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Square Enix: Nintendo Works With a 'Different Perspective'

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Going its own way

One debate that has swirled around Wii U is its graphical power and grunt, with many debating whether it's on par, stronger or potentially weaker than its Microsoft and Sony counterparts. One thing we do know is that it produces HD visuals and that Mario and company have never looked so pretty, all while coming out with its innovative GamePad controller.

In fact, anyone who looks at recent history with DS, Wii and 3DS will know that Nintendo doesn't concern itself with being top of the technological tree, and arguably hasn't done so since the infamous console wars of the 1990s. When asked by about Nintendo and Wii U's relative power, worldwide technology director Julien Merceron of Square Enix pointed this out, as well as highlighting the varied experiences currently on offer to gamers.

If you look at the recent Nintendo platforms, the DS, 3DS and the Wii, it seems like they are trying to avoid aligning too much with Sony's and Microsoft's strategies. They are trying to take a different path, a different perspective on things. The type of entertainment they provide focuses not so much on graphics or immersion, but more on high-quality and innovative gameplay. They try to be different, they try to find a different market and they try to solve problems that they perceive as being the most important to solve today. So yeah, Microsoft and Sony are trying to solve different sets of problems. Their focus from a consumer perspective is completely different.

I strongly believe that the Wii U is going to provide new ways of interacting with games and there is definitely a community out there that is interested in that.

The idea of Nintendo pursuing a different direction is now standard, but it's yet another reminder to polygon enthusiasts that Wii U will be aiming to give so much more than pretty graphics.


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kyuubikid213 said:

Well, we knew that Nintendo was going at things from a different direction for a while now. Especially with Wii and DS. Now, I just want to know when the Wii U is coming out and how much it will cost. Hopefully, Nintendo can pull it out at least $250 like they did with Wii and 3DS. I want to be able to experience that "different perspective" myself.



erv said:

Gameplay and audio usually generate more immersion than visuals anyways.

I do hope the games are going to be looking great. I want monster hunter wiiU awesome online infinite edition.

Ah, great games have always graced nintendo's systems. That's why I buy them.



19Robb92 said:

Yeah, I agree with that quote.

I like their approach personally. Makes it worth owning both a Nintendo AND Sony/or/MS platform, since they are so different from one another. While Sony/MS are way to alike to warrant a purchase of both IMO.



Shock_Tart said:

a lot of people when they see a new game only care about how it looks. if i had a nickle for every time i heard "how are the graphics?" i would be flippin rich. honestly they should be asking how is the gameplay instead of graphics. gameplay is what makes the game, graphics are just icing on the cake. i have played tons of games with amazing graphical quality but the game itself sucked so bad i never went back to it again. and yet there are still games that i love replaying over and over again with horrible graphics, just for the sheer gameplay of it.



NintyMan said:

What he said is not a mystery to us, but you have to give Nintendo credit for not trying to mimic their competition. As far as graphics go, again I'll state that you can have a beautiful game, but the game will still be bad if the controls are sloppy. How a game feels and controls should be more important; good graphics are a bonus.




Very well put and exactly correct. I know we sort of all know that, but too many ppl don't comprehend that when they got lost in the Sony-Microsoft cinematics.



daznsaz said:

its not like the old days,when they would double the graphics.and thats thanks to nintendo,hurry up wiiu.



MAB said:

There were alot of games on the Wii that had great audio/visual that complimented well gameplay wise with the controls. I don't need to list them because I'm sure everyone knows or even has their personal favourites all done on a console half as powerful as its competitors with no HD resolution no HDD or RAM just plain processor power. It all boils down to art style and developers actually spending time on a game to achieve something special instead of having a whinge about lack of this and its not the same as that which is what alot of 3rd party devs were saying halfway through the Wii's life. It's a shame alot of the ideas I thought would happen never did eventuate so hopefully the WiiU can turn it all around



sebman30 said:

@erv - very true, i got scared more in minecraft than i did with fear 3 even though the graphics in minecraft are simple, the gameplay just has this whole other layer of depth which envelopes you into its fun and charming gameplay but also when something attacks you, you freak out and scream like a bitch



sebman30 said:

id really like to see minecraft on Wii U, the inventory would be so easy to navigate



C7_ said:

@sebman30 I think Microsoft has exclusive rights to minecraft on consoles; the only way it's showing up on WiiU is if Notch gets an offer, likes the WiiU enough, and it's built up from scratch again and is different enough to be deemed not the same as the 360 minecraft.



FonistofCruxis said:

I completely agree with erv's first sentence. While graphics are important, you don't need advanced, HD graphics to be immersed in a game and it annoys me when people act as though you do. Gameplay and sound are more important in immersing someone into a game.



Araknie said:

If Square-Enix says so, you can stay cool that they consider it well.

I'm glad about that.

(hey i'm italian just registered sorry for my english, i have selected this as my main Nintendo site just because i want to learn to speak it and write it and sure i will be focused on Nintendo news eheheheeh)



Kage_88 said:

That's why I respect Nintendo so much - because they march to the beat of their own drum - and no amount of peer pressure will change that.

I mean, really, what would be the point if they did the same things Sony and Microsoft do right now?

Nintendo are disrupters...and disruption is always interesting!

@Araknie - Welcome, fella!



Haywired said:

But Nintendo has been disrupted just as much as its disrupted others over the years (eg. Sony mid-90s). They don't have a monopoly on disruption. One could say that they're currently being disrupted by Apple.



EvansLegends said:

Nintendo's got the right idea about gaming. I think people will start to lose interest in raw horsepower when the cost of gaming keeps going up up up up up up, and not a whole lot has changed, except how the game looks.



black-kyurem said:

So to sum up this article ad its comments→The WiiU is gonna have crappy graphics compared to ps4/xbox 720 but you nintendo gamers dont care about graphics you just care about wether your games are e-for everyone.



EvansLegends said:


We also care that our games are affordable; gaming is somewhat expensive as it is. It's most likely that the Wii U, PS4, and Next Xbox will be neck and neck in specs. Remember that the Wii was the FIRST EVER console by Nintendo to be significantly less powerful than it's competition; Nintendo having lousy graphics is not a trend. MS and Sony making powerhouse consoles is also not a trend; they took a huge financial hit from it.



EvilLucario said:

Honestly, why would you get a 360/PS3 when you can get a PC? PCs have the best controls, best graphics, best audio, better community, modding, and more multimedia features than a 360/PS3.

That's why I like Nintendo so much: they beat to their own drum. They don't churn out inferior PCs like Microsoft and Sony. They strive to be unique from the competition in order to stand out. You can't get a Nintendo experience from a PC, 360, or PS3. And honestly, that's how I like my Nintendo consoles: unique.



LavaTwilight said:

@EvansLegends That's what I've been saying too! MS and Sony are either going to have similar graphics without any huge improvement, making it a mere replacement or they're going to have such advanced graphics that we're gonna see another £600 console at launch (as was the PS3)!

I still enjoy playing Faxanadu that I've had since the late 80s! Even at the time of release it wasn't an absolute stunner as far as graphics go. Nintendo are able to produce HD graphics without it being burdensome to our bank accounts and I appreciate them for that! There are 3 certainties in life now: Death, taxes, Nintendo!




Sorry, but the majority of gamers care more about graphics than anything else. Personally, I see absolutely no reason to buy a new game console unless the graphics are better.



Burny said:

@NTELLIGENTMAN "Sorry, but the majority of gamers care more about graphics than anything else."

Apparently the majority of gamers isn't playing on the PC and is perfectly fine with sub-HD graphics. (Edit: If we're talking about high profile multiplatform games. Taking mobile and social games into account, the actual majority of gamers seems to care even less.)



t-money said:

I got an Xbox 7 months ago after two years of owning only a Wii. I've been playing most of the major franchises: Halo Reach, Assassins Creed Brotherhood, Batman Arkham City, Gears of War 3. NONE of these games come close to any Legend of Zelda, Metroid, or Super Mario Galaxy game in terms of gameplay, art design, creativity, and controls. Even Metroid 'Other M' is better than any Xbox game! Every game designer out there needs to play these Nintendo masterpieces to see how it's done.



Hokori said:

I agree people pay too much attention to graphics and not gameplay, although PS has some good games, like Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts, and MGS, andRE5, that I'd like to play someday... But Ill just cross my fingers to see them on 3DS or wiiU



Doge said:

im an all Nintendo guy, and over the yearsi have learned one thing,
The only reason Microsoft is popular is because the developers probably hide in a room and play Nintendo games so they can learn a thing or two about gaming



Doge said:

Nintendo really is unique ,cause on Xbox and PS3, its the same concept, kill people with knives, or shoot people with guns, and thats it for most of the series on those consoles. Nintendo is different, in each and every title in a series, you must master a whole new way to play a game, and its not as reapetative as MS or PS3



Mandoble said:

Pretty well said: "there is definitely a community out there that is interested in that". Not sure if game devs have any interest into that community.



ecco6t9 said:

You gotta take a different path, if Nintendo just gave up and went with visuals and smartphone games they would be dead in 10 years.



ThreadShadow said:

Dear Square-Enix:
Here is your release list priorities for Wii U.

FF Crystal Chronicles (traditional) 2-player, & Support for two Gamepads.
FF Crystal Chronicles Crystal Bearers sequel 1-player game.
Seiken Densetsu 3 Wii U VC release(translated with 2-player support intact.
FF Versus XIII
2D sequels to "Mana", and Elevator Action done by WayForward for eShop.



GamecubeMan said:

I think Nintendo is just trying to gain back there gamers. Some of 'em have gone else were to get GOOD looking graphics and GREAT games. I not sayin' I one of them I have a Wii... Im not saying that the Wii has the BEST graphics out there because it doesnt Im just saying it has GOOD graphics in my eyes.......



Emaan said:

Nintendo has always been like this. More so with the Wii and DS. I love that they don't follow the trends that others are going with. The industry needs variety, and Nintendo seems to be the only one that goes with a different direction. On another note, I hope this means Square Enix will be a strong supporter of the Wii U in the near future, I'd love to be able to finally play a main series Final Fantasy game on a Nintendo system again.



GamecubeMan said:

yeah with the gameboy to the gameboy color and then moving up to the gameboy advance.... it makes more sense to me now



Mandoble said:

@Emaan "The industry needs variety, and Nintendo seems to be the only one that goes with a different direction"
... and still being Nintendo the one with less game variety between the three. Hope the new controller will not cause just a big explosion of lots of shovelware worthless variety as did happen with the Wii, and as it is actually happening with Kinect or Move.



Nintendoro said:

I'm Nintendo fan, but I cannot help but own PS3 as well as Nintendo hardware due to being a core gamer. Nintendo delivers unique experience but they are not delivering everything for my needs unfortunately. In the ideal world I would stick with them only and not bother owning other platforms, but such is life..



schizor said:

I myself have ever since the N64, owned every single nintendo console released. I believe the big disccusion about nintendos release of the Wii U, once again, will be about NGC = Next Gen Consoles(not Nintendo Gamecube . It is true that nowadays' big focus when it comes to NGC is about the graphical leap, from the previouse generation. I personally would love for this console to be extremely powerful, but it's not, which is fine. As it says so in the article "different perspective". In my belief: If Nintendo made a console with the same control scheme and nextgenpowered graphics the box itself would be waaaay to expensive for ordinary nintendofans to purchase. I've seen videoes of some not yet released gaming engines and OMG they look deliciouse. "Fun fact": Actually, the gaming hardware on the market for PC users already now, has the potential power to run these new "not yet released engines". But the industry waits for the consoles to be able to handle them. I think it's a question of money. And I also think it's a wise decision by Nintendo not to go down this road "YET". Simply because the market is not there yet. But a debate about Nintendos Wii U, concerning if it's a NGC or not is definitely going to happen. Also, Sonys and microsofts new consoles are first set to be released in about 2-3 years. But I don't know if that is true. But for now let's focus on the gloriouse and much anticipated Wii Freakin' U!!! Next gen or not, we're going to buy it!!!



Kisame83 said:

@19Robb92 Spot on. I own a Wii and 360, and they serve different functions for me. It isn't about "innovation," as all games should strive to do so. And the recycled franchises that stifle the market get crappy Wii ports (and soon, not-so-crappy Wii U ports), so that's a different topic. But the stable of titles is different between the two sides of the console battle. PS3 is similar to 360 and the only reason I may get one in the future (cheap on Amazon if I can) is to have a BluRay player that can play MGS4. But I've heard rumors of potential porting of MGS4 to Vita or 360, so who knows. See what I mean though? 360/PS3 comes down to secondary media-playing function and maybe preference on a handful of exclusives. Nintendo's library stands apart.

I do miss the old days when they had third-party support and the slickest audio and visuals around though (SNES). Hope the Wii U is a return to form.



lanabanana said:

This is why i love Nintendo. The focus on the true meaning of video games. They only want people to have a fun gaming experience & i think that's the true purpose of video games. Nintendo FTW!



MeloMan said:

...And as much as I don't consider that a knock at all at Nintendo because I love them for it, it just further solidifies til further notice that a numbered Final Fantasy will not be coming to Nintendo consoles for the continued foreseeable future. I don't know that for sure, but I sensed a bit of "because Nintendo is not worried about graphics or immersion which is what our main Final Fantasy franchise is about, then we'll stick to spin-offs, special projects, and more Crystal Chronicles (which I happen to like) rather than putting FFXV across 3 platforms." Rubbish I say, but whatev, SE...



gundam00 said:

I think Nintendo learned from the Console Wars back in the 90's when Sega was their arch-nemesis that if your business model is centered on 1-UPing your competition's graphics engine then you're not thinking about new approaches to how you play a game. And since Nintendo has a huge first-party library (Mario, et al.), they're not only building a new console, they're also building new games to play on that console. Whereas today's Console Wars with PS and Xbox rely on 3rd party developers for their game library, which gives Sony and MS time to focus on their console engines while the third-party developers focus on the games.

But I think what Sony and Microsoft have brought to the world of gaming is just as valid. Sony brings the latest and greatest graphics. And Xbox has brought online voice co-op to the living room. And those things have Nintendo fans asking for them as well, like HD graphics (Wii U) and 3DS online play (Mario Kart 7).

So they all bring something to the table, its just Nintendo focuses on gameplay, while Sony focuses on graphics, and Xbox focuses on online community.



KiroX777 said:

well said @gundam00 i agree they each bring something valid to the table. but yet, is it too much to ask that each other learns from one another and makes their system include ALL those innovations as a given? i mean honestly its 2012! how much longer are they willing to push the "not as great as whats currently possible" technology just to make money including it years in the future.

its almost like a phone company coming out with a new old-school styled flip-phone in 2012 that doesnt want to do the "smart phone" thing so no touchscreen and no apps and wants to focus on the best calling and texting experience it can make. imagine this companies phone trying to compete with apple iphone and android smart phones. well this is nintendo and its brilliant idea with Wii. sarcasm of course.

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