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New Spy Hunter Trailer Revs Up The Action

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Explosions, lots of explosions

The original Spy Hunter game was released in 1983, a simply time when everything was 2D, pixel-based and no-one had enjoyed the pleasure of playing a Nintendo console. Back in May we heard of a reboot from Warner Bros. Interactive, and now we have a new Spy Hunter trailer from Gamescom to show off the action.

It has lots of explosions, fast driving, a deep-voiced narrator and opens with a retro re-mix of a classic tune from The Blues Brothers. To be honest, we're not sure it gets much better than that.

Despite those seductive details we don't know a great deal about the title yet, but with a launch in October we don't have long to wait. Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think.

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MeloMan said:

Hope it's good. When Blues Brothers was mentioned, I was thinking it was the tune that played when they were going through the mall!



Bubbab5 said:

That looks awesome if it gets an 8 or higher in the review I'm getting it but is it a retail or download hopefully a download



belmont said:

I have seen better looking psp games but the games seems fun! I may get it if the price is good.



Cyrso said:

Looks decent, but a downloadable eShop/PSN game would be a much better fit imo.



ThomasBW84 said:

@Smitherenez It's unclear whether it's Vita or 3DS footage, but to be honest there's nothing there, graphically, that the 3DS can't handle comfortably.



moomoo said:

The concepts in the trailer seem pretty well done, but those graphics aren't all that impressive. I hope that's not a bad sign.



coolvw93 said:

i loved the aracade version, i have it on one of my N64 game, "Midway's Greatest Arcade Hits Vol. 1". im interested on seeing this one. i will get it if i see some good reviews.



Kifa said:

I played the original for hours. What I've seen in this trailer... Well, it looks like it can either turn out pretty good or fail on all fronts. I'd welcome a good arcade shooter on my 3DS though. Not a long wait ahead of us to find out how they pulled it off. :]



luminalace said:

I hope this turns out well! I really need a good racing game for 3DS. It's time to give Ridge Racer and Mario Kart a rest!



Cesco said:

Paradigm software (the same software house behind "Pilotwings 64") already made a Spy Hunter reboot some years ago and it was quite fun to play, I had it on my Gamecube. If you have a Wii and can find a copy of it for a couple of dollars / euros I think you should buy it because IMHO it's still enjoyable.



Gameday said:

I like the newer spy hunters indeed. But nothing compares to that classic Arcade Spy Hunter man that music still plays in my head.



Windy said:

I got SpyHunter Yesterday in the mail. It is pretty awesome! Pretty much take the old arcade version 3dize it and mix in Need for speed most wanted gameplay. But, add rocket launchers, machine Guns, Electroshock doors, and Plasma Grenades and you get yourself a world of fun! The game does have slowdown with 3D turned on but seems just fine with 3D turned off. I play in 3D most of the time anyway the slow down doesn't bother me. Really good game for 10 bucks. How can you beat Blowing up cars and watching the devastation roll on by! Highly recommend for old SpyHunter Fans

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