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White Raccoon Mario to The Rescue in New Super Mario Bros. 2

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

No platformer left behind

Super Mario 3D Land may not have tested series veterans in its early worlds, but by the time we got to the later levels — the real later levels — various members of the Nintendo Life team were faced with the temptation of White Raccoon Suit Mario. Dying five times in the same area made this power up appear, and Mario would become an indestructible force capable of conquering any stage without fear of death. The downside is that the achievement stars on your profile stop sparkling, so if you want to avoid that terrible fate you need to avoid too many untimely deaths.

It's been confirmed by Famitsu (via Andriasang), that this special Mario will be available to guide gamers through the toughest levels in New Super Mario Bros. 2, meaning that any player, with enough patience, should be able to progress fully through the game. We're sure you'll agree that it's a fetching outfit, and by the end of August quite a few of us will have seen it in action.


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BenAV said:

I've never used the suit in 3D Land and I suspect it to be the same with NSMB2



James said:

I will probably use this suit a lot as I am rubbish at games.



Chris720 said:

Why do they always have to put in these guides? If you can't get past a difficult challenge then try a new way of getting around it, simple.

It was bad enough in NSMBW and DKCR. However, DKCR was admittedly quite hard in some areas than others, but why would you need a guide in Mario? I don't really understand that... in my mind it's probably one of the easier platformers out there you can play.



grumblebuzzz said:

I personally never used it in 3D Land — or even saw it for that matter — but I am glad it's there none the less. My 5 year old nephew is just now starting to get into video games and features like this keep him playing rather than leaving him frustrated in tougher levels.



KaiserGX said:

It's actually White Raccoon Mario in the game.

Also with this, they can make the difficulty to w.e they want without worrying about it being too hard for other players. You don't have to use it and I don't see why there are complaints in the first place.



James said:

Isn't that a gold raccoon suit? Not sure they'd do two white power-ups...



KaiserGX said:

The White Tanooki Suit picture is from 3D Land. NSMB2 has White Raccoon Mario instead of White Tanooki Mario since the Super Leaf here turns you into Raccoon Mario instead of Tanooki Mario. The only Gold power up is Gold Mario, which is gotten by the Gold Flower. Other wise it would have been Gold Fire Mario so the other can be Gold Tanooki Mario.


The Invincibility Leaf is the same as in 3D Land but there's no Golden Leaf in any of the press pics. There's a Gold Mushroom but it just gives you a coins.



GoldenBanana said:

I agree with Miss Birdo. Don´t see the point in getting upset with the chance of having a power that can get you through a stage without much effort. Not everybody is able to play Mario as good as it is intended by the difficulty of the game designed.

If you buy a game, you do it to have fun. With that in mind, we have to agree that everybody has the right to get to the end of the game (not only the "worthy" ones). So it is a good idea that Nintendo gives people that can´t play that well, the chance to get through the entire game they´ve bought (that lets fun be a continuous function, rather than a piecewise function of fun fractured by frustration).

chiptoon is right, @Chris720 must be hot stuff xD



Philip_J_Reed said:

I replayed 3DLand this past week, just to 100% it without losing my sparkly profile stars.

It was worth it.



Hokori said:

Oh so that's how you get it in 3D Land, I looked and saw it was in the game but I never got it and was like ????? where is it?



ThomasBW84 said:

@Philip_J_Reed I'm in the middle of that endeavour at the moment, it's tricky. I'm not awesome enough to say that I can do it with one hand tied behind my back first time of asking, but I think I'll get to five sparkly stars eventually (my original profile has five dull, sad golden stars). As for the very last level, screw that!



ThomasBW84 said:

There seem to be contradictions between what the suit is called and the actual design around the web (I've been looking). Various wikis etc can't seem to agree, so until Nintendo says so in a language other than Japanese, I'm tempted to go along with Andriasang's translation of Famitsu. If anyone has links to confirmation of other details from Nintendo, from a reliable source, then point me there and I'll update the article



NintyMan said:

At least this means there will be some hard levels in NSMB2. That's all that the announcement of a super guide tells me, so this I think is good news.

Plus, I think it's supposed to be a white Raccoon Mario.



edcomics said:

People love being snobs and announcing how great they are at games. The fact is, not everyone enjoys games the same way. Difficult stages can be aggravating for people who aren't hardcore gamers. They paid good money for their game, and they just want to have a fun time with it. If a super-suit power-up helps them do that, then great. The snobs can just snub the power-up and continue impressing the ladies with their video game prowess.



WiiLovePeace said:

I don't see how anyone could disapprove of this helping hand to those that need it. If you don't like it, don't use it. & it gives Nintendo an excuse to make the game that much harder which is always a good thing, since they have included this "way out" for those who aren't as good at games. & you can't get the sparkly stars if you use it so its not like someone can" legitimately" complete the game just by using it & hence can't be considered "unfair" to the people who don't use it. Hence its a perfect win-win all round in my opinion.



Pokefanmum82 said:

This works for me as I am one of those people that isn't the best at platformers and I am not ashamed to say it. I love Mario games.



chewytapeworm said:

It's not even gonna matter when you get a hundred billion coins every single level... Just keep trying with your infinite lives!



Chris720 said:

@chiptoon I'm not quite sure what to make of that comment. o_O

Anyway... I am in no way amazing at video games, I'm just good at some and I got good by dealing with challenges and learning to get around them. This is one reason why I hate today's generation of gamers, most of them get way too much hand holding with games now a days, why can't you learn how to get around the challenge without getting molly cuddled? We had to grim and bear back in the Game Boy days, why can't you grim and bear it on your 3DS? :/

And what's even more weirder is this is NSMB2, y'know... the one with a bajillion coins? Which also means a bajillion lives? Why would you need white Racoon Mario when you have 99 lives to burn and then some?

Good grief I sound old... and I'm actually rather young. D:



3DSNoobieNerd said:

There are lot of coins in the levels and they still put this??? Seriously? A little kid could pass the game without it... "And the award for the easiest game of all games in existence goes to..."
Still getting this game, though...



HADAA said:

@Thomas By "real later levels" did you mean the special levels? I was under the impression that the assist blocks won't appear in those levels even if you die 5 times, could you clarify what you meant?

@Chris720 @3DSNoobieNerd et al. Yes yes you guys are pro, we get it. But newbies like myself paid the same price, so we deserve to get a chance to play the harder level with assistance. A million lives don't mean anything if I have to go back to the start of the level or the checkpoint every time I die (it's always between those I'm having trouble with). Once I get better by spending hours and hours on gaming like your guys, I will play it through again without getting cuddled. Don't like those, don't use them. Like to grin and bear, be my guest. But stop telling me what to do.



Chris720 said:

@HADAA We're not telling you what to do at all, I personally find it really weird why you (not you, just people in general) would need something like this in the first place since the only way to getting better is via trial and error, not trial and then help, that's my point. Yes, there are people who struggle and get frustrated and then give up but then I ask myself, "Didn't you expect a challenge?"

I admit I've died enough times in DKCR and NSMBW that those two help things showed up, so I am in no way shape or form a "pro" I just simply walk back in and try again until I succeed.



NImH said:

I know how it feels to be that guy.
I too am very awesome at games, and it's quite a challenge. The real test is how we cope with the jealously and hatred by the jealous hordes. Just let it go.
I got your back.
...and I'm old and hate the current gen of gamers too.
Heh heh heh...



Ryno said:

Yes, yes we get it. Some people are not good at playing video games and instead of trying to get better on their own through practice and trying different techniques they want to resort to the easy way and not be accountable for your mistake. Congratulations, enjoy your participation trophies in life.




KaiserGX said:

@ThomasBW84 I just talked to Anoop over at Andriasang and discussed this situation. So we confirmed the information on the Famitsu page. "しっぽマリ" (Tail Mario), which confirmed White Raccoon Mario. Told me they might edit the page in a bit.

Here's the source of the Famitsu information.
Update away. Thanks again.



EvansLegends said:

I rather wish Nintendo would stop with these guides and helping hands. I don't think it's appropriate for their AAA titles, because it just seems to beat down the hardcore aspect of their games. It's things like this that make Nintendo look like a bit of a softy rather than the slick, cool gaming company they really are. Don't get me wrong, it's great that they're taking a family friendly approach to gaming, but I think this is too much. And it may be optional, but it still pops up even if you have no intention of using it.



SaSoBe said:

I think it's a good thing. I probably (and hopefully) won't need to use it, but it will be great for my mother when she gets stuck on some tricky part. Instead of getting stuck and giving up, or forcing me to do it for her, she can continue to enjoy the game. There's nothing to whine about - no one will force you to use it, so get over yourselves and your hardcore gaming skillz.



ShadowSniper7 said:

I'm not too fond of the win button either but to those that are really upset about it, you can get Super Meat Boy for less then half the price of NSMB2. There is no win button there and you will die over and over and over again. That is what you want right?



MrArcade said:

"No platformer left behind" reminds me of a quote.
"No Pikmin left behind"

  • Chuggaaconroy


idork99 said:

I suck at first person shooters, but I'm a Master at Super Mario Bros. platforms! Probable saw that suit no more than three times during my time with SM3DL and never did I use it. Never owned NSMB Wii but I recall a time when I went to a friends house (they were attempting to pass the whole game in a single day) and impressed some people in there. While playing a latter level of the game that they could not pass, I recall one dude seeing me play and saying,"I see what you are trying to do there. I tried that already and it's not going to...oh." True story. Not trying to brag here. But it ain't bragging if it's true ;p



idork99 said:

@edcomics You are absolutely right! Every does enjoy games in a different way. I read the article and right away felt the need to comment on my experience. I guess I should've read the other comments before commenting myself. Now I feel like a snob It's just that I suck at every other game except Mario so the desire to share this was immense! Please excuse my snobbiness.
@Ryno Hilarious!



ThomasBW84 said:

@HADAA Maybe my memory was tricking me, I recall personally seeing the help block on a Bowser level, but it's possible that was in the original set of worlds, not the extras. That aside, I know I'm not the only NL staffer who's seen the block and been struck by temptation.

@Miss_Birdo That's cool, as Andriasang is the source I'll follow suit and update if they do, as I don't speak a word of Japanese!



xinoeph said:

I'll add you! 5155-3755-0362

I'm sure i'll be using this power up quite a when I get this.



sinalefa said:

I will side with the people who support the help feature. It is good for people that want to see the whole game, good for the great players as it allows the developers to make tough challenges later on and good for the developers as most gamers will be able to enjoy the stages they so painstakingly created.

If it is optional, don't use it. The thing is that if you see it appear, you will think "The game is telling me that I suck and that I need help" and I see it more like an ego crushing complaint. I was sick of seeing that pig with the white flag when I was finishing DKCR, yet I never gave in. Everyone has a right to have fun with the game they bought and play it their way, why that can piss off anyone I have no idea



TimboBaggins said:

Hey guys, this is a great thing for all the kiddies out there. For real, when I was 6, some of the levels in Super Mario World were too hard, and I had to get my sister to help me past them. So this is really good for the tots, but if you are grown and you use the white tanooki suit, we will think less of you



Savino said:

My daugther of 4 years old says those helps are for little babies. The girl has a point!



BulbasaurusRex said:

This is much better than the Player Guide or whatever it's called in NSMB Wii. We get to play through the levels ourselves with this cheat.



gundam00 said:

I don't see what some of you are griping about, especially those who have never used White Tanooki. White Tanooki Mario is so much fun!! It was a suit I enjoyed using. I didn't see it as a superior/inferior play; I saw it as a fun easter egg.



Drawdler said:

Looks very nice.

Also, I seem to be one of... One people who has all five stars shining on first playthrough



Araknie said:

Never used any help in any Nintendo game since they started this gameguide thing and never gonna do it until i die.



Harley said:

I don't have a problem with Nintendo lending a helping hand to less seasoned gamers, but this is getting to be a bit ridiculous. Given that you're tasked with collecting MILLIONS of coins in'd be a shame if anyone even saw a Game Over screen. The whole purpose of challenge in a game was to overcome it, not allow the game to simply let you breeze through it with what's basically a gameshark code after dying X amount of times.

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