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Heavy Fire: Special Operations 3D Gunning for eShop on 13th September

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

If you see it, shoot it

If you want to shoot stuff on your 3DS, Teyon has you covered. The publisher has recently brought us the light-hearted Crazy Chicken Pirates 3D, and then a title that caused a bit of debate with Outdoors Unleashed: Africa 3D. But if you've had your fill of shooting cartoon animals and real animals, you can go back to shooting other people with guns, which seems popular in gaming nowadays.

Nintendo has listed Heavy Fire: Special Operations 3D for a 13th September release in North America, priced at $4.99. The name suggests that this may be a re-make, or at least a title inspired by, Teyon's Heavy Fire: Special Operations on WiiWare. We didn't think too highly of that one, awarding a three out of ten in our Heavy Fire: Special Operations review, but we'll see how the stylus controls and any possible improvements go down.

We recently debated the rules for violence in video games, if there are any, and as this one is shooting at other people with guns in "exotic Middle Eastern locales" it's all cool, right? Arguments about shooting things aside, are you interesting in downloading this one?

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McGruber said:

I am craving a Call of Duty like experience on the 3DS. Actually, a FPS in general. It's sad how the DS had so many (pretty decent!) titles in this genre, yet a much more powerful 3DS doesn't. I guess developers gave up on 3DS as a console for adults...That said I probably won't waste my time with this.



Samholy said:

gonna check this closely.
i have doubts at this price and especially after playing metal gear on 3DS. the lack of dual analog in a shooter really tears my hopes.

but still, a shooter on 3ds is always welcomed. think we will see a black ops 2 ?



JohnPhilipSousa said:

This is an on-rails game you know. It's really not like Call of Duty. It was announced a long time ago as well.



luminalace said:

For some reason I am quietly considering thid despite passing on the Wiiware games. It better be cheap though espcially if the rebiews scores are in the same ballpark.



Sir_Deadly said:

yea, I cant stand on-rail shooters. I though the WiiWare game were pretty horrible. Now if it was updated graphics and a FPS i might consider it.



rayword45 said:

I like on-rail shooters, provided there's actually A LOT of content in them.

However, I don't have very high hopes for this one.



Neram said:

I think I've had my fill of on-rail shooters now for the rest of my life, thanks to the plethora available on the Wii. I actually only played like... 4 or 5 but that's more than enough for me. Ghost Squad was probably my favourite, as it was the closest thing to Virtua Cop that Sega has released since.

But yeah, this game looks like garbage, such is the trend with Teyon games so far I've noticed.



JuanitoShet said:

MORE On-Rails Arcade Shooters from Teyon? They should really focus on other projects. One can only desire so much of the same type of content.

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