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Bookstore Dream In Final Chapter of DSiWare Approval

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

eBook support not confirmed

Bookstore Dream for DSiWare was confirmed earlier this year by CIRCLE Entertainment, a simulation game where you get to run your own book store from scratch and develop it into a successful business. The good news for literary-minded gamers who also want to make some sim-cash is that the title has now been approved in North America for distribution, awaiting a release date, while the approval process is also underway in Europe.

We expect this will have similarities to other resource-management sims, with the focus this time on forging links with publishers, maintaining stock and organising book signings from authors. The goal is to do everything and get rich, of course, a trick that high street book stores would clearly love to master in these tough times.

It looks like this one will arrive soon, so do you think you'll pick it up?

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chewytapeworm said:

Well, Theme Hospital was fun enough. If this game is well executed there's no reason why it couldn't be one final worthy DSiWare purchase!



Dazza said:

Looks nice, but I'll wait for "Website Dream" where start out with a fledgling blog then build up to a gazillion hits



Barbiegurl777 said:

The game look's cute almost reminds me of Zoo Frenzy on dsiware with the graphic's.

If this comes out in august or sept I'll put it on my wishlist in the e-shop. Saving up e-shop cash for oct for New Art Academy, Sparkle Snapshots, & Style Savvy to download plus give time to read the review on this game as well.

Usually whatever I put on my wishlist in the e-shop I end up getting so I'll probably buy this game.


Happy Gaming! (^_^)



Jese_1 said:

I'll wait for a review, but if it's been done properly, then I'll definitely be getting myself a copy. Love management sims



Rargon said:

@fredtoy I remember the 1st kairosoft Game I played was Game Dev Story, and instantly took away 5 hours of continuous gameplay of my life in one day. I highly hope this game is similar to the KairoSoft games, Hot Springs Story being one of my favorites.



nf_2 said:

If this is anything like those Kairosoft games on iOS, then I'm definitely interested. The only thing I don't like for this one is the theme. I hate books.



Freelance said:

I'll buy it cause consoles/handhelds need more of those. One reason why my PC gets some love.



sillygostly said:

I'd love this, but I don't have any more room in my 3DS system memory for DSi downloads, and I don't want to have to have to constantly delete/move files every time I want to access my (modest) DSiWare library. I'm surprised and disappointed that Nintendo is yet to devise a solution for this.



Dizzard said:

This looks pretty neat. It does look like Kairosoft and I've always wanted to play their games but don't have the platform for it.

Might pick this up.



Nanoline said:

If it's made well and gets a few good reviews (hopefully NintendoLife will review it) I'll be interested. It looks like a scaled down mix of The Sims and decorating secret bases from some of the older Pokemon games.

With that said, this had better not have an $8 price tag. That's a lot to ask for such a centralized setup.



Kitsune_Rei said:

I'd like this game to be good, and I'm interested to see a review, but its Circle. Not holding my breath.
They almost seen to have a Zynga approach to appropriating game concepts from other games, but they seem to fail to capture what makes that game fun originally.

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