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Pokémon World Championships Results Are In

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

All hail Trainer Rizzo

After worldwide heats and the occasional unpleasant controversy, the Pokémon World Championships finals have taken place in Hawaii, with a new group of champions securing a prestigious trophy and scholarship prizes. With over 30 countries represented, it was undoubtedly a hard-fought contest, with six division champions celebrating their success.

The list of all winners is below, but the big story is Ray Rizzo, who wins the prestigious Masters title for the third year in a row.

2012 Pokemon TCG Junior Division World Champion: Shuto Itagaki (Japan)
2012 Pokemon Video Game Junior Division World Champion: Abram Burrows (USA)
2012 Pokemon TCG Senior Division World Champion: Chase Moloney (Canada)
2012 Pokemon Video Game Senior Division World Champion: Toler Webb (USA)
2012 Pokemon TCG Masters Division World Champion: Igor Costa (Portugal)
2012 Pokemon Video Game Masters Division World Champion: Ray Rizzo (USA)

For those of you who think, "I could do better", you'll have a chance to put that to the test in the upcoming Pokémon Black and White 2 titles, with select finalists and their teams set to be distributed via Wi-Fi. The Pokémon World Tournament arena in the game will let you challenge these teams, perfect if you want to train for a tilt at the real thing next year.


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Medicham said:

I am so entering Pokemon Black's 2 Tournament!!! It's gonna be exciting and its a true test of skill. Now what was this "unpleasant controversy"?



nf_2 said:

Go USA, dominating the Olympics and video game tournaments. ;D



Emaan said:

The United States has some dedicated Pokemon players, that's amazing for that one guy who's won for the third time in a row now.

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