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Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy Earns Passing Rank in UK Chart

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Fantasizing about top spot

The UK charts can be a tough place for Nintendo system exclusives in recent times, but Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy has secured a reasonable 19th place in the UK all-format charts in its first week. While that may not sound like something to celebrate, we should consider that the excellent Rhythm Thief & the Emperor's Treasure failed to chart, missing the top 40 in its debut week back in April.

Other 3DS titles have experienced mixed fortunes in their debut weeks in the UK charts: Resident Evil Revelations charted at six, Kid Icarus: Uprising came in at number seven, while Mario Tennis Open could only serve up 11th place in its debut.

All of those titles crashed out of the top 40 shortly after release, however, so we'll need to wait and see whether Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy has more staying power.


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fchinaski said:

I'm interested in the game, might even buy it eventually, but I'm not crazy about the fact that Nintendo caved in to the DLC model. If I'm paying full price for a game, I want to have a full game in my hands.



BenAV said:

Not too bad I guess.
It's a really fun game, so good to see it at least up there.



Raptor78 said:

I quite like Rhythm games but I wasn't too impressed with the demo for this game, but hey that's what demos are for. I'm glad that it made it into the charts though, just because I wasn't impressed only ment it didn't tick the boxes for me... heres hoping for a 3DS Elite Beat Agents game in the future.



BenAV said:

@fchinaski The DLC for this game actually seems to add very little.
It's most definitely a complete game without it and I'm probably going to end up spending 100+ hours on it.
Tons of content!



Spoony_Tech said:

Excellent game and I'm kinda surprised where it landed because its genre specific! Must be a lot of ff fans in the UK! Hopefully its a good sign for the 3ds!



Bankai said:

@fchinaski - you have got a full game. The DLC is an expansion. That's all.

This game is brilliant, and I'm glad to see a niche game on a niche platform land in the top 20. Good work, Square Enix!



Angelic_Lapras_King said:

The DLC is only 90p per song anyway. Look on the bright side, its not DLCapcom charging folk £16 for 12 SFXT characters that are already locked on the disc....

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