Video games are a funny business, as some titles that don't necessarily achieve record-breaking sales or popular acclaim often become something else: critically-acclaimed titles with a legion of devoted, loving fans. These are often titles that won't necessarily grab the attention of the majority of gamers, but become a very big deal to those that do get drawn in. One game that does this, we reckon, is The World Ends With You, one of the gems of the DS library.

Well, as reported by Andriasang, a teaser website from Square Enix appears to be hinting at a sequel to the much loved DS title. The URL contains the "Subaseka", which may be an abbreviation of "Subarashiki Kono Sekai", the original's title in Japanese. There's also a timer that appears to be from the first game, and some terrific background music that resembles some of the original soundtrack.

Of course, Square Enix is legendary for its ability to tease, and the mystery website doesn't reveal any details about the title or its platforms. Still, there are apparently six days to wait, and we thought you'd want to check it out and enjoy the music,and fantasize about a potential 3DS or Wii U sequel.