Last week's Comic Con expo had plenty of games coverage, and Ubisoft took the opportunity to show two new trailers for its launch window Wii U title, Zombi U. The footage gives more insight into the basic premise of being a survivor stranded in a zombie-infested London, scavenging for whatever resources can be found, while taking in landmarks such as Buckingham Palace.

Both trailers show plenty of scares, and also give an idea of how the GamePad will be used: the player manages inventory in real time, aims a crossbow, scans items and picks a lock. These videos are gruesome but we'll only show the first here — the second is in a nursery, albeit one populated entirely by adults — and both are rated at 18. If you're old enough and like British comedy movies, you may get a kick out of the Shaun of the Dead-style cricket bat action.