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Introducing: Damien McFerran

Posted by Anthony Dickens

Welcome back to the stage of history

Any avid reader of Nintendo Life will know that for the past couple of years we had James Newton installed as editor, which came to an end earlier this month as he swanned off to Nintendo. Starting today we have a new man who will be taking on the role full-time; the undisputed, heavy-weight, retro gamer of the world: Damien McFerran.

We have only just (minutes ago) taken him out of his protective packaging, but we thought it would be good to ask him some questions, so you guys can get to know him a bit better.

How and when did you first start writing about games?

DM: It was quite a while ago now. I started writing reviews on a site called X-Sages, which is sadly no longer around. The site actually got pretty big at one point — big enough to justify an advert in a major North American video game magazine, at least. When that eventually folded I started writing for NTSC-UK (which is now called, and that consequently allowed me to get my foot in the door at Retro Gamer magazine. The rest, as they say, is history.

What is your earliest memory of Nintendo?

DM: Getting a Donkey Kong II dual-screen Game & Watch handheld in the mid-80s. It was not only my first taste of Nintendo, but of video games in general. I have no idea what happened to that game, but I recently picked up one second hand from eBay, which I posted on our Instagram stream. Even now, I get a massive buzz playing it — it may be a relic of a bygone age, but it's still incredibly playable regardless.

What is your favourite gaming platform of all time?

DM: This is likely to cause a bit of controversy, but seeing as our previous editor James was a certified Sega nut, I think I'll be OK admitting that the Sega Mega Drive (Genesis in North America) is the console I'd take with me to a desert island. It was my first serious love affair with gaming; I got a Japanese system in 1989 and was completely enamoured with the punchy visuals, slick arcade conversions and incredibly fast shooters and action titles. Nintendo devotees will be pleased to learn that the SNES and Game Boy are close behind, though.

What do you love most about video games?

DM: This is an incredibly difficult question for me to answer, because I have several reasons for my possibly unnatural affection for gaming. For modern titles - especially Nintendo ones - it has to be the enjoyment I get from finishing a tricky level, or the joy of discovery. However, when it comes to retro gaming, what I love is the ability to reconnect with treasured memories by replaying classic titles, or finding a gem from the past that you've never heard of before.

How did you first get involved with Nintendo Life?

DM: When me and Darren were working on Virtual Console Reviews, we decided to approach other Nintendo sites to see if they'd be willing to do some cross-promotion. Nintendo Life - then the sole preserve of Anthony Dickens - was one of the sites we contacted, largely because it looked so amazing. As if to prove the adage that it really is a small world, it transpired that Ant lived in the same town as me in the UK. I started contributing reviews to Nintendo Life, and eventually Virtual Console Reviews was absorbed into the site and the three of us became the world-beating team we are today.

What is your favourite part of Nintendo Life?

DM: The community, without a shadow of a doubt. Few sites of this size can boast such a vocal and supportive readership. I've been told by the editors of several other leading gaming websites that it never ceases to amaze them that we can have over one hundred comments on a post, yet all of those comments are friendly and mature. That tells you all you need to know about the community we have here — the readers genuinely love Nintendo, and they're here to share intelligent chat with like-minded individuals, and not to get embroiled in pointless flame-wars about topics like who would win if Sonic and Mario got into a fight.

What would you like Nintendo Life to achieve under your helm?

DM: I want to keep doing what we're doing — we're a very unique site, and we offer a wide and diverse range of content. However, I want us to reach an even wider audience than we do now.

What do you think the future holds for Nintendo?

DM: I think Nintendo's future is very rosy indeed. Out of the three main console manufacturers, Nintendo is the only one that has a unique personality. Games on the PS3 and 360 are often interchangeable, while Nintendo's first-party content is unparalleled in this industry. The success of the 3DS has proven that the burgeoning smartphone market doesn't spell death for traditional handhelds, and the forthcoming Wii U looks certain to build on the good work achieved by its predecessor, which — lest we forget — is one of the most popular pieces of consumer electronics ever made. Nintendo is a byword for gaming, and has built up an entire culture around itself — we're pleased to be part of that here at Nintendo Life.

How you can follow Damien

Want to keep up to date with Damien? You can follow our new editor here on Nintendo Life and on Twitter @DamienMcFerran, Google+ and Instagram @DamienMcFerran.

Thanks to Damien for taking the time on his first day to answer these questions, we'll see our new 'Introducing' feature return on a monthly basis as a way of introducing you to all of our staff members. Who do you want to hear from next?

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NImH said:

Right on. It's good to get to know a bit more about you Damien... seem like a good man for the job, and a cool guy.



k8sMum said:

brilliant intro. congrats on getting the job, damien.

but: never ceases to amaze them that we can have over one hundred comments on a post, yet all of those comments are friendly and mature.

them don't know us very well, do them...



nintendo87 said:

good old wiiware world this site has changed so much! all good of course this always one of my favorite site ever keep it up



Marios-love-child said:

Welcome and I look forward to reading your articals. 😊

Btw I love the the picture of Damien and Mario at the top and under the picture it says "Damien left"

You know, just incase someone thought he was mario 😉



Corbs said:

Name seems vaguely familiar. Didn't he sing that "Don't Worry, Be Happy" song?



Jumpman said:

Next introduce Anthony Dickens.D you finally overtook J, that's fine but a SEGA GENESIS, COME ON.No love for the N64. Congratulations anyway, I'm sure Nintendolife will be well taken care of.



Damo said:

Thanks for the kind comments, guys! I'd also say thanks for the welcome, but seeing as I've been part of the site for a while, that would sound a bit odd

@Philip_J_Reed - I'm actually stunned that not one but TWO people who left comments on this thread know of that movie! Nice work!

@Luigifan141 - I've done a bit of freelance for IGN UK, but I've never been a full time staff member there.




Welcome, Flamien McOverlord! Enjpy your place of power here, for it will be short and oh so sweet >:3 /me conspires to overthrow Damo

But f'real man I love youuuuu~♥♥♥ (ehehehehehee >:3)

Mario would also kick Sonic's furry behind if they were fighting! Mario is a ripped plumber and all Sonic's got going for him is running



yobucky said:

" pointless flame-wars about topics like who would win if Sonic and Mario got into a fight"
Exactly! There's no point, because mario would win amaright?

Anyhow welcome on board good sir, look forward to reading what you have to say.



FluttershyGuy said:


Congratulations! I know NL is in good hands with a devout retro gamer at the helm! My first Nintendo experience was around the same time as you (think it was late 1984), except it was this beauty...UntitledGood luck with the new job, and I hope you enjoy it! Oh, make that three people...


I don't do it often, but with the emotion of it & music combined, I got a bit misty eyed at the end scene there! One of the best scholastic movies, right up there with Good Will Hunting (Robin's been blessed as teacher/mentor parts are concerned). So many great young actors who would go on to better things too. Ethan "I'm not Hunt" Hawke, Robert Sean Leonard (WILSON FTW!!!), and Philip Seymour Hoffman!



sinalefa said:

Yeah, it is always good to know the person who is destined to replace James, and it was an interesting read too. I wish you the best, and we welcome you, as an editor now, since you have been a part of the community for a long time now.



Luigi_is_better said:

Congrats man! Those are some big shoes to fill, but your story makes me think you'll do just fine. I'm looking forward to the great things you'll be doing here!



JamieO said:

Good luck @Damo, I hope you have lots of fun in your new full-time role as editor of Nintendo Life.

I also like Ant's description of how Nlife have "taken him out of his protective packaging", alongside the discussion about Damien's early gaming memories and how he first started writing about games.

A chuckle-worthy bunch of photos are included with this feature, too. Great stuff.



JohnPhilipSousa said:

I was worried that Nintendo Life's progression to SEGA Life might have been halted, but alas, the new editor likes Genesis, so we won't be losing progress.
(Yes I know he's not "new")
(goes to play Genesis)



Lunapplebloom said:

Congrats @Damo. I hope you enjoy your reign here. I also want to thank all the fine moderators here that keep things organized. If not for the mods, the site would be taken over by the master of chaos and madness, @LordJumpMad.



Knux said:

Congrats to Damien! Nice to see that the love for Sega is strong in this one!



TheAdza said:

Glad to have you at the helm. I really like the fact that people with so much passion for Nintendo today are people that had that same passion for Sega long ago. I feel exactly the same way.



alLabouTandroiD said:

Why hello there, handsome!
May ye become the Messi of Ninty reporting soon. I mean you really have to, you do look quite a bit like him in some pictures.

And i really like the idea of a formal, yet light-hearted introduction of the others.
While i hope everyone will get his turn sooner or later it could be a good idea to start with Mike, Katy or CB.



MAB said:

Good on ya Damo I think you will do a fine job mate here's a round of shots & pints on me cheers



Araknie said:

Good presentation, now we know you O_O
By the way, i've already read some articles of yours, you seem to know what you's good to have you here.



Onett said:

@Damo I spy a bottle of what appears to be a brewski in the 3rd picture with James. Was that yours or his? I need to know who to give a digital high-five to.



MetroidMasher17 said:

Congrats on getting the position! I look forward to visiting this site for years to come.

Virtual Boy. Respect.



tripunktoj said:

(As a reader) I also arrived here the same way as Damo when VC reviews was absorbed, man that was an awesome site, and I am glad he is the new editor.

I would like to see Corbs in the next "Introducing" feature!



WolfRamHeart said:

My apologies for being late to your party @Damo. I've been coming to this site for a few years now and I have always enjoyed reading your work. Really glad to see you get this promotion. You definitely earned it! Congratulations and best of luck to you mate!



FonistofCruxis said:

I read this article pretty late so you may not see this but congratulations and sorry that this is so late.

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