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Travel Across the Galaxies with Planet Crashers' New Trailer

Posted by Katy Ellis

That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind

Developer Renegade Kid, of Mutant Mudds fame, has unleashed a brand new trailer to celebrate the release of its latest RPG adventure, due to hit both American and European Nintendo 3DS eShops this Thursday.

In Planet Crashers, you must travel across the galaxies to stop an evil force from destroying the sun and generally causing a nuisance. It also features a huge expanse to explore, fun quests, fully customisable characters, head-to-head multiplayer and a quirky storyline, which leaves us wondering why Renegade Kid ever ditched plans to give it a full retail release. Nevertheless, Planet Crashers looks set to be a big hit on the 3DS eShop, so make sure to look out for it on Thursday, as well as our review later in the week.

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BenAV said:

Still not really liking the game's visuals, but besides that I'm pretty interested so unless it ends up being pretty bad I think I'll buy it.
Might be sending my 3DS off for repair tomorrow though, so I might not be able to play for a couple of weeks.



RupeeClock said:

I have to confess, this still doesn't look all that hot.
If there's any eShop RPG title I'm looking forward to, it's Denpa Ningen No RPG.



Radixxs said:

Minor complaint: the font for the menus and general text in this game annoys me, and I have only watched two trailers. It's the same font from all of their other games, but in this game it makes it look like a cheap flash game. Idk, it's just bugging me.



C-Olimar said:

Did you guys receive this game to review early, like Rolling Western and Mutant Mudds?



Samholy said:

the planet roaming section looks kinda fun for what we saw.
but the combat system looks dull at most. reminds me the arena crap they added in chrono trigger DS. Basic at its finest, boring at its best.

i can be wrong,but ill wait for reviews of course.



WiiLovePeace said:

This game looks suprisingly good, gameplay wise anyway. I thought the worlds were gonna be a rolling log style like Animal Crossing (which I can't get into), but since the worlds are more like a ball its definitely moved up my list of interesting games.



Flowerlark said:

I'm still on the fence about this... and likely closer to the 'not getting it' side of said fence. It looks kinda dizzying and I thought Mutant Mudds was a dull, average game, so I don't really have high hopes for Renegade Kid's other titles.



iBazly said:

Can someone clear this up for me: it LOOKS like the only combat they keep showing is PvP. Any word on what non-PvP combat is going to be like? Because that will make or break the game for me.



Usagi-san said:

@luminalace: a wise decision.

This is one of the few games where I actually wish I could get my money back. Haven't played much of it so far but it seems to be kinda like Pokemon Mystery Dungeon... without the mystery.

On the first planet you have to reach level 5 before you can move to the next. Leveling up and gettig skills means taking quests Pokemon Mystery Dungeon style however the dungeons don't change like in a roguelike. each quest requires you to drag your player's sorry derriere through the same scenery not to mention that sometimes the game decides you will get magically teleported back to the person who made the request and other times it tells you you have to walk back.

It's boring.

I spent 2 hours trying to reach level 5 on the first planet and when I got to the second planet it looked like more of the same so I gave up. I probably won't play the game again. It will be interesting to see what the review is like.

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