Gearbox head guy Randy Pitchford has spoken to Gamasutra about the future of the gaming hardware industry, and has revealed that he's not all that bothered about motion control 'gimmicks':

Different people make different stabs. Some of these stabs folks make become standards. Most of the time they're temporary gimmicks. I don’t like getting behind gimmicks. I tend to like the things that feel like they can become standards, or steps towards standards.

Pitchford is known to speak his mind, but before you see his comments as an attack on the beloved Wii, it should be pointed out that his studio ported Sega's music title Samba de Amigo to Nintendo's console back in 2008, with encouraging results.

However, Pitchford feels that some motion control titles may have taken things a little too far:

In the context of what it was for the Wii, it's just fun to shake things for certain experiences. But other experiences, it actually sucks, because you're using shake to emulate something you could better accomplish with a button press or a joystick.

While he feels that full-body control is "exciting" and that Kinect is "awesome", Pitchford admits that he doesn't really have much time to think about the future of motion control. "Who knows what that is? I don't really care," he added.

As the curtain begins to fall on the Wii's period of dominance, do you think Pitchford's comments ring true to a certain extent? After all, we've experienced some pretty dire uses of the Wiimote over the past few years.

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