During today's Nintendo Direct in Japan, it was confirmed that a new Professor Layton title will arrive on 3DS, in Japan, some time in 2013. Its title is Professor Layton Choubunmei to A no Isan, which roughly translates to Professor Layton and the Remains of an Advanced Civilisation, though we expect a snappier title when it's localised in the West.

The footage shown demonstrated the usual mix of attractive cut-scenes and puzzles, with a charming looking 3D-engine replacing the 2D characters of the DS titles. The biggest bombshell was that this will be Hershel Layton’s final adventure, though it's not certain that it means the end of the franchise as a whole. Will this title see the apprentice Luke take over from the master, or someone new? We certainly hope that we'll see more of these games beyond this release.

Those of us outside of Japan may need to wait a while, but does more Layton on 3DS get you excited?