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Fluidity Is Your New Club Nintendo Reward

Posted by Damien McFerran

Superb puzzle title available for 150 of your shiny coins

The North American Club Nintendo rewards page has been updated yet again, with Bonsai Barber being replaced by the equally excellent Fluidity.

Normally retailing for a hefty — but totally justified — 1200 Wii Points, this physics-based puzzler will be available for 150 coins until the 19th of August. As you'll no doubt be aware from our review, it's a bit special. "Fluidity is easily one of the more original games on WiiWare and comes with hours of replay value, a slick physics engine and spot on controls," is what we said when we appraised the game way back in December 2010.

Thanks to ever-vigilant Knuckles for the tip.


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Ikki80 said:

It's not a pure puzzle, it has platform and metroidvania elements



chiptoon said:

You wouldn't think that this kind of reward program would be difficult to do in all parts of the world.



ImDiggerDan said:

@Omega - The game itself or the reward?

Personally love the game and suggest anyone who doesn't own it to take advantage of this offer. Assuming you are in a position to...



kyuubikid213 said:

This was a reward already...and they broke the WiiWare to Virtual Console pattern, didn't they?



bezerker99 said:

I don't care how good this game is, I want a Club Nintendo reward with old school classic controls. (I was over motion controls a few years ago.)



GeminiSaint said:

This is the second time they offer Fluidity as a reward.
But that's okay, I guess. It's a really good game. It's basically a metroidvania with water, set in the pages of a storybook.



DarkEdi said:

I fix the title:

"Fluidity Is Your Old Club Nintendo Reward"

I downloaded it the last time it was a reward.



Sam_Loser2 said:

I'm totally getting it. Also nice to spend 150 coins on something that's $12 rather than something that's only worth $3. I do want a 3DS version of this, though.



Knuckles said:

You know I was thinking the same thing, wasn't this the first reward with SMK, M&DK DSiWare, and 3D Classic Xevious. Guess I got it confused with World of Goo



Omega said:

@ImDiggerDan (#7) We have the game in Europe (though it's called Hydroventure here). I meant the rewards in general.

We have stars instead of coins. But usually you can only get odds and ends for an astronomically high sum of stars. Or you can swap stars for Wii Points. We get 100 Wii Points for 400 stars. So if I wanted to have Fluidity I would need 4800 stars!!!



PixelatedPixie said:

That's an incredible deal. Hydroventure (Fluidity) is one of the best games on the system. In terms of quality and quantity, it's easily better than most retail releases for Wii. For me it's not only one of my favourite Wiiware games, it's one of my favourite Wii games.



Barbiegurl777 said:

I saw this game a few years ago on the wii shop channel & was curious but thought the price was a little to high for a wiiware title. Glad I waited lol!

Loving the game BTW!

This is a steal getting a 12 dollar game for 150 coin's in club nintendo.

I love this getting a new game for 100, or 150 coin's in club nintendo every week or every other week.

This is great! XD

Happy Gaming! (^_^)



Zausimo said:

Even though this game was one of the first rewards offered, if any of the previous awards had to be repeated, this is clearly the best one to do so. I actually emailed Nintendo back in mid-January (after the offer expired to get this) to bring back Fluidity as an option in the future. It looks like I wasn't the only one that suggested this, so thanks for reading the emails Ninty!

Also, another thing to keep in mind that hasn't been noted much on here is that the rewards are no longer a monthly basis, but a bi-weekly reward listing. This means more games per month, which means less annoyance if the title currently offered is not your cup of tea.

As for the next eligible WiiWare title to come up in the future, maybe I'll suggest the currently overpriced Pokemon Rumble, there aren't many other titles left that they haven't offered...



LittleIrves said:

Get. This. Game.
Even at the normal $12 price, it's easily worth it. If this was released as a budget retail title at $19.99, it would seem like an amazing deal. Just because it's a download-only title, the 12 dollars seems steep. It's all psychological. But if you have 150 coins, the price is moot anyway... as Dutch says, "C'mon do it!"



Retro-Commando said:

completely agree this is very annoying, looking at the coins required to download these games, it seems you do not need much.

C'mon Nintendo Europe we need these kind of rewards not some keyring, and Points cards that only work on Wii!!!!!!!



Token_Girl said:

Definitely going to pick this up. I played the demo a couple years ago and really enjoyed it.



Burny said:

This game would be absolutely perfect on the Wii U (or any tablet based device for that matter). In the meanwhile, you should really play this. Closest to a downloadable Metroid you'll get on WiiWare.



SkywardLink98 said:

Wow. For those of you who don't have it I'd recommend it. I was hoping for some Virtual Console goodness like Super Metroid or something, but this is ok too...



ThreadShadow said:

This is a great little game. I did pick it up when it was released (for real coins), but for anyone who has missed it, here's another chance to get it. I'll just have to wait till the 19th. Although maybe there will be something for me when they swap out the portable title.



aaronsullivan said:

Easy recommendation. One of the best Wii games of any format. Oh, and I got it as a reward previously.



sinalefa said:

Yeah, bummer to see a reward repeating so soon, you would think they have a lot more games to offer before cycling through them. Personally I am waiting for Mario Land 2, Game and Watch Gallery or Link's Awakening.

So I hope the people that let it go last time get it now. It is worth it.



Hokori said:

They should put Dillion's rolling western, light tracks, rotozoa, FZero, Pilotwings, or crono trigger as a reward



alLabouTandroiD said:

I also think it would be interesting to have a poll for the CN rewards. Could be nice to see how many people

  • will spend their coins for the game
  • are planning to download it with eShop cash now that the game's in the limelight again
  • already have it
  • are not interested in the game at all.

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