



kdognumba1 said:

I'm actually highly looking forward to seeing this on Wii U. I also really hope that we get a stateside release.



Grubdog said:

I wouldn't expect the Wii U version to look much different, this game isn't about the graphics. They're probably focused on making it run smoother and expanding some features, can't wait to see it.



MeloMan said:

So will the online fee be worldwide too? THAT'S my question that will determine if I bite or not...

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