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Horizon Riders Gets Patched in North America

Posted by Mike Mason

Ride again

It's not very often that WiiWare games get updated, but Sabarasa has bucked the trend to bring out a patch for its on-rails shooter Horizon Riders.

The free update, available now from the North American Wii Shop Channel, adjusts the control scheme so that the avatar can be controlled with the Nunchuk's analogue stick. Previously the character could only be moved with twists of the Wii Remote, unless you had a Balance Board to foot; the peripheral could also be used to shift left and right.

As you can read in our Horizon Riders review, we already quite enjoyed the game. We've tested the update and it indeed works as described — get yourself onto that Wii Shop if you want to download the fix.

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sketchturner said:

I wonder if the demo will have the patch as well. I played the demo and hated it since I don't have a balance board. With decent controls I could imagine it being enjoyable...



DarkEdi said:

With this update i´m now interested in the game. I played the demo and i hated to turn moving round the wiimote, it is better with the nunchuk. With this a lot of people can enjoy a good game now.

(p.d. fix the control of pixel racing too, it is a good game with a pretty bad control too)



TheGreenSpiny said:

Balance board support was the one thing that really interested me about this game. I might have downloaded it back in the day if it had nunchuck controls back then, The same goes for pixel racing.



XCWarrior said:

Nice to see a patch. Hopefully these games will see new life with WiiU and what not.

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