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No Sequel From The World Ends With You Teaser

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

The end of the world?

A week ago we brought you the news that Square Enix had launched a teaser website that strongly suggested a project related to DS title The World Ends With You, which was enough to get some people rather excited about a potential sequel. As the countdown on the site continued a worrying story spread around the web that this was all in the name of an iOS re-release of the DS title, a leak that came from a hastily removed line in a soundtrack listing.

Of course, with this being Square Enix there were whisperings that the iOS release may just be part of the reveal, that there could be more. Unfortunately that was just a big tease, as the countdown has passed and the website now shows the iOS re-release alongside a banner for the DS original. After a weekend of rumours and wondering, all we have is a re-release and a new soundtrack that will feature in the iPhone/iPad version.

For now at least, fans will have to content themselves with fantasizing about a sequel to TWEWY and play the original for solace. Sometimes teasers just don't deliver the goods.

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Denkou said:

Nothing but dissapointment for this teaser. There could have been so much more. Especially with all the hype it got, I was expecting more than a mere port with a couple upgrades and a weakened battle system



Bankai said:

Weakened battle system?

I guess my brain has just been fooling myself into thinking I was enjoying this game for the past four hours then. Oh dear.



Smitherenez said:

@OlympicCho They had to change the awesome battle system on the DS, in which you had to fight with two characters at once, to one where you just control Neku. With that, most of the charm from the game is gone. Thats what Smashbrawler331 meant. Please stop being so pessimistic.



XCWarrior said:

You don't fight with two characters at the same time anymore? Well that's unfortunate. Not like I'd pay $30 more for a game I already bought a long time ago. Or an iPad for that matter.



Onett said:

Next thing you know they will start doing countdowns for franchise cancellations.



Samholy said:

biggest disapointment in 2012.
i really need a sequel. its my biggest surprise on the DS, bigger than dragonquest 9! (im a huge DQ fan, the 7 was a divine intervention)

ill keep my sequel hope alive... and i strongly advise anyone to buy the ds game if they didnt so far, as well as the Ios is they have a chance to own an ipad/iphone. (i dont, its way too costly for a phone, and its NOT a game system. DS / 3DS / VITA are. not an iphone)



jackaroo said:

As far as I know you still fight with 2 characters but on the same screen instead. All teh screenshots ive seen have 2 characters on the same screen. I've also heard people mention you switch between them in battle or something along those lines. I've downloaded the iOS version but havent played it yet. I'll be giving it a go later.

Won't lie though this was a massive disappointment. Im happy to play the game again in HD but I would've loved if this had been a sequel instead. Damn you square enix!!!




@Waltz yeah, your brain is tricking you because the iPad version of the game sucks and there is only one screen so the combat sucks and you are playing a watered down version of a good game.



Phle said:

Aw, sigh. I was really hoping for a sequel. Well, I guess I'll keep hoping.



Klinny said:

Ugh. While I enjoyed TWEWY, I wouldn't say I've been waiting for a sequel. Even I'm a little bit miffed about this, though, and I could imagine proper fans feeling pretty let down at the moment. I'm sure Square Enix knows that most people were hoping for a sequel, and not a re-release. All this hype to try and convince fans to re-buy the same game is a little distasteful, in my opinion.

(Although I suppose it's good for players who wanted to play the game, have an iphone/ipad, but not a Nintendo DS... But I can't imagine that being a very large percentage of the people following this news though?)



Bankai said:

@Smexi - I never knew that any game that was played on one screen is 'Watered Down' and 'sucks.' Boy does that change my opinion of like 99.9% of games ever made



theblackdragon said:

all right guys, enough with the in-fighting please — if someone's enjoying the iVersion, who are you to tell them it's 'watered down' or that it 'sucks' without having played it yourselves? They revamped the fighting system to work on a single screen and it's the exact same game otherwise — an excellent one that absolutely deserves a revival on another platform. With the popularity boost this is sure to bring, hopefully we'll see something in the nature of a sequel eventually — and with them already having the in-game infrastructure worked out for single-screen combat, a sequel may even see release on iDevices at the same time as the 3DS or Vita.

I've already laid down the law in our forum thread about this same topic, but I'm going to nip it in the bud here — insults toward other users will not be tolerated, as per our Community Rules. It's to the point where temp-bans may be handed out, so consider yourselves warned — keep the discussion on the game and off of one another. Thanks in advance!

on a personal note, I'm definitely disappointed that this didn't turn out to be a sequel, and I hope in the future Squeenix is kind enough to let us know in advance what platform(s) their countdowns are for so that the appropriate people can get hyped for what's coming down the pipe. :/



Incognito_D said:

I could never wrap my head around the twin battle system anyway. Didn't it have some of setting where the top screen would just play itself if you didn't want to take? I was always too busy concentrating on the action on the touch screen.



Klinny said:

@Incognito_D I believe that was correct, but if I remember correctly, the auto-controlled version of the character would never do as well as if you were controlling them yourselves.

I was never able to play both simultaneously. I had to switch between them, haha. I think I would just leave Neko in a corner somewhere while I quickly switched to the top character and tried to pull off some combo. It was fun, though.



Hokori said:

@OlympicCho How would you know you said yourself you've never played the DS version
You know what I'm going to do, I'm going to get the iPad version and give an actual opinion of it since I've played both rather be blinded by fanboyism (btw its not just Nintendo fans who can be blinded by fanboyisum)



Rerun said:

I just wanted a sequel. Some of Square Enix's game work well on the iPad. I don't know if I'll be getting this though. Squase's games on the App Store are too pricey for my taste.



theblackdragon said:

@Incognito_D: it did indeed, and that was one of the cool things about the game — you could choose your battle difficulty and the amount of input you wanted to have over the top screen. As has already been mentioned, though, putting it on full Auto meant the top screen character wouldn't deal as much damage as they could've if you'd been controlling them yourself, and of course the value/usefulness of the items you picked up entirely depended upon the difficulty level you'd set it at. :3



Pikachupwnage said:

I wouldn't be pissed at enix if they

1. Didn't make a big deal out of a friggin IOS port with a teaser site.

2. When it leaked they did some pathetic damage control saying there was more to announcement.



Emaan said:

So very disappointing. Pro tip Square Enix, don't make a big deal over something like this. That's exactly how you upset your fans.



Smitherenez said:

I am enjoying the game on my DS right now. This game is deeper then I remembered it to be :S



moomoo said:

You know guys, if there's one thing to take about OlympicCho's comments, it's this:The game is so good that even watering down the battle system doesn't stop it from being great. That shows how great this game is. So those of you who have yet to buy it, do so (preferably on DS though).
Also, I'm loving the dissapointment tag.



Hokori said:

^agreed moomoo, I have to REbuy it because I gave it away to a friend for her birthday



moomoo said:

I've actaully bought 4 copies of this game. 2 for myself (one for my ultra awesome save and one to replay) and 2 for friends. I adore this game, and even though SE sucks for putting up a teaser site for a port, it's still pretty darn good.



FluttershyGuy said:

So, we've reached a point in video gaming when countdowns are used to hype ports of 4 year old games (though an awesome one in this case)? That's scary.

It'll be hard to get excited about hype from SquareEnix ever again. I wonder if this PR disaster and backlash from TWEWY fans will be worth profit generated by all this hoopla for an enhanced port? Squeenix has really fallen far lately in my book. You just have to wonder what they're smoking there these days to make decisions like this. Pretty soon, people will start calling them "Nintendo of America."



Haxonberik said:

That was a big, bad tease. I'm yet to play the first, but I definitely won´t play it on iOS.



Justaguest said:

i hope Square-Enix decides to hear out their fans and do something about this. In the end i wont give up hope. It was the best game i experienced from all 50 I own. ._.



DarkEdi said:

Funny: The youtube channel SquareEnix video has ratings and comments disabled. Last screenshots from the ratings was almost a red bar.



LittleKing said:

@OlympicCho You know as well as I do that's not what he meant. He thinks it's worse not because the iPad has one screen, but because the game is a port of a game with DUAL SCREEN combat to a device with one screen. He's not dissing single-screened games.

Also, when someone says "weakened battle system," they mean compared to the ORIGINAL. Which, as you've said yourself, you've never even played. The commenter never said it wasn't good; just that he thinks it's worse/simpler than the DS version's battle system. If you want to tear him down, though, maybe consider using the valid viewpoint that he's probably never tried the iOS version? He shouldn't be making any strong statements about what he hasn't played, but that's what half the gaming community does, especially after feeling disappointed. It's understandable.

Regardless, it's great that TWEWY can expand its horizons. Not everyone on Earth owns a DS. As for hyping the remake... what did you expect, them NOT to hype it? That's even dumber. "We'll just let this one slip under the radar so that we don't tick off DS-version purists." xD



Klinny said:

I'm not sure people are upset about the iOS version of TWENY being hyped so much as they are upset about the manner in which it was being hyped. The countdown got a lot of people's hopes up and then, naturally, left a lot of people disappointed after, as a sequel was a logical assumption.

The iOS version should be hyped and given the attention it deserves, especially if it helps popularize the series, but Square Enix should have realized this would upset their already-established fanbase. (That is, the TWENY fanbase, not the DS fanbase).

Of course, in defense of Square Enix, a countdown really is the most fitting method to advertise their game, so maybe I'm being too hard on them. (But, then again, wouldn't the in-game reference only be applicable to those who have already played the game?)

I'm thinking on this way too much. Either way, at least this helps raise the standards for iOS gaming. If I had an iphone and no DS I'd be pretty stoked right now.



Hokori said:

At the very least they should've hyped it up on iPhone only not online where there was no way to tell what the thing was going to be



Adhrast said:

@OlympicCho: it seems like you keep pretending not to understand what other people are saying, are you doing that on purpose? I'm not trying to flame, just saying that no one said that the iOS version sucks, and I'm almost completely sure that it doesn't, people are saying that the teaser led fans to think there was a sequel coming out while it was just a port for a system that's completely different from the first it came out on, and thus it has been modified. No one's saying games on one screen suck, just that this game originally uses two.
So don't answer me ironically please, just try and understand the point I'm making, hoping I managed to be clear enough

P.S. If I had an iPad I'd probably buy it straight away



tabris95 said:

I just don't understand how anyone can manage to expect Square-Enix to come through for its fans.... They don't try to give us what we want, they try to convince us that we want what they push out. :/



Chunky_Droid said:

I hate playing anything by rubbing my thumbs all over the screen, ugh.

I'm yet to play TWEWY but as soon as I find a copy of the DS version I'm going to snap it up in an instant (which unfortunately, finding a copy where I live probably won't be an easy task )



Nintendawg said:

It's not a matter of the number of screens available. It's a matter of (maybe too) complex controls.
It's only fitting that the iOS version (or whatever it's called...) features single-screen combat. The original was great, but concentrating on both screens during combat verged on the impossible. Especially during the later stages, where you got your a$$ handed to you if you remained in one spot for too long. All I ever did was mash Left or Right on the d-pad, occasionaly pressing up for Joshua's or Beat's air combo. And that worked just fine, I finished the game without losing once. But I don't think anyone in here is able to draw whole circles on the touch screen to, say, activate the Meteor Pin while dodging enemies and at the same time keeping an eye on Beat's card deck. It's humanly impossible. Sure, there were a few pins that granted limited invulnerability to Neku so you could concentrate more on the upper screen, but you ended up doing much less damage to enemies. I do believe that combat is a lot of fun in this game, but at the same time it had this major flaw that I mentioned. Setting your ally to "auto" was plain useless.
As for a sequel, sure why not? Neku's appearance in Kingdom Hearts DDD would imply that they have something in the works. They are now in the process of building up hype and from the looks of things doing quite a good job too.
Bring it on, Square Enix.



CanisWolfred said:

@Metabble_King Um, those guys explicitly stated that the battle system was weakened by the lack of dual-screens, that all of the charm of the original was gone, and that it was a watered down port. I don't see how the heck he missed anything. :/

And how is it understandable to make blanket statements and near-baseless assumtions about a game they haven't played? Just because half the community is lacking in logic doesn't make it okay. If anything, that makes it a dire problem that needs to be dealt with. If someone is making rash statements just because they're upset, then they need to take a monent to stop and think clearly, and sometimes that requires someone else talking some sense into them.

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