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ZombiU Gets Royally Scary in Buckingham Palace

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

The guided tours seem to have been cancelled

Ubisoft's ZombiU hype machine is well and truly underway, with some new footage just released after its debut at PAX. It's a title that, in concept and use of the GamePad if nothing else at this stage, has us rather intrigued.

The latest video takes place within Buckingham Palace, which is looking a bit rough after being taken over by hordes of hungry zombies. We see a variety of weapons in use, including a trusty cricket bat, as well as more inventory shifting and code-cracking with the Wii U GamePad. This video also shows off the scanning feature, which seems similar to the equivalent in Resident Evil Revelations; in this case the player moves the controller to scan the environment.

The video is below, but as always with this game be warned that it contains a fair bit of violence and gore. The official US box art is also included for your pleasure, which does its best to remind you that the game is set in London.

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mamp said:

Nintendo welcome to the world of M-Rated games. Aww yeah!!!



Mollutje said:

Still not sure if this is the game for me, but it looks better than I'd anticipated! The title made it sound like typical shovelware, but this may turn out to be a high quality game.. Not that a scaredy cat like myself would want to buy it now..



SkywardLink98 said:

Wow. Normally I'm not a fan of over the top violence, but this game look pretty promising

Now if it weren't the only game on Wii U I liked... D:



LittleIrves said:

Holy smokes. This is looking better and better. The tension of using the GamePad is pretty brilliant, as it uses the awkwardness of looking away from the main screen in a productive way. Please don't let this succumb to Red Steel-itis...



Dyl_73 said:

Looks awesome. Shame the Wii U will probably be too expensive for me to consider buying straight away. I don't want to make the same mistake as I did with the 3DS, (great little machine but was overpriced).



Wheels2050 said:

It looks like a lot of fun - I like the tense moments when the player is racing against time, trying to do something on the gamepad while zombies are approaching. I think it's a neat way to add a cinematic tension (that you don't normally get with an FPS otherwise, due to the single viewpoint) and seems like an intelligent use of the gamepad.

That box art, though. Ugh. Nintendo really didn't pick a good colour for their Wii U banner at the top.



bezerker99 said:

When I learned Ubisoft had a launch game for Wii U, that's when I became scared. D: D: D:



citizenerased said:

That boxart really makes me laugh.

"What if gamers don't get the England-reference from the royal guard covering 70% of the boxart?"
"Better put in a Big Ben, too"



rezyac said:

is the wii u hd the graphics look bad no more better than the normal wii



rezyac said:

i dont understand peoples reactions. saying it looks so good, it looks bad as hell, the movement of your man and the zombie when in combat is to fast it looks very false. i really want a wii u i love nintendo and have all there computers, but the will was a novelty, i got project zero 2 and its bad as anything the control's are awful. to much focus on the fancy motion control. will the wii u be to focused on the controllers again and in a a year no one will be playing it just like the wii i really hope not



Shining-Void said:

@rezyac Are you trolling because otherwise, I don't know how you could say it has wii graphics. Honestly no one stopped playing the wii, they stopped playing online. As this is a launch title it looks pretty amazing graphically. Also If they don't focus on the controller whats to stop me from buying another console. If the wii u games become lackluster i'll quickly buy a PS4. Next time wait for the game to release before complaining about small things.



Varia01 said:

I am too young to watch this, but I am still astonished that Nintendo allowed this game as one of their launch titles. I expect a lot of blood,gore, and intense violence...



rjejr said:

I don't play FPS or zombie games so this is an easy pass for me, but I'm really glad to see something other than Sing, WiiFitU, NintendoLand and 2D sidescroller NSMBU on the new console. Has Pikmin 3 been showcased anywhere since E3?



Neram said:

Not a huge Zombie apocalypse fan, but this does look pretty cool. I like that you're not fighting horde's but rather two or three at a time. Is it just me or does the gameplay footage seem sort of... fabricated? The E3 2012 footage certainly was.



grimbldoo said:

@mamp #4
Not really a "welcome" but it is good to see that Nintendo is lowering walls a bit. It's fine to be "protective" in a way on the portable, but the home console needs to be open to a wider age group.
Though, to me, it seems that this is more like a privilege granted to ubisoft (like how Rare made Conker's) for now, but I see this becoming a norm.



NintendoLand said:

WOW!! This is the first time I liked a trailer for this game. looks intense! Love the subtle puzzle elements. I was almost screaming at my iMac on the part where the character wasn't trying to figure out the numerical combination to open a door.

@mamp Nintendo didn't make this game



mamp said:

I know it's just nice to know that Nintendo highlighted this game on their Nintendo Direct, and alot more M-rated games are coming, not saying Nintendo needs M-rated games but a wider variety of gaming for all is always a good thing.



Silverbullet89 said:

This is awesome. I'm usually not a fan of horror, but a legit survival game cannot be passed up by this Nintendo fan, lol. I'm now...royally... pumped! See what I did there? lol



hendie001 said:

Remember when this game was called killer freaks. Im so glad they changed it to zombie u, it has come so far since then.



chiptoon said:

Bet they license London Calling for the credits, at least for the US version.



19Robb92 said:

Visuals are OK.

Overall the game looks great though. I wasn't sure about this, but I might pick it up at launch. Love the concept of it. Stuff like cracking lockers, having to kill yourself to get all your stuff back, leaving hints for other players etc.

It all just sounds very intriguing. I hope there's some interesting multiplayer as well.



daznsaz said:

looks like it has genuine scares.long time since weve had those,looking forward to this one.



grenworthshero said:

I'm surprised so many people are crazy about this game. Looks pretty typical and kind of boring to me. Also, the graphics are pretty sub-par, even if this were a current gen game.



WaxxyOne said:

Completely disagree. The graphics are more than adequate, with a focus on making the characters come to life in a realistic way. The occassional particle and fire effects look really good. Also, what makes the game atypical is its apparent focus on realistic survivability in a zombie apocalypse. Other games in the same genre will let you take several hits from a zombie which will stand a few feet away from you and take erratic swings at you until you kill it. This game allows the zombies to apparently grab hold of you to prevent you getting away, and a single bite can be fatal. How well they implement the grapple mechanic in actual gameplay is going to be important to the title's overall success, but as the videos get more refined and show more of the actual gameplay, I'm really excited to see how fun it is when it's finally released.



KatoStudios said:

@Alien_Mosky Sadly, during a developer interview. Of course the reporter asked "Whats inside buckingham?" (then as a joke says) "Zombified Maj eh?" (as in her majesty the queen). And the developer replies "haha, well we will leave that for you to discover". So this means that the queen is in the game, I would think she was a zombie, seeing as buckingham has been destroyed, but the queen lives in other places during the year, so you never know, she could be a hardcore survivalist haha.



KatoStudios said:

@grenworthshero I hate to bug ppl like this, but you are wrong. Developers have said, "Zombiu is on-par with current gen games, but wait a few months after the Wii U's release, and you will be seeing graphics that are beyond those of Playstation 3. (and ps3 already exceeds xbox capabilities, no offense fanboys).



KatoStudios said:

@Happy_Mask Haha I'm really hoping to see some kind of pre-order rewards for this game. I think there could be some really awesome ones. Like the survival kit case for the controller, would be really awesome. But something tells me that will be in a collectors edition, because of what the case might cost to make.



KatoStudios said:

@19Robb92 Agreed. They have released one multiplayer mode where one player is in first person with a pro controller, and one places zombies with teh gamepad, and it is capture the flag only, but I believe that they are going to release more multiplayer modes before it comes out, or as DLC's. But multiplayer is not a large focus for those developers. Apparently game testers said its one of the best parts of the game, endless fun.



KatoStudios said:

@triforcepower73 Ya but no offense to nintendo, the wii sucked for any games other than family games. The wii U will change their rep though, i tested it at a ubisoft booth, freaking amazing. The gamepad is so easy to hold, and smooth, looks like a very expensive unit (but it is not). It is a great system. I never got to try the multiplayer though, I just watched them play it.



KatoStudios said:

@The_Fox I think the name was poorly decided upon, but as far as I know, it is only named that because it is exclusive to Wii U. But for those of you who will not be buying a Wii U. Don't fret! It will come to PS3 and xbox 360, or next gen consoles, sometime in 2013. uUbisoft stated "Of course it can be put on other consoles. It's just not something that we will be doing within the first six months".



MAB said:

A surviving Princess Kate wipes out the entire annoying zombie royal family awesome!



lanabanana said:

Armed Zombies?! Something tells me we're screwed XD. I can't wait to get this game! I wonder if the royal family will be zombified X) .



KatoStudios said:

@Janett I think you mean armoured? Zombiu has no zombies which are giant mutations or armed with weapons. They do however have the abiity to climb over waste height objects, which makes sense, and some are members from army and swat forces making them armoured and hard to kill (but very easy to kill with melee, a little tip from me ). Her majesty has been confirmed in the game, she may be a survivor though, we will not be told this information, Ubisoft says it is up to the players to figure the rest out.



NESguy94 said:

Wait, the buttons that appear at the bottom of the screen to help you out are labeled wrong for the WiiU. The buttons that are displayed are the XBOX 360's button configuration A and B are mixed up and X and Y are mixed up. Yet the Wii U controller that is shown shows the buttons in the right configuration.



grenworthshero said:

"Developers have said..." all sorts of things throughout the years exaggerating the actual performance and quality of their upcoming games, so that doesn't necessarily mean anything.

All the fresh ideas I see from this game are as a result of the new controller innovations, and not actually as a result of a fresh game. Sure it looks like it could be fun, but it's nothing we haven't seen before. Quite frankly it looks like another Red Steel to me. That game was decent, but nothing special, and certainly a disappointment to most people who bought it on launch day.



19Robb92 said:

That is indeed very weird. Especially since the 'x' button is on the appropriate place according to the pad.. I hope they fix that.

"All the fresh ideas I see from this game are as a result of the new controller innovations"

That's not true though. Having to kill yourself as a zombie once you die just to get all your stuff back and to start as a new survivor after each death could just as easily been done in any game this generation. Those are some really nice concepts.



19Robb92 said:

Not really.. All that game is, is a worse version of one single game mode in Left 4 Dead. It's multiplayer only, you don't kill yourself to harvest old materials nor do you spawn as a new survivor each time you die.



zezhyrule said:

That has to be the ugliest boxart I've seen for a Wii U game so far. And the graphics... Man, guess they weren't trying that hard.



lanabanana said:

@KatoStudios Yeah & by armored I meant the helmet the zombie had (It's gonna be harder to smash their heads) XP & Thanks for the info , I'm looking forward to play as the queen & watch her get zombiefied



Araknie said:

@mamp This if from Ubisoft.
There was always third party mature releases on Nintendo consoles, you just must have looked away because you were thinking Nintendo is for kids.

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