One debate that has swirled around Wii U is its graphical power and grunt, with many debating whether it's on par, stronger or potentially weaker than its Microsoft and Sony counterparts. One thing we do know is that it produces HD visuals and that Mario and company have never looked so pretty, all while coming out with its innovative GamePad controller.

In fact, anyone who looks at recent history with DS, Wii and 3DS will know that Nintendo doesn't concern itself with being top of the technological tree, and arguably hasn't done so since the infamous console wars of the 1990s. When asked by about Nintendo and Wii U's relative power, worldwide technology director Julien Merceron of Square Enix pointed this out, as well as highlighting the varied experiences currently on offer to gamers.

If you look at the recent Nintendo platforms, the DS, 3DS and the Wii, it seems like they are trying to avoid aligning too much with Sony's and Microsoft's strategies. They are trying to take a different path, a different perspective on things. The type of entertainment they provide focuses not so much on graphics or immersion, but more on high-quality and innovative gameplay. They try to be different, they try to find a different market and they try to solve problems that they perceive as being the most important to solve today. So yeah, Microsoft and Sony are trying to solve different sets of problems. Their focus from a consumer perspective is completely different.

I strongly believe that the Wii U is going to provide new ways of interacting with games and there is definitely a community out there that is interested in that.

The idea of Nintendo pursuing a different direction is now standard, but it's yet another reminder to polygon enthusiasts that Wii U will be aiming to give so much more than pretty graphics.