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Abyss Alights To The Surface On 23rd August

Posted by Katy Ellis

But will it cause a splash?

Today, EnjoyUp Games, makers of Gaia's Moon, has announced that Abyss will be swimming to the North American DSi Shop and the 3DS eShop on Thursday 23rd August.

Abyss was announced back in June, and since then has been priced at 200 DSi Points and $1.99 in the 3DS eShop.

The aim of Abyss is to command a deep sea robot named Nep2no around the watery deep, in search of Gaia stones. While Abyss' gameplay may seem similar to a sullen version of Ariel: The Little Mermaid on SEGA's Game Gear handheld, the unique art style and calm, yet mysterious atmospheric music makes it one to look out for.

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DreaddJester said:

Sounds like a lot of fun for such a cheap price. I seem to remember a similar old school game with a space ship that you had to guide to a landing pad..........Can't remember the name of that game though. I'll have to keep an eye on this one.



cfgk24 said:

Lunar Lander?
BBC 32k Micro also had a similar game which was cool - you had to use thrust to negotiate your spaceship around a cave then pick up a heavy load on a tether and tow it back to space. superb physics game but I forget what it was called.



TheDreamingHawk said:

Seems like shovelware. But Vectorracing is coming next week as well, and you should also report on that.



Windy said:

@TheDreamingHawk Do you know if the Vector Racing is going to be a 3DS or DSi Release. Also it's a game that should have online multiplayer any news on that? If so i'm all over that title.

Im not really interested in the shovelware Abyss game it's sad but it seems thats all we get these days



RR529 said:

@Windy, in the eShop, Vector Racing is listed as a "3DS Download", so it's going to be a 3DS game.

DSiWare is all labed "DSiWare".



rayword45 said:

lol you guys. Even if this turns out to be bad, I refuse to call ANYTHING by EnjoyUp Games shovelware, as all of their DSiWare offerings have faired at the very least decently.

Pre-judgement abound.



DreaddJester said:

Yes, Lunar Lander was the name of the game I was thinking of. I also agree with Rayword, EnjoyUp has created some interesting and different games in the past. Granted, they haven't been the deepest games in the world but what they create is generally enjoyable to play. I mean, Little Red Riding Hood's Zombie BBQ is nearly a cult classic and came out way before that upstart Lollipop Chainsaw.



Windy said:

Im sorry to call a game shovelware that has not been released yet. Plus ive been awefully whiney lately in regards to the eshop. I need to stop. Heres the situation with me. Ive been gaming since about 1978. I wont get into all the details of gaming between then and now but I have enjoyed it to no end. I was determined to make the 3ds my last system purchase and basically only do all my gaming on that as I have really taken a liking to handheld gaming. Plus handheld gaming is much more comfortable for me since I have a condition caused by recent chemotherapy. Now there has been some terrific games on the 3ds. Overall I just feel the android and Apple stores/markets have more to offer and it frustrates me to no end. I really want the 3ds to succeed and be the best handheld gaming system out there. So I hope the eshop gets good games I really do. Again sorry for being whiney here on the boards. I just want good games on my system of choice just like everyone else



Bassman_Q said:

I dunno... the trailer made it seem incredibly dull, boring, and overly tricky/hard. :/ I don't have much faith in this one.

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