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Future Publishing Shutters Nintendo Gamer Magazine

Posted by Damien McFerran

UK closure follows cancellation of Nintendo Power in North America

Future Publishing has confirmed that long-running independent magazine Nintendo Gamer is to close.

The UK-based magazine, which had a circulation of just under 8,000 readers, can trace its history back to the SNES era, when it launched as Super Play - a publication which we hold very dear to our hearts here at Nintendo Life.

Super Play effectively became N64 Magazine in the mid '90s, and later changed to NGC, and then N-Gamer. The re-branded Nintendo Gamer appeared in 2006.

Future has confirmed that the magazine's website will continue to operate. The news follows the shut down of Nintendo Power in the US - another Future publication - and marks a sad day for video gaming print media.


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Joco84 said:

Noooo! I'm a subscriber!!!!

I cannot stand the official Nintendo Magazine, what am I going to read now!!



Squashie said:

It's such a real shame, I have been reading that magazine for many years! I'd imagine it will be a long time before ONM goes, they are immensely popular.



antdickens said:

It's a shame to see things like this come to an end, but I guess the times have changed... hope the team move on to bigger and better things



Bass_X0 said:

I quit NGamer a year ago. I liked it but could no longer afford two gaming magazines a month. I don't really see a point after the internet became widely accessible.

I can read NintendoLife on the toilet using my 3DS (which I do regularly), why would I need to buy a magazine that I can't interact with that tells me month old news?



ToneDeath said:

I read it from N64 Magazine #22 (or whatever had Wipeout 64 on the cover) up to at least NGC #100. Around that time I think I was starting to read IGN a lot and gave the new ONM a go for a while, then of course Virtual Console Reviews came along So now I've pretty much settled with NintendoLife and GameCentral (on the Metro website these days) and the only video games journalism I get in print is the Retro Gamer 'bookazines.'
I can't comment on Super Play (I was probably still reading Sonic the Comic!) but I still consider the N64/NGC Magazine to be the best I've read (on any subject). I knew I could trust their reviews 100% (they were so thorough it took two issues to review Ocarina of Time) and best of all they were consistently hilarious! I'm sure that reading the magazine did as much to make me a Nintendo fan as the actual games. Great work.



Grodus said:

funeral music Today is a sad day... We will rember you, Super play, N64 Magazine, NGC, and N-Gamer. Does anyone want to say anything about Nintnedo Gamer?



FluttershyGuy said:

I'm sorry, UK gamers. As an American losing Nintendo Power, I feel your pain.

This all kind of aggravates me. So, Sony & Microsoft continue to have official magazines, but Nintendo just wants to bow out and leave their fans without one? That kind of rotten in my book. This, and Nintendo severely skimping on laughably tiny instruction manuals. Has The Big N thought of how this may affect fans, and the appearance of conceding something to their business rivals?

It'll now be the only of the Big Three without its own official magazine (though I don't know about Japan).



Joco84 said:


We still have Official Nintendo Magazine in the UK. Nintendo Gamer was kind of a sister mag to them, but I personally preferred the un-biased reviews they gave.

It's a very sad day indeed



DaveyBoy said:

Its a sad day. Been a buyer of the magazine for years and a current subscriber. Even though they trace the history of the magazine back to the Super Play, that magazine ran concurrently with Total! which was also published by Future and another magazine I have fond memories of.

I used to buy ONM but stopped cos I could not afford two magazines and NGamer is a lot less biased and just generally more fun to read. I'm assuming that I'll be contacted with regards to switching my subscription to ONM but I don't think I will. A very sad day indeed.



erv said:

I've been a loooong time subscriber and this is the saddest news in a while

They've been my number one source of quality reviews (sorry nintendolife) and were always right about some lovely titles out there.



Danglybits said:

So sad
I use to get the odd SuperPlay as they covered RPG so well when i started reading/looking at Nintendo mags.
I remember getting the 1st issue of N64 Magazine and every issue after until i got my mum to get me a subscriptions because in English we had one lesson a week where we could bring a book in and me and my friends would read N64 Magazine (& some times 64 Magazine) all the way up till year 11.

To this day I wonder if I should have carried on to get my Silver award as i was one game away or was i right sticking with my GCSE?



Marios-love-child said:


I've been a subscriber since 2006 when the Wii was announced, I actually still have every copy since then stacked in my bedroom wardrobe.

I've always prefered N-Gamer (Nintendo Gamer now) to the Official Nintendo Mag as the reviews seem to be alot less bias and more reliable.

If a game is a load of rubish they will say so.

I must admit that by the time a Magazine comes out with News & information I probably already know about it via Nintendo Life but I still enjoy flicking through it every month.

Have they said when the last issue will be??



hYdeks said:

what the heck is up with future publishing and nintendo lately? 2 magazines killed off now?!? COME ON!! What is Nintendo basicly dead now or something??? Killing off these magazine like they are doesn't give people much hope, and would make people think Nintendo is going through hard times

I'm sorry, but I love Nintendo Power and a subscriber, I'M NOT SUBSCRIBING TO ONM FOR $103!!!! ><



RedYoshi999 said:

I hope ONM AUS & NZ doesn't get shut down, I subscribe to that. I have a bad feeling though...



LittleIrves said:

I just wish we in America had the same quality of gaming mags you in the U.K. already have, with GamesTM, RetroGamer and EDGE... too bad about Nintendo Gamer, but you're spoilt for choice over there, so don't complain too hard.



Lin1876 said:

That a real shame. ONM hasn't been great since Lee Nutter left, even despite its insane popularity. Nintendo Gamer appealed to a a fairly narrow audience, but did so extremely well, but these days the Internet is the way forwards, so its closure was probably inevitable.




Very sad to read this. Been buying this game in ots various forms for ages and I was a subscriber for the last 2 or 3 years up to now. Big fan of the magazine and I loved its makeover when it got re-named from NGamer to Nintendo Gamer. Will miss their publications greatky. Hoepfully the website will still be bumper and quality. Thank you Nintendo Game



DM666 said:

Christ, I bought the first issue of super play. Loved the humour in Nintendo gamer. I guess with gaming websites and Internet available on pretty much any device the need for magazines is disappearing....shame.



dustin_g said:

There needs to be an official Nintendo print magazine, don't drop the ball Nintendo.



Luffymcduck said:

I used buy these when it was NGC magazine. They had few of them in the local Supermarket and they cost 10-11€ (since it was imported from England to Finland I guess). I used to buy almost every magazine during 2004 to the beginning of 2006 and few NGamer magazines after that. Reading the news and reviews from the internet became a better option for me but I still miss those awesome Nintendo magazines. They always had great jokes (does anyone remember the Grintendo comics where the Yellow Pikmin almost always died?) and good reviews. And the bonus stuff... Paper Mario TTYD Panorama, Zelda Four Sword Stickers for GameCube. Man that was great.



BJQ1972 said:

Been reading it since the N64 days, and unfortunately it has been dropping in quality for several years now. I won't really miss it.



grumblegrumble said:

In my opinion, Nintendo Power was more revolutionary than Super Play. If it wasn't for Nintendo Power countless other gaming magazines probably would have never existed. It's a sad time for gaming publications across the globe! :/



citizenerased said:

Best game magazine I ever read. Very cleverly written, tons of import review. Not afraid to get critical. RIP, NGC/NGamer (as I knew them).



BigBluePanda said:

I remember as soon as we got an N64 for Christmas in 1997, Issue 10 of N64 magazine was an accompanient that same month. So sad, been following the magazines since I was a child.



tanookisuit said:

Another form of evidence on why FutureOne sucks and why Nintendo should have never gotten in bed with them. They stuck on the mags treated it like being stuck on them and now they're dead. Guess we can see what the publishers priorities are now eh?



Picola said:

This is really sad news. i have bought every single issue for the last 6 years. although i also read onm this was always my favourite, and the reviews were mostly spot on. 8000 readership sounds extremely low tho considering there are 20m + ds/wii users in the uk - where does this figure cpme from? must have been a business decision



Urbanhispanic said:

Times have changed people. We used to be giddy everything a game magazine came in the mail; and we were TWICE as hyped up when we knew it was covering the amazing E3 conventions. Now we have the internet to get all of our gaming news. It was a matter of time before we see our beloved magazines shut down.



Henmii said:

I don't know how it is in the rest of the world, but here in Holland Nintendo Gamer is just a small magazine that not even appears monthly! Waiting 2 or 3 months for the next (small) issue in the internet-era? No thank you!!



Pj1 said:

It's a real shame, I like this magazine. Much better than ONM! but hopefully the writers will find work, won't they? hopefully future will make some decent changes to ONM and quick...



Gamer83 said:

I'm from North America but we have some stores over here that sell UK mags and since I discovered the magazine back around 2007, I've found Nintendo Gamer to be an enjoyable read. Seeing all these mags go is really starting to annoy the hell out of me. I hope ONM isn't next on the list, I've also purchased that mag a couple times off Future's website, they have some good stories from time to time. Maybe they can use this as an opportunity to improve that mag. If things keep going the way they have though, Nintendo Life may be the only good source of Nintendo-specific news left.



Grackler said:

No offence to this fine website, but this was my favourite source of gaming journalism (particularly in the N64 days). It's witty, well-written monthly content will be sorely missed!



Dizzard said:

It seems inevitable with the internet making it so easy to find reviews online now. Even good high quality reviews from trustworthy sources can be found online now.

I haven't bought many games magazine recently, there was a time when I would buy them all the time (sometimes even both the official nintendo magazine and nintendo gamer) but those days are gone now. For one thing they've become so expensive that it's very hard to justify buying them when you can just as easily find everything you need to know online.

I do still the odd time buy the magazine but it's increasingly because I would want to read the writing rather than actually needing to find out gaming news.

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