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999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors Gets A Reprint

Posted by Shaan Joshi

With new cover art to boot!

To celebrate the newest installment in the Zero Escape series, Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward, Aksys Games is reprinting 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors with redesigned cover art.

Ben Bateman, who served as an editor on the game, explains the last minute change.

For “Zero Escape” we wanted to create a branding umbrella that VLR [Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward], 999, and any future games could rest under comfortably—a little like the “Ace Attorney” brand, if you will. To do that, we thought about what it was that defined 999 and VLR and was common to both games, and eventually settled on the character of Zero and the idea that each game involves a dangerous escape. Hence, Zero Escape, which has the nice, ominous double meaning of “You have zero chance to escape.”

If this new cover art hasn't convinced you to pick up 999, maybe our review will. And if you've already embarked on that journey, keep your eyes peeled for its 3DS sequel, Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward, which hits store shelves next month.


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Wheels2050 said:

It's always good to hear about titles like this (which usually have limited appeal) getting a reprint - I haven't played it yet, but I hear it definitely deserves to become more well-known!



TruenoGT said:

Already pre-ordered "VLR" (on 3DS). 999 was a huge sleeper hit for me and I still think about the various shocking endings on occasion.



moomoo said:

To those of you who have yet to play it: Get this game, regardless of whether you like this genre or not. I came into this game not being a huge fan of text-adventures, and it is currently tied for my favorite game on the DS.



Hokori said:

Hope zero escape becomes a downloadable title on eShop along with other future games



LittleKing said:

Nice to see a game like this get another print run.

Also, wasn't this in Nintendo Power weeks ago? At least the new cover was, anyways.



Gamesake said:

@moomoo I don't know about that. I like it alright, but it's not my favorite DS game. It reminds me of Myst a little bit, but with more language and boobs. Definitely not for everyone.



Pastry said:

My favorite DS game gets a reprint? Now I'll have to buy it again to complete the collection!



steamhare said:

Saw this during the weekend over at amazon. I was wondering about the new (better looking, imo) cover art.



FamousQuest said:

Amazing, well-written game. I need to do my other playthroughs sometime. Anyway, cool that it has been reprinted, and the series name is actually pretty good. I'm reserving the sequel tomorrow.



sillygostly said:

And yet no print for us Aussies.

It doesn't make sense NOT to release this seeing as that the second game has been confirmed for release. =/



KneehighPark said:

@sillygostly I think the problem there is that Rising Star Games is handling the European and Australian publishing for the second game. They don't have any publishing rights on the first game, so it involves more work on their part to publish the first one, which is a 2 year old DS game.

Maybe they think it won't be profitable? Granted, you can always import 999, since DS games are region free (even on 3DS).



sillygostly said:

That's understandable. Niche games such as these are rarely profitable in Australia due to us having such a small market. I'm sure that the second game will be a mere European import with the Aussie rating stickered over the PEGI rating (as was the case with Metal Gear Solid, Theatrhythm, Frogger and some of the other more "niche" 3DS titles), which is reflective of how the publisher expects the game to perform sales-wise.

I have considered importing 999 but I'm certainly not short on games at the moment so I'll give it a look once I get around to completing some of the years-old DS games that I haven't gotten around to completing yet. =P



k8sMum said:

@Gamesake myst with boobs...

you made me spit coffee at my 'puter. it just struck me as funny; it's a weird day here, i guess.



C-Olimar said:

Just a warning to everyone, not every 3DS is region free. Neither my original nor my XL play US games. It even says in the XL manual that it may not play DS games from other regions.



Squiggle55 said:

I completely played through this game while renting it. The story is just fantastic. I wish it would be translated into a movie or a graphic novel. The story is so good that, like a good book, I kind of want to own it now so I can read it again later.



theblackdragon said:

@C-Olimar: That's very strange! What games have you tried that don't work in your XL? Have you tried them in a normal 3DS before (and had them work)?



sillygostly said:

@C-Olimar : The 3DS won't play DSi-enhanced games from other regions. DSi-enhanced games can be identified by the NTR-005(-02) code on the back cover art of the software. Non-DSi enhanced games will not include the "(-02)" as part of the code.



WolfRamHeart said:

Love the new artwork that this reprint is getting. I own the original so no need for me to pick it up again. I am really looking forward to the sequel though.



LittleIrves said:

One of my favorite DS games from the previous year. Definitely one that stands out in my collection. Get this game.
And no, the new cover art is not better than the original, imo.
Still. Get it.



gojiguy said:

Is this for Europe as well? I'm currently in the Czech Republic and I've been looking for this game since launch.



C-Olimar said:

@theblackdragon Sorry I never got back to you. I hope you get my reply. No, US ganes don't work on my regular 3DS either. It's REALLY annoying. I tried Professor Layton 1 and 2, and neither worked, so I'm scared to buy another US-region game.

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