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Does This iOS Monster Battling Game Remind You of Anything?

Posted by Damien McFerran

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iOS gamers will be used to the endless production line of clones on the App Store by now; for every Angry Birds and New Star Soccer, there are countless derivative works which simply rip off the efforts of others for easy gain. It's one of the main reasons why mobile gaming leaves a sour taste in the mouths of many 'traditional' players.

Few hack-jobs are quite as blatant as Little Masters, though.

Here's the official description from the game's App Store page:

Become a master of monsters who captures and trains monsters to battle the others.

Hatch different monsters with different skills and abilities. Make a battle team with your own style.

Sound familiar? Take a look at the gameplay video below and see if it reminds you of an insanely popular Nintendo franchise which has sold millions worldwide.

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And it's not the only one, either.


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Jese_1 said:

Apart from it being a clone, the grammar in the game is atrocious. And it's free? Proof that you get what you pay for.




I like iOS game as my side-dish but plagurism is a big problem on the circuit which Apple have been lazy about dealing with. You get it of other iOS only games too. However, this disgraceful copy is an extreme example. My lad and I are massive Pokemon fans and won't be taking up precious memory with this



RupeeClock said:

It's not free, skipping through the video quickly you spend real money on in-game gold coins.

So it's one of these freemium games.



Chris720 said:

I see what the world has come to: No one has any shame... or a conscience for that matter.



moomoo said:

I can't see this doing anything for Nintendo but good. This game looks so bad that all it will do is make others think, "I wish I was playing Pokemon".

Oh, and this doesn't look like plageurism. What they did looks legal, so stop trying to get up and arms about how this company should get sued.



Araknie said:


And they said that it's good to have mobile stores.



Heatran5400 said:

this game is kinda of bad. the only part that is pokemon is the battling and types.



Samholy said:

i know you need to eat to live and pay rent but.... ripping other people work like this is unnacceptable.
and this is the reason why i wont buy
ALL-STAR BATTLE ROYALE for ps3. even if it looks damn good, featuring characters from great games its still the biggest ripoff ive seen yet. especially since its sony branded and approved ?? what the hell !?
nintendo should lawsuit them.
i like the sony, i owned all of their consoles and they all gave me tons of gaming, more than nintendo did after the snes era. but this is PLAGIAT



steamhare said:

Pretty sad when they can't even bother to face the player's monster towards the enemy. This is something nintendo got correct the first damn time.



CanisWolfred said:

@Samholy No one can copyright gameplay, and All Stars does do some stuff differently. Just because Nintendo had the idea first (which they didn't, actually. They took elements from Capcom's Power Stone and Marvel VS Capcom games, as well as Dead or Alive/Virtua Fighters, and only changed the damage system, which All-Stars also does differently), doesn't mean nobody else can use those ideas. Yes, it's shameful to do the same thing the exact same way, but it's nothing to sue over so long as the levels, art, etc. are different.

However, taking art assets, which this game is on the borderline of doing, is unacceptable. Once you start copying level designs, character designs, music, names, and other things outside of the gameplay, that's when people can start suing.



MarkyVigoroth said:

1) Was not Crystal MOnsters another POkémon ripoff?
2) To be frank, I actually like 'trying out' ripoffs. (I think such is that, since I like the core concept so much; imitations would not detract me! least I like the infamous Gianna Sisters and the lesser-known Lizzie McGUire 3: Homecoming Havoc...)
3) Whiscat seems to be a Pokéfied Big the Cat (Sonic Adventure). In fact, if I ever get this game, I am going to catch a Whiscat and call him 'Big'.



Bliquid said:

All these comments are rather funny.
The game is average, the inspiration is clear.
It's pokemon battles with different pokemon, as well as online real time multyplayer.
So what?
I can play both and still look at myself in the mirror.



Hokori said:

Well at least it's better then that illegal REAL Pokemon game they let in a year ago, that annoys me, people usually have a good mind on what to put in the app store and what not to put in the app store, but sometimes people are crazy and put games owned by another company in without permission, I guess some people think Nintendo doesn't own Pokemon or that Nintendos no longer 1st party



XCWarrior said:

I really do think by law people that do this should be thrown in jail for like a year. If you don't actually deter these people, it's going to keep happening.



Zombie_Barioth said:

@HarmoKnight Of course not they just hope nobody will notice a majorly popular Nintendo franchise somehow made it onto ios.

This actually made me want to play Pokemon more.



FiveDigitLP said:

I wasn't familiar with this one, but the second one you guys mentioned after the video I remember seeing because it was another Zynga game that's just a blatant rip-off. Man, I really do not like that company.



AcesHigh said:

I cannot STAND freemium games! Please make them stop! This is exactly why iOS / Android games will NEVER replace dedicated consoles. They are just, quite simply, different experiences. You truly do get what you pay for. There will never be a game the quality of SMB or Zelda or ANY of the like on one of these devices for $.99 or even $5.99 simply because they take so much time, care, attention to detail and love to craft. You can't pay for that kind of development cycle by selling them for $5 - or for relying on people to buy in-game crap. If you shorten the development cycle and staff drastically, then yeah, you can make a profit. But you have a shell of a game.

The sad thing is, there are quite a few iOS/Android games out there that COULD have been SO much more - but the business model the developer/publisher chose only premitted them to fill the game with useless fetch quests and power-ups / equipment that you should have "discovered" as part of the game that you now have to simply buy with real money. Talk about breaking the suspension of disbelief in the game....

Pass... I'll gladly hand over my $40 to Nintendo or it's 3rd parties for a finely crafted, complete and lovingly made game any time!



NintendoMaster said:

I think this game looks cool, but that's because it's basically Pokemon, which it's ripping off from. If I had an idevice I'd buy it.



AcesHigh said:

BTW... is there actually any "game" here? Or are they just battling on the farm or the whole game?!



Shane904 said:

Eh. The game honestly isn't gonna make people buy it over Pokémon... (Seriously, look at this game. It looks like it sucks).

By the way, nobody gave this kinda grief to Crystal Monsters. Heck, that was on the DSiWare store!



scrubbyscum999 said:

....this is looks so stupid it really is hilarious. I love the comments on this article. The people who made this really should be ashamed of themselves.



AlbertoC said:

"...For every Angry Birds and New Star Soccer, there are countless derivative works which simply rip off the efforts of others for easy gain. It's one of the main reasons why mobile gaming leaves a sour taste in the mouths of many 'traditional' players."

+1. Pretty good statement, pretty much true.

Your regular traditional gaming vs. mobile games battle.

Oh, and talking of battles... What a uninspired excuse for making cash.

EDIT: And there is also this: "to apologize the poors grammars and the english that is because in the past from the translator by language the original". One thing is to write your awkward english on internet forums. But to write it on commercial products and sell your suckiness... With sucky products... Epic fail.



Shirma_Akayaku said:

@RupeeClock Only a few, partially unnoticeable differences.
1.From Bigs chest to his belly is white fur. Whiscats fur is chest to mouth/muzzle/?
2.The insides of Bigs ears are white. Whiscats is yellow.
3.Bigs white fur on his face reaches to the sides. Whiscats white fur is on his muzzle/mouth and the fur on the side of his face is purple.
4.On Bigs head, there is a triangular shaped pattern/patch that ends between his eyes. Whiscat doesn't have that pattern/patch.

There are more differences that are more obvious, like Whiscat:
.Has no boots
.Has no gloves
.Has no belt

Also I'm not good at correct grammar.



Geonjaha said:

While Pokemon wasnt the first game to start the who monster catching genre - this is certainly a plain rip off. Using a concept similar to pokemon is fine, and maybe the game is very good, but they plainly stole the general sprite and graphic design of pokemon as well as the battle layouts.



EvansLegends said:

And to think, some mobile developers claim that they can deliver the same quality experience as dedicated handhelds... I see where they're coming from now!



Vincent294 said:

As generic as generic gets. Glad to see the World Ends With You near the top of the iOS charts. It deserved it. This never should, and is yet to.



Gioku said:

I've heard about these before, I heard someone say that she saw her little brother playing Pokemon on his iPhone... I thought she was just confused (and so did the person she was talking to), but now I know otherwise.

Also: "I wonder if it taste good?"



Korbin64 said:

I am ashamed of humanity right now. And a little depressed (they can't even make good knock-offs of Kricketune and Purugly). Let's stop this madness; boycott smart phones (I do!)!

@Gioku First of all, people do play pokemon on their iPhone. It's technically illegal, but it is doable by using emulators.



Rensch said:

Let's play a guessing game. The one who gets closest to the number of days Nintendo pulls this down for copyright infringement, wins a 100 dollars.



Hokori said:

@FantasiaWHT Well it's not actually apple, but I do think apple should start watching for these things since, well this is not 100% illegal, the hacks made to play games like Pokemon R/B/Y/G/S/C are and I've seen other illegal hacks to play even more GameBoy Games, I think some people are too caught up in idevises that they think other companies don't exist and just think "awesome I can play this GB game on iPhone, thanks apple " I honestly hate it when another companies ips are used on another's without permission, I even hate those LBP Zelda levels and MasterChief Miis



Chuie said:

omg i gotta buy this on my iphone for the hell it i wanna see how bad this is



RVN said:

Yeah, so people like this said that portable consoles are doomed
gg wp



NintendoLand said:


I bet if Nintendo sued all the Android fans would cry "foul!! Nintendo's just mad that we copied their idea and makes it better!!"



DarkNinja9 said:

the little song is so annoying -_- and i take it he never leaves the same spot to go to another city or something o_O

i get it if they made a good ripoff version but if your going to make something like this...its almost embarrassing xD oh well



Phle said:

Well, even World of Warcraft gets pokémon batteling when the new expansion gets out, so I'm not really surprised when I see other games with pokémon batteling. But as a huge fan of Pokémon, I really wish they had to pay Nintendo for every Pokémon clone game that's being sold. For me it's only Pokémon, crash and burn copy clones.



ueI said:

Is it just me, or are more games using Pokemon style monster training? There were never stories like this five years ago.



MrMario02 said:

speaking of pokemon what do you think the gen VI starters will be? p.s. how do i thread this?



Henmii said:

Shameless! Nintendo should sue them!

By the way: Angry birds was never really original, and Amazing Alex is even less original!

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