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Rest Easy, New Characters Are Coming To Smash Bros. 3DS and Wii U

Posted by Damien McFerran

Masahiro Sakurai confirms new additions to roster

Super Smash Bros. supremo Masahiro Sakurai's recent comments regarding the 3DS and Wii U versions of the game have caused a little concern amongst fans. Speaking a few weeks ago about adding more cameos to the game, he said: "Introducing more non-Nintendo characters willy-nilly will lose the focus of the game, so I also recognise the need to narrow it down."

While this shouldn't be confused with a blanket ban on new fighters, it did make it seem as if Sakuari — who also presided over the amazing Kid Icarus: Uprising on 3DS — is keen to keep the core roster static.

However, in his recent talk at the CEDEC Developers Conference in Yokohama, Sakurai let slip that the two new instalments will indeed benefit from some fresh talent. "It's fun making new skills for new characters," he mused in a comment related directly to the forthcoming 3DS and Wii U titles.

Phew, eh?


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Smitherenez said:

I always welcome new characters But please, do not make characters that are just slight reskins (cough Dr. Mario)



GameCube said:

The more new characters the better. I'm hoping for Shulk, Tom Nook, Midna, Zoroark, and the eShop Bag.



Porky said:

This is good news. I'd like to point out the bad thing about more characters is that you gotta do more target tests and home run contests to unlock something xd. Oh well.



Chunky_Droid said:

It'd be redundant bringing out a game with pretty much the same roster, so of course there will be new characters in it.

For 3rd party I've really got my fingers crossed for Megaman, however. 1st party I'd like to see a Mii and an Animal Crossing resident, as well as Little Mac.



RupeeClock said:

My main concern is that deserving characters don't get cut from the roster.
Lucario in particular, he was my main. He's both a usable character and a popular choice.



shonenjump86 said:

I've said this before, but Smash really needs more female characters. I also think they should throw in at least 3 new 3rd party characters.



NintyMan said:

I didn't think that there wouldn't be any new characters for a minute. I just hope that Sakurai limits the number of third-party characters and clones. Whomever gets revealed, it'll be exciting news regardless.



shinpichu said:

This is pretty old news.

And anyway, there was never any real doubt that there would be new characters. The original quote that everyone went nuts over was basically Sakurai saying he wants to do more than just fill a quota for new characters.



Godstrike said:

all I know is lucario is probably going to be replaced like mewtwo and they are going to bring something from unova. also there should be more female characters like palentina or medusa those would be great. I just hope they don't go over board with the changes an third parties



zipmon said:

I'll echo the call for more female characters - Palutena's a great idea! - plus keep hoping that Starfy becomes a playable character at some point =)



bro2dragons said:

I'm with GameCube on Shulk. The game, perhaps, never got the widespread exposure it deserved, but a Xenoblade sequel (or prequel) would be great and could happen if Smash gives the game a bit of the spotlight. They could pretty easily replace Ike with him, as well (similar fighting styles/swords) and give us a new Fire Emblem character... like one with an axe or lance or magic (even though I love Ike as a character, more gameplay variety is never bad).



bahooney said:

@bro2dragons I totally agree with you, however, the game getting a sequel sadly probably won't happen. Look at the EarthBound series! I mean... MOTHER 3 came out before Brawl, so there's a small chance that Japan would get a sequel... I'm keeping my hopes low.



WingedSnagret said:

I have just one thing to say, DON'T YOU DARE REPLACE IKE! And while your at it, bring Roy back too! I don't mind if Krom makes it, just as long as we don't have to go through another Fire Emblem character switch like last time...



Hyperstar96 said:

Wait... are you saying there are people out there who actually thought there wouldn't be new characters?



StephenYap3 said:

I hope I get to play as Paper Mario. Those people who think he will be a clone of Mario, look at Link and Young/Toon Link. Those two were clones of each other, yet I never heard of any criticism for them. If they can make it, why can't Mario and Paper Mario?



Hokori said:

Formme, Dillion, Sakura samurai, Takamaru, mallo, Tamagon, Hikari and Dobe, saki, Issac, Stafy, and chibi robo



linkdeku7 said:

How awesome would it be if Sakurai added a few new characters at launch of the game, then continually added more later via DLC? Think about it, a SSB game could be a prime opportunity to promote DLC! They could offer DLC packages that include anything from new characters to new stages, game play modes, or even new items. Who else sees this as something that could totally happen?



Emaan said:

Great news! The main two I really want to see are Ghirahim and Tom Nook.



Hyperstar96 said:

@StephenYap3 People criticize Young/Toon Link all the time.

@linkdeku7 Great idea, I'd love for Nintendo to only put a fraction of their effort into the main game and release the rest of the game at an extra cost...



AVahne said:

I have a feeling Marth will be replaced by Masked Marth true identity and Ike will be replaced by Krom or more likely, Paris.
I'd much prefer it if they added every single lord to the game or at least half of them.



Lunapplebloom said:

DLC characters would be nice if done properly. All in all, All I want is someone from Kid Icarus: Uprising, and at least one more third party character.



Crazybrain1 said:

They should've made one for DS too.
Oh well.

They should have Pac-Man, Dig-Dug, and maybe a Pac-Man Ghost.



Hokori said:

The DLC would be great for Chracters that lets say SSB is released in FEB 2014, and there's a very cool new ip character from Nintendo, but he was released in AUG 2014, DLC could make it so that character could be in



Millenia said:

I hope they bring back Roy, but I won't keep my hopes too high with that. Toon Zelda would be a great addition as well.



Klinny said:

@shonenjump86 I definitely agree with the addition of female characters. I'm a little tired of my only options being Zelda, Samus, or Peach. (Or... Jigglypuff? Was Jigglypuff a girl..?)

Though I suppose I wouldn't want them to add a character just because she is female, but it's a little disappointing that there aren't more popular Nintendo characters that also happen to be girls, (with the exception of the above mentioned, two of which are princesses that need to be saved constantly).

Maybe Dixie Kong? XD



AVahne said:

@LordOtakWiiU DLC should be included, but not at the expense of the finished game. Introduce plenty of new characters, stages, and more in the game and only add in DLC for additional content that didn't fit on the 25 GB disc and for new games and IPs that should be included.



mandemote said:

We need KH2 sora, roxas or riku (i dont care if they are square enix add them damn it)



TheBigHamlin said:

Robo and Frog from Chrono Trigger and unlockable suits for Mario/Luigi with their own set of moves. Hammer Bros. Mario must be included!



HawkeyeWii said:

No other franchise needs more character's from it as badly as Metroid does!!! For god's sake, Samus has been alone for all three games, whereas the Mario franchise takes up a 1/4 of the roster...



LavaTwilight said:

A mii will be difficult to incorporate since almost every one is different. Unless they use a generic mii character but that would just be stupid. I'd like to see Pacman as a third party character and a Sonic character (preferably sonic himself) but not any more. I think it was on ONM but I really like the idea of Skull Kid coming to Smash Bros, esp sporting the Mask of Majora!



LavaTwilight said:

I criticise young and toon link! I love the zelda series but I find them repetitive characters and are incredibly needless use of memory that could be better processed on a unique character.



Malkeor said:

I agree with Smitherenez.
New characters are awesome, and if he's gonna include falco and toon link or young link, etc. I really hope that they become their own character and not just slightly different clones.



Hokori said:

@Koto No I didn't mean the game was unfinished and they add characters as DLC, ok how about if a new character is made by Nintendo a year and a half after SSB is released



MrWalkieTalkie said:

@LordOtakWiiU The only problem I see with adding new Nintendo characters that are introduced after the release of the new Smash Bros as DLC would be that they wont have any new characters for the next Smash Bros. after this upcoming one. I still love your idea but I couldnt help but think of that problem. But then again the 5th Smash Bros will be YEARS from now, so Im sure they'll have more characters by then.



Solxd7 said:

Heres my list. For 1st party characters: Magnus Palutena, Medusa, Virdi, and Mii. For 3rd party characters: Tails. I think the Mii you should be able to change its clothing and the smash should be "Street Pass Hits" It would be so funny if you had bowser at the gate and Mii's just come over and slap his face.



ZurrrrBlattTron said:

I like the idea of dlc only for the idea of characters that couldent make it in time for the original roster (non-dlc character's) in ssbm there was no hoenn pokemon at all cause at the time they didn't even exist and we had to wait 7 years till we saw them in action AND WE DIDNT EVEN GET A PLAYABLE 3RD GEN POKEMON! so I can see some issues like this being cleared up with dlc :3



warvad said:

Considering how each game in the series gets successively worse, I have low hopes for SSB4. A portable Smash is interesting, but is completely counter to the couch-gaming nature of the series.

I just hope they make it like Melee or better yet 64.



Shirma_Akayaku said:

@zipmon Wasn't Starfy in Super Princess Peach?
On a side note:
I think they should change Peach's boring umbrella to Perry the Parasol!
And besides, there's even a trophy of him as well.



MeloMan said:

Sakura Samurai will probably be there. I'd live to see Mike Jones get some love (Star Tropics). I think that game was only released in N. America, but still... the world needs more south paw!



zipmon said:

@Ulala Hey yeah!! Sunglass-Starfy!! =D I'd forgotten about that! I loved Super Princess Peach, such a creative game. I keep hoping they'll do another!



Light4566 said:

for new characters i want these:
Amy Rose
Princess Daisy
Shadow the Hedgehog
Isaac, Felix or Jenna ( Golden Sun)
Dawn using Buneary, Piplup, Pachirisu
Sora or Riku ( Kingdom Hearts)
Mickey Mouse
Micaiah or Sothe ( Fire Emblem)
Toad&Toadette ( have them paired like the ice climbers)
bring back:
Young Link
Keep everyone from in brawl except for
Olimar or R.O.B



Littleno said:

They should bring back young link but have him changed a bit to be like the Pokemon trainer in which you could change masks and turn into Gordon, Zora, and Deku

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