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Kingdom Hearts 3D AR Cards Drop Into Club Nintendo UK

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Full of spirit

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance has been one of the biggest releases on 3DS this year, and made good use of the system's capabilities. One feature was to scan AR cards with the handheld's camera in order to recruit Spirits to your party, with two of these cards included with the game.

For those that enjoyed the feature and maybe want to add a few more Spirits to proceedings, Club Nintendo UK has released a new pack with three additional cards. These three AR cards will only set you back 200 stars, and every pack is the same, so you only need one set.

Have you used the AR feature in Kingdom Hearts 3D, and are you interesting in splashing some stars on extras?


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Teaqq2 said:

I wanted to be the first to comment. I'm not in the UK and I don't have this game, so hopefully, in the US, AR cards will come (I want Kid Icarus ones more, though).



Aqueous said:

Lucky UK.

@Thomas - Kingdom Hearts includes a 2 player mode. Is there any reason it's listed as 1 player instead of 2?



TimeGuy said:

Please let those come out in the US. Some more Spirits would be fantastic, plus I need something to spend my Club Nintendo points on.



monoxzide said:

guys,dont be fooled into spending your coins on this nonsense...these are mark of mastery exclusives.i didnt purchase m.o.m..but i have these spirits...its called using your 3ds to scan them off of your pc..i got these spirits when kh launched in NA.when it comes to any AR smart enough to realize all you have to do is google and scan..dont be a sucker



Terra said:

Got mine on order. After binging on Kid Icarus AR cards, surprised I had enough stars left (Just)



C-Olimar said:

@monoxzide I know - this is why Pokemon cards will never be popular! Or any other type of trading card for that matter! People can just print them off their computer! I mean, no-one would pay to collect any sort of pieces of card!



WingedSnagret said:

It's going to be like the Kid Icarus cards all over again! Club Nintendo UK gets AR cards for an awesome game, and once again NoA isn't going to send them here! Just watch this scenario happen again...



theblackdragon said:

@monoxzide: I'd imagine for most fans of the series that it's not so much about whatever they unlock in-game as it is their value as collectible items. Sure, they'll be posted to the internet eventually, but a collector would go out of their way to own the actual cards themselves. :3



Phle said:

I hate Club Nintendo more and more... Getting constant reminders of all the cool stuff I can't have... Why not Scandinavia and Africa?!



jpfan1989 said:

How the hell do you even use the AR cards the gamecomes with? there is no mentioning of AR anywhere in the giude



Ichiban said:

Loving this game, well up until the boss fights. Then it turns into a game of 'wtf is happening?!"



Banker-Style said:

I still haven't used the ones that came with the game,but I'll probably pick this up next week.

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