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Capcom and Level-5 Reveal Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney TGS Trailer

Posted by Katy Ellis

Showing both styles of gameplay

If you were ever concerned that one of the two franchises in Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney would overshadow the other, then fear not, as this brand new trailer hot from Tokyo Game Show should put all your worries at bay.

The trailer demonstrates not only the integration of the two art styles, but also the different types of gameplay. It seems that characters from both series will get involved in each other's gameplay; for example, Phoenix and Maya can be witnessed helping with Layton's devilishly tricky puzzles, and Layton and Luke can also be spotted getting involved in courtroom dramas.

Excited? So are we! We would advise you watch this trailer and then take a few minutes to calm yourself down.

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shonenjump86 said:

Very nice. I take it that there's still no info about this game being released outside of Japan?



Xilef said:

Man, dat soundtrack. Pretty much just sold me on this game.

(That, and the gameplay looks awesome.)



photofool83 said:

I think I heard from a reliable source that if you bring this game to NA and Europe it will sell really, really well. Just fyi.



LittleIrves said:

I liked seeing those snippets of video from the audio-recording sessions. Really wish more Japanese games would give the option of the original voice tracks with subtitles.



Sjoerd said:

I didn't like the 3D-styling when I first saw it, and I still don't.
I feel the characters are more flat in 3D then they were in 2D.
Those 2D characters were easier relate to in my opinion



ultraraichu said:

This is too sweet like chocolate and marshmallow between two graham crackers.

I always woulder how Phoenix and Maya would sound in the english version as well as a few others (Winston Payne comes to mind).



Adhrast said:

TO: Capcom and Level-5
OBJECT: Request
TEXT: Dear Sirs, I order you to immediately take my money.



FonistofCruxis said:

Here's the same trailer but with English subs. Anyway, this game looks fantastic, the music in that trailer was awesome too. They'd better release this in the west at some point.

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