Remember Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright, or perhaps you know it as Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney? It was announced way back in October 2010, and brought fans of both series to a state of giddiness with the very thought of the rookie lawyer and top-hat wearing puzzle master combining forces. Confirmed for Japan, Capcom and Level 5 also suggested that, with enough interest, this cross-over could very well be localised elsewhere, too.

Since then it's all gone a bit quiet. A rather fun looking trailer was released in September 2011, but updates have been remarkably thin on the ground, potentially making the game slip off many people's radars. There's now been a crumb of an update courtesy of a conversation in Famitsu about the Ace Attorney movie (and reported by Andriasang), where series creator Shuu Takumi said the following.

Production on Layton vs Ace Attorney is at its climax. It's like my entire life is focused on it. While I still can't say much, it's progressing well, so please wait a bit more.

Not exactly definitive evidence to make Phoenix happy, but at least it sounds as if the title is nearing the end of development. As for a release date or the prospect of localisation outside of Japan, we'll have to do as Takumi-san asks and be patient.