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Take a Ride in the New Dragon Quest 'Slime Car'

Posted by Katy Ellis

Nissan gets Slimey

Today Japanese automaker, Nissan, has announced its partnership with Square Enix in creating a special Dragon Quest themed car, the Serena S-Hybrid mini van 'Slime Car'. The collaboration was unveiled at the DQ-themed restaurant, Luida's Cafe in Roppongi.

If you happen to be a Dragon Quest fanatic, then you might be out of luck as only seven of these special cars will be manufactured, and will be used primarily for upcoming Nissan events.

You can take a look at the official website for the Slime Serena S-Hybrid here.


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Yasume said:

How cool would you look if you would pick up your new girlfriend who had just finished shopping with her friends. "Y'all like my new ride?"



Chris720 said:

Wow... that's... dear god no! That's hideous! Not the artwork... the car, ewww!



Wintendo said:

Wait... there's a Dragon Quest themed restaurant? D: Why can't we get cool things like that



Medicham said:

Ummmmm....Yeahhhhh.... This isn't cool. We don't even know if the game is good or not. It prolly is good but still no. A DQ themed car? Really? How about a DQ themed 3DS skin???



FluttershyGuy said:

A Slime Car approaches. Command?
I love all things DQ slime! They are one of the cutest things ever! This car, not so much, but still...



sillygostly said:

Nice. But they'd be bound to get stolen by a rabid DQ fan with the taste of sour grapes lingering in their mouth. =P



Araknie said:

They artwork is good, but the car seems like a sligthly better version than the FIAT Multipla. Yeah, google that.

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