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Get In Touch With Your Feminine Side With The Pink 3DS XL

Posted by Damien McFerran

Sink the pink

Nintendo has confirmed the release of a pink and white 3DS XL console. The system was announced during today's Nintendo Direct video.

Called the 3DS LL in Japan, the new hardware is due to launch on 27th September, along with the excellently-titled Wagamama Fashion Girls.

Admit it - you want one.

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LadyStarstorm said:

ARGH why did they go back to the gross birth-control-case pink from the DS phat days that nobody liked? : I guess it's better than nothing, but bright pink a-la DSi or the purple that 3DS regular got for no reason would be better.



Banker-Style said:

Girls Mode is a strange title for a game,it must be for feminine Japanese men.
Just my type of game then.



R-L-A-George said:

A-Hungry-Banker wrote:

Girls Mode is a strange title for a game,it must be for feminine Japanese men.Just my type of game then

Or little girls, there was a similar US only game.



k8sMum said:

Nope. Don't care for pink. Now green would make me envious (see what I did there ). My blue XL is lovely enough.



BenAV said:

The white really doesn't go well with anything I don't think (just like the Pikachu one).
It'd look much better as pink and black.



rjejr said:

My wife has the pink 3DS that came with Nintendogs n Cats last year so I could see her upgrading to this one. I wonder if the XL will fit in her Mario pouch (free from Club Nintendo)?



MrWalkieTalkie said:

I'll never understand how girly-ish games from Japan I'm all: "I really wanna get it!" But when it comes here in America I'm all: "ugh, this looks terrible!"



Aerona said:

Eh... I would prefer Pink and Black but Pink and White is nice too. Very excited for the new Style Savvy!



gundam00 said:

There's NOTHING wrong with liking titles/colors outside of your target demographic!!! Don't let other people bully you for liking things they don't like. We do not live in a world that is one-size fits all. Titles and colors are MARKETED towards certain gender demographics because the supplier feels it will sell more there. They are just trying to capitalize their profits. Buying something pink or playing a fashion game does not make a boy a girl. Life is short, enjoy what makes you happy!



cc-plus said:

I'd buy this if it came to Australia then I can make an awesome red rainbow if I stacked it under my hot pink DSi and red 3DS. hahaha

@BenAV: Noooo anything but the black part! I hate it on the current colours. This is the next closest thing to the Japanese white.



StarDust4Ever said:

LOL, I still have fuzzy pink decals on my DS phat. Is it wrong for a 30+ yr old man to want a pink 3DS? IMO, I wish they'd release a 3DS xL in that gorgeous purple shade. My favorite color is actually purple, but a two-toned pink/purple 3DS would be da bomb! I'm low on funds so I passed up the 3DS xL launch. Maybe whenever I find a decent job...



Phle said:

Wow, I would have loved one, but since I already "treated" myself by getting a 3DS XL upgrade I wont buy this even if it ever comes out in EU. Looks stunning though



NoirUsernameHere said:

hmmmm.... how bout a gold 3ds xl with (this is in my imagination so don't give your hopes up) the legend of zelda skyward sword 2 (in 3d)

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