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Warner Bros. Gets the Party Started With Game Party Champions On Wii U

Posted by Damien McFerran

Spectre of party gaming looks certain to haunt Nintendo's new console

Warner Bros. Games has announced Game Party Champions for Wii U, triggering a flood of negative responses on its Facebook page. "Let's get the shovelware started early," stated one person, while another lamented: "Games like this are why so many people hate the Wii."

Developed by Phosphor Games — the team behind the graphically stunning mobile release The Dark Meadow — Game Party Champions proves that the infamous party game genre is going to be alive and well on Nintendo's new machine. “Developed specifically for Wii U, Game Party Champions has a fun, pick up-and-play style that experienced and novice gamers will equally enjoy,” is what Samantha Ryan of Warner Bros. had to say. “Players can tilt, turn and swipe the Wii U’s revolutionary touch screen controller to play in entirely new ways.” In short, it's the kind of hyperbole we heard enough of during the Wii's lifespan.

Do you think we're being too negative towards games of this type? Does Game Party Champions get your pulse racing? There's a comment section below this post. Be sure to use it.

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warioTW said:

I think there is space and players for this kind of games.If someone don't like it, just don't play it.



alLabouTandroiD said:

I'm willing to give it a chance and wait for reviews tbqh. If it's playable and diverse enough nobody should really badmouth it imo. It may not be the type of game we're looking forward to the most but if the quality's there i can't complain about it really.



SpaceKappa said:

@warioTW You're absolutely right! As someone who has had to play a lot of weird games as a reviewer, even these "bad" games usually have something enjoyable buried in there. If the games are selling it means someone likes them. Having plenty of game options is never a bad thing!



Sylverstone said:

Pretty much what WarioTW said - it fills a certain niche. If you know you're not going to buy it, then shut up and move on.



Nanoline said:


For the love of pete Nintendo. Would you stop letting every developer and their grandmother flood your systems with this much crap? SNES, N64, and Gamecube never had this problem, so why the hell have you let it go on Wii and now apparently WiiU?



zeldazero said:

We all need to realize it was the casual gamers that helped Nintendo sell over 100 million Wii's. The more casual gamers that like these kind of games buy the Wii U making it a strong console base in homes makes the developer of your hardcore games more likely to bring thier games to the Wii U. Everyone has thier own gaming style, I don't see casual gamers hating on hardcore gamers so we should give them the same respect. I think of myself as a hardcore gamer but it's games like this that the spouse and kids will play with me and it sure as hell beats watching kids movies lol.



rjejr said:

I'ld say there's a good chance it's shovelware, but there are a lot of people who say "Just Dance" is shovelware. All 4 games or whatever they are up to. Sports Champions must have done ok on the PS3 if they are releasing a 2nd one, and the Kinect has a whole bunch of crappy sports games. Heck even the Star Wars Kinect game is crappy.
So yes, the Wii started the shovelware blitz, but the PS3 and Xbox360 have followed in their footsteps. There is no turning back, there are going to be a lot of shovelware videogames from here on out. The casual consumer has spoken with there pocketbook apparently, and they have a lot more money than we do. Thinking the WiiU would somehow reverse this trend is extremely unrealistic.

That said, I'ld really like to see a new AAA title myself. A JRPG would be nice but I'ld settle for a plumber-free platformer. Or a 3D adventure game. Something you can only get on the WiiU that I can play after Pikmin 3. I'll be done with AC:3 and Darksiders 2 before the system launches. Batman AA is already in the rear view mirror. Anything? Anybody?



MetroidMasher17 said:

Party games exist because they sell. The more units are sold, the more money goes to Nintendo. What matters is that Ninty is making money and is able to continue making great systems and exceptional first-party games.



EvansLegends said:

I really hope the two-screen potential of the Wii U isn't squandered on generic party games... I dream of how they can incorporate the Wii U's tech into their core games, but seeing these games come up is just frustrating. If 3rd parties want to do these games then fair enough, just bring the core games over too!

Also, I think it would make these games look better if they didn't put them up as full retail units.



Urbanhispanic said:

Yes, the casual gamers helped push the Wii into mainsteam success but it certainly had negative effects (the shovelware phenomenon). This is why so many Nintendo fans are concerned that the Wii U will see a avalanche of casual games that just aren't fun to play.

Nintendo should tighten their QA standards so that they don't let any developer push these kind of games unless they put some kind of effort.



RetroGBHippie92 said:

I do hate shovelware a lot but the one thing I don't want to see much of, is movie-to-game adaptions. What is up with you third parties? just trying to make an easy buck out of unsuspecting consumers. Yeah, I know companies have been doing this for the last two decades, but can it please stop???? E.T. the video game for Atari 2600 was bad enough. I'm not saying they're all bad but just the 99% of the movie-based games are ridiculously mediocre to bad.
I can say i've at least played some of those types of games that happened to be the 1%, at least three to be precise, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets on PS2 and GBC (both different, ones a adventure game, the other is surprisingly an RPG, actually pretty decent IMO) and Spiderman 2 on PS2, which is probably my favourite Spiderman game of all time, and that says a lot. (see AVGN spiderman episode)



Araknie said:

No and no and no, Go away.
Nintendo has to block it now. I don't want this.
I don't even want Nintendo Land so figures this, i'm done with this kind of games for life.



aesupreme1 said:

Why dismiss a game when you haven't seen it in motion yet? Yes, it is another party game, but there are a lot of gamers that enjoy this type of game. Eliminating purchasing options for the gamer/consumer is not the way to do business, and Nintendo is not about to eliminate casual gaming from their consoles because "gamers" don't want to see it on the system.



hYdeks said:

here's a list of games Warner Bros makes and could bring to the Wii U:
Lollipop Chainsaw, Mortal Kombat, Lord of the Rings War in the North, FEAR 3.

But what do they bring to the Wii U instead? Game Party Champions ¬¬

Yes it's cool Batman Arkham City is coming, but that's it? Batman, Scribblenauts, and this?!?! COME ON! Being a Nintendo fan is almost a joke now, and no wonder! They expect us to get on board with all this new tech with there new Wii U, and what happens? They use this awesome tech to shove these stupid party games/ shovelware. Yes, I want to pay $300+ for a console that offers me gimmic games ¬¬

Nintendo, respect your fans for once and get the GOOD games, enough of these stupid games...they DON'T sell.



sinalefa said:

Of course Nintendo will allow these games to be published. They themselves made quite a few for the Wii, with one of them being the best selling game of all time. These games sell like hotcakes, no matter how bad they are and how much we hate them. The fact that these games are also coming to the "Hardcore Consoles" as rjejr mentions, just seems to prove my point.

The only good thing that may come of these games is to have the userbase grow and expand. Devs will not be able to use the old "It lacks HD capabilities, it has weak online features, it has a weird, non traditional controller that must be used on every game" excuses they put on Wii. It will depend on the Wii U's price to see how many casual gamers end up picking it up, as one of the Wii's strengths was that it was cheaper than the HD twins.

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