If you follow the world of cell phones then you'll have heard of NFC (or "Near Field Communication"). It's a big thing in the mobile world right now (despite the fact that Apple has left it out of the new iPhone 5) and Nintendo has been forward-thinking enough to include it in the Wii U's innovative GamePad.

But here's the problem: according to reports, none of the games available at launch will make any kind of use of the NFC chip.

You may recall the leaked Raymen Legends trailer which apparently showed the NFC chip being put to good use; however, we've since heard rumours that the video was a largely a proof of concept and the final game will not feature such functionality.

It's hardly a crushing blow, if we're honest - NFC is exciting, but there's plenty of time for developers to really explore what they can do with it. In the meantime, we have lots of lovely launch games to keep us busy.

[via qrcodepress.com]