Today brings us the opening ceremony of some sporty-thing in London; it starts with an O and involves lots of very athletic people doing silly things for medals. Frankly, unless any of them have unlocked all of the StreetPass Plaza achievements we refuse to be impressed, and we'll be far too busy playing video games to pay any attention. No opening ceremony with over one billion TV viewers will distract the Nintendo Life team from the best hobby in the world, absolutely not.

So once again we share our weekend gaming plans with you, including those that scandalously don't include Nintendo systems, and we hope you'll join in and tell us what video game antics you'll be getting up to. Let's get right to it.

Tom Whitehead

Marvel Pinball 3D — My unhealthy obsession with Zen Pinball 3D has probably contributed to worsening eyesight, as the tables aren't exactly easy to see on the humble 3DS screen. Once I get my sweaty palms on a 3DS XL this weekend downloading Marvel Pinball is very high on my list of priorities, right after praying that the system transfer works properly.

Kid Icarus: Uprising — Although it has serious competition this is the best looking title on 3DS, in my humble opinion; I'm keen to give up many more hours of my life re-playing it in all of its epic glory, on bigger screens.

Resident Evil Revelations — The second best looking 3DS game, which I'll be playing for exactly the same reasons as KI:U, that and because it's utterly awesome.

Mike Mason

Rhythm Thief & the Emperor's Treasure — It's shiny new 3DS XL weekend, so what better way to celebrate than by continuing through this excellent musical adventure?

Kid Icarus: Uprising — The big screens will probably encourage me to make a Pit stop, too.

Pokémon Conquest — Strategy, Japanese history and battling monster pets; what could be a better combination?

Jon Wahlgren

Rhythm Thief and the Emperor's Treasure — Finally got hold of a copy and have so far made it around two chapters in. I'm having a lot of fun with it so far and hope to get some more time with it. Medal tapping has become a compulsion now.

Petit Computer — I'd like to brush up on my BASIC some more and do a text adventure, so I hope to at least get some early coding done on that.

Batman: Arkham City — I've got Dark Knight Rises IMAX tickets for Sunday and I'm sure I'll want to return to this, just like Amazing Spider-Man had me return to Ultimate Spider-Man on GameCube. Which I wrapped earlier this week before seeing the movie again.

Corbie Dillard

Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy — I've had this game since it was released, but I'm just not getting around to putting it through its paces. I loved it at E3 and it's easily one of my favourite 3DS games to date. Can't wait to play more of it this weekend.

World Heroes Perfect — I'm going to be taking this Neo Geo classic for a spin this weekend in preparation for the upcoming Virtual Console review I'll be doing. It took SNK a while, but they finally got the World Heroes formula right with this last release. I think I'll even pop the MVS cart into my Neo cabinet and put some time into the real deal; strictly for comparison sake of course.

Desiree Turner

Petit Computer! I know it's not really a 'game' per se, but I'm damned and determined to blunder my way through learning SmileBASIC (with a little help from the friendly folks in our Petit Computer forum thread!)

Katy Ellis

Planet Crashers — I will be giving Renegade Kid’s latest eShop instalment a spin this weekend, travelling across the galaxies and generally customising my character for hours on end, all in the name of reviewing.

Deadly Premonition (X360): Already 60+ hours in and I still haven’t completed all of the side-quests or collected every trading card. With a truly captivating story (and shocking ending), amazing character development and one of the quirkiest soundtracks around, I would seriously recommend you play my personal Game of Every Year (since 2010).

Philip J Reed

We've been absolutely blitzed with great 3DS VC titles lately, so I'll be making some progress through Mole Mania, Tumble Pop, and of course Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3. And if I need more things to play? Well, I heard some very handsome video game reviewers have left recommendations in the eshop... oh yeah, the Nintendo Life "Summer Picks" eShop shelf.

Ron DelVillano

Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy — I picked it up around launch and haven't had the opportunity to spend much time with it, but I'm really looking forward to diving in a little deeper.

Rhythm Thief & the Emperor's Treasure — I've been having a little trouble locating a copy locally, but I think I've tracked finally one down. With any luck, I'll get my copy and it'll be a weekend full of rhythm-based goodness.

Kirby's Pinball Land — By default, I play a LOT of Kirby's Pinball Land.

Christopher Ingram

After my visit to our second Nintendo Life eShop shelf, I walked away with the digital renditions of 3D Classics: Kid Icarus and Antipole. While I'll be devoting a good deal of time to the crazy RPG infused Arkanoid clone, WizOrb (PS Mini), I'll definitely be dodging flying eggplants and flipping gravity on my 3DS too!

Joe Walker

Pokémon White — Noticing a pattern?

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy (3DS) - The only time I get to play this is when my wife gives up our copy of the game, which sadly is not very often.

Dragon Warrior (NES) — I realized I'd never beaten a Dragon Quest game so I decided to start at the very beginning. It's an archaic grindfest but I'm still having fun!

Gaz Plant

The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap — With Super Mario World now 100%ed, I'm moving onto the next game on my "to be completed" pile. Up next is Minish Cap, the only problem being that I can't remember where I got to in the game so have simply resorted to wandering around Hyrule Castle Town.

Football Manager 2012 (PC) - I promised myself I would never get addicted to the game again, but having won League 2 and the illustrious Johnstone's Paint Trophy this week, I find myself continually returning to it as I mount a title challenge on League 1. Despite all this time sunk into FM2012 though, I still can't work out why it is so addictive!

Bastion (PC) - I wish I had a real-life Narrator...

Morgan Sleeper

Running from rollerblading gendarmes on Parisian rooftops has become my baguette and butter since I picked up Rhythm Thief & the Emperor's Treasure – it's far and away my favourite game on the 3DS, and I'm definitely playing as much as I can this weekend! I'll also be putting Dot Runner: Complete Edition through its paces for a review, and playing some Densetsu no Stafi 4 and Pokémon Puzzle League with my sister.

So, that's a lot of games. The only question now is, what games are you playing this weekend?