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Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Keeping it Simple on Wii U GamePad

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Second screen can be 'distracting'

We've already read and heard much about the Wii U GamePad, with its screen and various control methods set to be explored and tested by developers. While these features are likely to be prominent in a number of launch window titles, it seems that one in particular will be keeping it simple.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 was a third-party title that featured in a sizzle-reel during Nintendo's E3 conference, but the fighter is likely to play it straight with the controls. After describing the GamePad's screen as potentially 'distracting', series boss Katsuhiro Harada said the following to

Looking at the small screen and the big screen at the same time is pretty distracting for a fighting game. So we're thinking of making it useful as a way of having shortcuts. Or, by making progressing through the game more convenient. Or by playing alone on the GamePad screen.

It sounds like the developers haven't actually decided how to use the GamePad screen yet, though we may see a similar approach to that seen in Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition, for example, with combo moves or easy button prompts available for quick access. In any case it's clear that, like the Wii Remote before it, not all games will be interested in using the GamePad's full range of capabilities.


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Cyrso said:

Seems logic.

I've never really found that 'GamePad' (why don't just call it Gamepad or gamepad?) really useful and revolutionary. I think it will mostly just be used as a HUD screen or for navigating through interfaces and shortcuts etc.

Nothing really exciting.



NintyMan said:

Keeping it simple would be a good idea because it really would be distracting looking up and down at from the GamePad to the TV screen during a quick and fierce fight. It shouldn't dumb down the game at all, though. One thing that really sold me on this game is that you can customize your own stages.



rjejr said:

I think it would be good for static info such as the tournaments brackets or player info that you'ld find displayed on a big screen at a baseball stadium. [The best all time was during the 1986 Mets playoff run when it would say "Ray Knight is married to golf pro Nancy Lopez". Knight was World Series MVP that year BTW. The world wasn't as PC back then so always good for a stadium wide chuckle.] Using it for single player seems like a near mandatory no-brainer for all games that aren't using it in game. I don't think Arkham City would work as well only on the small screen.



TruenoGT said:

It will be fun to just play on the remote screen away from the TV. If remotes (and by extension classic controllers) can be used to control games on the gamepad, then one could prop up the gamepad and play two player with classic controllers (i.e. arcade sticks) away from the TV. Does anyone know if this is technically possible (not just this game, but with the system in general)?



bro2dragons said:

I'd be quite happy with just having it display the same thing as the TV, so I can do that whole "play your game while you're whining sibling takes over the TV" thing.



MeloMan said:

...And that's perfectly fine. No dev should use functions of a game system for the sake of tacking them on. Keeping it straight with playing on the screen or the pad is perfectly fine to me, just hone all the other things needed to make this game great and I'm a happy man. Oh how I've waited so long for TTT2



retro_player_22 said:

Wii U GamePad distracting for a fighting game? Ya know, there's a reason why Nintendo made a Wii U Pro Controller alongside the Wii U GamePad.



Kyloctopus said:

I cannot wait for this title. I hope it comes with the Pre Order bonus for the other consoles.



Ben__Harlan said:

At least they know that addind a stupid gimmick just to use the touchscreen wont make it a truly good Wii U version of the game. Shortcuts like SSFIV... But making combos in Tekken is just smashing random buttons.



DarkLloyd said:

oh so its this tekken game thats coming for the wiiu launch i was under the impression it was just tekken that was coming



WaxxyOne said:

Not every game has to make use of every bell and whistle a new system offers.

Just in case any third-party developers out there didn't hear, that, I'll repeat it.


There. Hopefully we can avoid Red Steel U now. Please?

Sometimes less is more. Street Fighter IV 3D Edition had the right balance. The main screen was where 90% of the stuff happened, and the touch-screen just acted as handy controls in addition to the physical buttons. That's all the game needed. For other games, being able to utilize the screen in more proactive ways will fit better. I am not going to feel cheapened if we get a game that's fun to play even if it relegates the pad to a couple extra buttons or a static map.

Also, I'm glad to hear they're considering letting you play solely on the screen. Hopefully many games will embrace that concept so it can become a more or less standard of the system, and not a novelty used only by one or two games.



Vincent294 said:

@dantevskratos The Wii D-Pad wasn't Nintendo's finest, and the Xbox 360 one was more like a 3rd analog stick, but I haven't been the biggest fan of the Playstation D-Pads. The Vita one was nice though. Currently, the 3DS one is my favorite, but now to get back on topic: Tekken may be doing it right. The 2nd screen may not be too beneficial to a fighting game.



luminalace said:

I love the Wii U gamepad but keep games like Tekken pure and true to what it's like on other consoles! Not every game has to use the features of the gamepad, but I would be happy if they put the energy bar on the Gamepad screen.



Kage_88 said:

Harada previously mentioned that Tekken Wii U could replicate the arcade experience by showing scores/leaderboards/etc.

Other than that, I wan't really expecting the game to make revolutionary use of the GamePad (though the graffiti mode better still be in it!)



LittleIrves said:

@TruenoGT I've thought about this, too. Not sure if it's technically possible, but I really hope so, not only for off-the-TV 2-player games but just as another way to control certain unique experiences.... like playing a game w/ the wiimote on the big TV, but your Gamepad is set up elsewhere and, depending on the circumstances, you need to interact directly with this smaller, 2nd screen using the wiimote. Could be neat.

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