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HMV Says You Can Now Preorder the Wii U in Black and White

Posted by Damien McFerran

UK-based chain opens up the order book

Despite the absence of a 100% solid release date, UK entertainment retailer HMV has started advertising preorders for both the black and white Wii U system in its stores.

Spotted by an eagle-eyed consumer and reported by GoNintendo, the promotion appears to be live in many stores up and down the United Kingdom. A deposit of just £10 is required to secure your order, although when you'll be getting it is another matter entirely — HMV can only vaguely state 2012 as the launch window.

Have any of our UK readers taken HMV up on this offer? Let us know in the comments section!


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McHaggis said:

GAME have had the same option for a while now. Personally, I'm waiting for Amazon UK to offer a pre-order, though I doubt they'll offer it until the price is announced.



BenAV said:

You can pre-order it in both black and white at EB Games in Australia too.
Doesn't mean anything though.



Stuffgamer1 said:

The more pre-release-details-announcement preorder listings include the black model, the better I feel about its odds being available at launch. That certainly can't be a bad thing. So just firetrucking announce it already, Nintendo!




Pre-ordered with ....though the price has to go down below 250 GBP or I may re-consider



Wheels2050 said:

Does it come with any special extras? After the highly limited HMV edition of the 3DS XL that came with a second circle pad, I feel they're really letting people down if the Wii U they're selling doesn't come with an upgraded CPU or graphics card.



Marios-love-child said:

I think I might just do this at the weekend. As far as I understand if you change your mind the £10 is fully refundable so nothing to lose as such

As someone above has already mentioned Game have also been taking pre-orders for a while but with a £20 deposit.

Given Game's recent financial troubles I would feel much more comfortable pre-ordering from HMV. Who know's if Game will still exist by the time November / December roles around.

I always prefer ordering Consoles from a Shop rather than online.

Theres nothing quite like the feeling of going into a store and picking up a new shiney console on launch day. Waiting around for a delivery man would be too frustrating for me



rjejr said:

Besides a price and release date (I'm not overly concerned about color though I would prefer black) Nintendo still hasn't announced what's inside the box. Or heck, what's inside the WiiU as far as storage. I thought of this over the weekend as I did a 10GB install - YES 10GB - install for MLB The Show 2012. There have been several articles on here recently about games not being ported to the WiiU - such as Madden - and now I'm wondering if storage may be an issue. I honestly don't know what Madden requires. I know the basic Xbox360 only has 4GB, but I've also read some people have had problems installing some of the games. Hopefully Nintendo has informed developers of what's going to be inside the WiiU but they haven't told us yet. I'm also hoping Nintedno puts an HDMI cable in the box to show they are serious about HD. ANd of ocurse will it include a game, most likley NintendoLand. And will there be a Pro controller inside the box as well?
For a system that was announced 14 months ago it's hard to place a pre-order for something I seem to know so little about.



hYdeks said:

hey nintendo, tell us whats going on, we want your system but we need DETAILS!!!! ><

Come on, by now they should have the price and release date out there in the open, what the hells wrong with Nintendo right now leaving all this to the last minute? Not a very smart move for a company saying they learned there lessons...

@rjejr totally agree, as a Nintendo fan, Nintendo's not selling me on the Wii U just because of VERY lack of information. It's all nice and good they wanna keep things a secret, but at this point thats so close to the launch, it's just seems like there holding back information on price and that, just because we probably won't LIKE the price it is (I'm starting to guess $350 now...)



WiiLovePeace said:

Nintendo certainly won't announce anything about the Wii U release date or anything until after the 3DS XL has been released in all regions, which means no Wii U announcements until Sept. I think. It'd be dumb for them to announce anything about the Wii U until after the 3DS XL has been released given how many people are gonna choose between buying 1 or the other, pretty sure Nintendo knows this.



McHaggis said:

@rjejr: the site suggests that the Wii U will support SD and external USB storage devices. As for the flash memory, if they're trying to keep costs down I doubt it will be more than a few GB, perhaps 8 or 16 at a push.

I hope black will be a launch colour too. I'm not falling into the same trap I did when I bought a launch date Wii, I'd rather wait this time so I can be happy with the colour.



FonistofCruxis said:

My local HMV is doing pre-orders for the white Wii U but not the black one. I don't plan on getting one anytime soon though.



E-Man said:

They have to have black on launch. I mean, every demo, video and ad I've been seeing nothing but the console on black. I mean, it's looks more better in black.



Onett said:

I have very little concern for the price seeing as how innexpensive external storage devices and HDMI cables are these days. On another note, I don't believe that Nintendo Land will be bundled together with the Wii U even if it makes excellent use of the gamepad's features.



Wahooo said:

@Wheels2050 How can they be letting people down by not having the same console with 2 different CPU's and graphics cards? You must know there would be no point in having one console have superior graphics to another model, only for developers to ship the same game for both. Or do you actually think it's intelligent for developers to make two versions of a game for the same platform? They won't be letting anyone down, you just seem to be insatiable.
@Luigifan141 There was never a dual circle pad 3DS XL. The shop that advertised it somehow didn't realize that it was a fan made picture. It was an original 3DS with another circle pad photoshopped underneath the buttons on the right hand side.



rjejr said:

@McHaggis We know all of the "suggestions" and rumours and maybes. By now I think Nintendo should tell us the facts. We can sit around here and guess and surmise all day if it will have 4GB built in and another 4GB on a card or 2GB built in and an 8GB card, but the system is supposed to be out soon, and I need to decide if I want to buy it or an Xbox360 Kinect bundle, or maybe just a bunch of PS3 and 3DS games. My point was there is more to know about this system than just the date and price, and at this late date I'm sick of playing "what if".



Drewroxsox said:

Hopefully, they release both black and white at launch in NA. I like black consoles better than white, because black makes it look more sleek and doesn' get dirty, but can get fingerprints all over it :/



Banker-Style said:

I notice this yesterday.
I'm not pre-ordering it,beacuse I know it won't be a sell out like the Wii.



Knuckles said:

This coming from the same company that posted a picture of a Dual Analogue 3DS XL, with 83% Bigger Screens



SyFyTy said:

I'll bet the west just gets the same ole cr@ppy Red $ Blue just like the 3ds and every other sinlge item ever sold to the west....I would even accept cruddy silver which we all know from the DS phat, looks horrid & cheesy after a few weeks.



SyFyTy said:

@E-Man it looks 'more better'? I think you should invest in some language/reading/writing lessons instead of a game system.



LN3000 said:

Kinda weird pre-ordering something without knowing how much it'll cost, or even when it'd be released.
Then again, I guess it doesn't do much difference pre-ordering now, rather than later. Although I never did understand 'partial' pre-orders either.

I'm not pre-ordering the WiiU. If I'm going to be getting it day-1, I'll be waiting in line for it at launch.



Tasuki said:

I hope NA gets the same color options. If we do I will be getting a black one for sure.



MAB said:

Already have my silver 3DSXL preorder paid and $600 down on the black WiiU it's awesome having loads of cash to play with.



Araknie said:

I sense that Nintendo will unleashed WiiU infos at Fall Press Conference.



kallumsmarties said:

I wouldn't have black literally due to I can see it looking easy to scratch and notice them more than the white



ThumperUK said:

Will HMV even be around when the WiiU is launched? Things are looking decidedly dodgy for the company.



Sean_Aaron said:

Interesting. I'm still planning on getting mine from John Lewis, and they don't have it up for pre-order.

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